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Chris Rodriguez
Chris Rodriguez has found a mobile app based micro market to be more profitable than vending machines.

Chris Rodriguez, owner of Del Norte Snacks in El Paso, Texas, has found a mobile app based ordering system a more profitable way to service his accounts than vending machines, and at the same time offer more product variety.

After operating his small, owner operated business for 18 years, Rodriguez has replaced the vending banks in some of his larger accounts with the SnackDot mobile app based ordering system provided by Turner Logic.

The software allows operators to provide micro markets using a mobile app and a mounted tablet rather than a large kiosk.

Prior to coming across the SnackDot system a year ago, Rodriguez did not think his accounts, which have between 100 and 200 employees, were large enough to justify the cost of standard micro market systems.
OptConnect Tech 2 Success

Parlevel Systems has released a mobile app called Koin that enables micro market operators to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and reduce or eliminate credit card transaction fees.

The app allows micro market customers to pay with their mobile phone, utilize a wallet auto-reload feature, check micro market inventory remotely, provide service feedback to operators and other features.

Operators can use the app to improve their services by allowing customers to manage their micro market accounts without the need to physically visit the kiosk. Customers can pay directly from the app.

Customers can also set up auto-reloads for their micro market wallets. For example, once a customer's wallet balance drops below a preselected amount, their virtual wallet will automatically reload with a selected amount, speeding up transaction times and generating more revenue through constant credit availability.

 Crane Will Buy Global Banknote Manufacturer
Crane Co
Source: Crane Co.
Crane Co., which owns Crane Merchandising Systems and Crane Payment Innovations, has agreed to purchase Crane Currency, a global banknote manufacturer based in Boston, Mass., for $800 million, according to a company announcement. 

Crane Currency specializes in banknote design, substrate manufacturing, banknote printing and security technologies. It sells in 50 countries and has 1,100 employees.

Crane has already begun planning for a new world class banknote printing facility in Malta and is accelerating its investment in security products.


Yoke Payment Systems
Yoke Payments, a point of sale system provider, has teamed with TriTeq Lock and Security. Their integration is designed to create a smarter, more secure, controlled access solution at an affordable price point.

By downloading the Yoke mobile app or using the Yoke self-checkout terminal, a customer can purchase a product from a cooler secured with a TriTeq lock. Once the payment is accepted the door will unlock.

Customers can make a one-off purchase using their credit card or pre-load funds onto their account. Customers simply use the "lookup item" function to add products to the shopping cart and press "buy now" to execute the transaction. In real-time, all sales and inventory information is passed back to an inventory management system.
TriTeq Loxk and Security

"The cooler door will then unlock for the customer, giving them a window of 15 seconds to grab a product out of the cooler," said Ben Thomas, co-founder at Yoke Payments. "The operator will know who opened the cooler, have a time stamp of the transaction and payment details and know the duration the cooler door was open for."

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