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Who We Are
The Chris Kyle Patriots Hospital (CKPH) is an inpatient treatment facility for service members, veterans, and service member dependents, ages 18 years and older. We provide an intensive dual track treatment program for individuals who have experienced trauma, as well as those who are in need of detoxification and/or rehabilitation for substance abuse. Our hospital opened its doors in April of 2015, and has been proud to serve our military members and their families ever since.

Foundationally, our program provides intensive trauma-focused, multi-disciplinary treatment, including psychotherapy, nursing, psychiatric, and spiritual services. Our goal is to improve our patient’s overall resiliency. This integrative approach to trauma and rehabilitation allows us to have a very holistic approach to the care we provide. All care provided seeks to address the whole person- mind, body, and spirit, with the intent of enhancing the mind, strengthening the body, and empowering the spirit.
Therapy at Chris Kyle
How often do you actually get to sit down and release your artistic expression? For that matter, how often do you allow yourself to just play? Our recreation therapists focus on both! This piece of our program engages the patients with teambuilding activities and a variety of challenging art projects that encourage our patients to rediscover the benefits of connecting with the world around them in new and exciting ways.

The RT team is constantly reaching out for community resources; seeking out guest speakers to come into the facility as well as encouraging collaborative events with other teams to promote outings for our patients, like going ice fishing! If you have any ideas for us we'd love to hear them!

Did you know we have a therapy dog? This is Liberty (or "Libby" as we're fond of calling her). She's our resident Therapy Dog, providing love, care and emotional support to professionals and patients alike, everyone really(!), on the Chris Kyle Team.

Recent Staff Changes
Elke Villages- Administrator
Elke began her career at North Star Behavioral Health as a Mental Health Specialist in 1998 and has been promoted on four other occasions. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work. In her last role as the community relations director Elke played an integral part in the success of Chris Kyle through her relationships within the community. Elke sits on a number of coalitions in support of military service members and veterans as well as suicide prevention for all Alaskans. In addition, she has grown our CME programs to over 1,400 professionals attending annually.  
Amanda Johnson- Community Relations Director
Amanda began her career in behavioral health in 2010 and joined the North Star Behavioral Health team in June of 2015 as a community liaison. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Social Work and is currently pursuing her Masters in Business Administration. She transitioned into the director of community relations role in November of 2017 and is excited to be working more closely with the Chris Kyle program.
Meet the Chris Kyle Community Liaisons!
Nate Brisbois is a military liaison who travels all over the state of Alaska providing support to military service members, veterans and service member dependents over the age of 18. He traveled to Fairbanks over the holidays and provided needed items to a local shelter. Nate is extremely dedicated to his role and provides valuable resources to those we serve.
Colette Moring is another military liaison providing support across the state of Alaska. You can find her at service member and veteran focused coalition meetings, conferences and trainings as well as wherever the need arises! She is dedicated to the care of those we serve and is a valuable member of the Chris Kyle team.
For future newsletters we hope to introduce you to more of our staff, continue to provide a behind the scenes look at our program as well as share insight towards ongoing development and community connection opportunities!
Upcoming Events

  • Lunch and Learns! (Free CMEs!)
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  • Monthly educational opportunities for patients, families and professionals coming soon!
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