Eco SOS for
Our Rainforests
Dear Eco SOS Friends,

We are having requests from around the World urgently asking all of you to send your light energy to the wildfires that are raging in the Rainforest of Brazil. Please use your focused consciousness to calm the winds & call the rain to put out these fires.
Also, Chris Griscom is stepping up the Global Rainforest Heritage Sites Initiative. World-wide press releases about this project/request will be going out this Sunday, August 25. & Chris is sending all of you the below video calling for Global Rainforest Heritage Sites to protect our very precious Rainforests. Please post the video/request on your social medias and everywhere you possibly can--also, as Chris suggests in the video, take selfies of yourself with trees, in nature, etc., asking others to join the call for protecting our rainforests by creating Global Rainforest Heritage Sites--and please send this call out around the World!
Chris has also established a petition for Global Rainforest Heritage Sites that will be sent to UNESCO & global governmental leaders. Please sign the petition now! & Ask others to do so, also!
Thank you for your Energy & your Consciousness. & Thank you for helping our World!
Please use your powerful consciousness to endeavor Global organizations, governments, activist groups, environmentalists, and communities to create Global Rainforest Heritage sites to protect and stop further destruction of the rainforests. The idea is not to take away from farmers and growers, but to educate them to use their skills to increase the rainforests and to give them incentive to do so with fair compensation through governmental, corporate and private funding channels.
This Global Rainforest Heritage solution is holographic in nature and gives us the possibility of resolving our planetary environmental problems from a positive and more enlightened perspective.
With profound Respect & Gratitude,

Chris Griscom &
Conscious Solutions Staff