Global Blue Sky Extension
Dear Conscious Solutions Friends,

We have so enjoyed the feedback of wonderment as many of you have experienced the magic and power of directing your consciousness to bring back the blue skies as a sign of dissolving the toxins that linger in the atmosphere, and diminishing the carbon dioxide levels.

As the time schedule of the "Global Blue Sky Challenge" was simply the instigator of our focus, let us continue indefinitely directing our energies into the sky "to bring the blue" as a part of our Global Warming & Conscious Solutions Initiative.

It is important to remember that as you are lasering away the chemtrails, sky pollution, or grey sky coverings, that you simultaneously gather into a coalesced form all of the invisible toxins in the atmosphere--the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, as well as the poisons trapped in smog.  

I actually not only imagine capturing the substances and molecules into a ball, but I swirl my hand into the air making the gesture of gathering them, and then I fling the ball into the un-manifest void, leaving only a pure, blue sky.  It is also important to not worry if the chemtrails, etc. do not immediately dissolve.  Just know that the pollutants are no longer there, because of the focus of your consciousness.

The powerful extension of these Exercises in Consciousness is their application within global locations at any moment.  For example, if you peruse the Global Weather Stations to discover any storm situations, you can then direct that energy to places around the world that may be experiencing drought.  It creates a beautiful cycle of re-balanced energy.

I send you my Great Love and Support,
Chris Griscom