Global Initiative Message 8/8/16
Dear Global Warming & Conscious Solutions Participants,

This past week, the Global Echelon participants and I chose the recent anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a point of reference for global atmospheric clearing.  In the same way that water holds memory, the atmosphere holds imprints as well: a theory of profound possible consequences when we consider the half-life of radioactive substances that were spewed into the air at the time of the bombing.  The untold energetic affect of such a negative action has left its mark in our atmosphere--and also upon humanity.  

Is it possible that the imprint of this terrible event has contributed to the hatred and fear we still experience one to another?
If so, then using our conscious intent to dissolve the traces of it may well be an invisible, but powerful impetus to change our world.

Our response to this awareness was to employ the "Exercises in Consciousness" that utilize light frequencies as our tool to dissolve the atmospheric imprints.  First, we imagined the atomic cloud image that is so prevalent in our visual repertoire, and then we asked what color it needed to be de-manifested--leaving no more residues on any energetic level.  We then lasered the light into the image and de-manifested it; further, we sent the powerful light frequencies out across the ethers around the entire globe.  There was a palpable feeling of uplifting that we, ourselves, experienced after the exercise.  

It is truly heartening to contemplate that clearing our atmosphere of these kinds of negative energies also has positive effects on our own health and sense of well being.
I hope you, too, will be inspired to engage in this exercise and to become aware of such residues entrapped in our atmosphere.
One important cosmic law is that "energy never dies, it just changes form."  You and I have the conscious power to facilitate transformation.    

We have created a page on our new website that will provide a point of communication between us all, so that you can tell any successful experiences you have had with the practice of your conscious focus.  Click on this link: Global Initiative Participant Experiences and login to the site with the User ID and password, "ecosos."  It does not matter how small or insignificant it may seem, because the purpose is to become aware of the energetics at play all around us.  For example, you might focus on something seemingly mundane like wishing to talk to someone, and suddenly they connect to you.  You can immediately use the energy of that "successful experience" by imagining that you superimpose the same energy over another situation in your life, or in the global arena.  You will see that "relativity" is everywhere--everything is connected to everything.

I send you the joy of participation and my Great Love,
Chris Griscom