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Chris Tina Bruce Fitness Nutrition
Chris Tina Bruce Fitness Nutrition Complete is a complete web-based nutrition and meal planning program personalized just for you; allowing you to tailor-make an entire week's meal-plan, recipes and shopping list...Read more 
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Randy's Donuts Cheat Day
Fad diets do not work; You might lose weight today, but how long do you keep it off?  Education and adjusting your lifestyle with better choices can produce LIFE LONG results.  Are you REALLY ready to make a changes...Read more

Why Women Need Weight Training

Again and again, research has shown that women who maintain a regular, moderate strength training program benefit from a long list of health advantages.  Some still fear that weight training might bulk them up in unfeminine ways; however, as women of all ages realize the benefits of resistance training, negative attitudes about women in the weight training room are rapidly...Read more


Reduce Pain Caused By Daily Activities
Did you know that time spent sitting, standing and even sleeping could be hurting your body? The cumulative effect of the long hours spent in these positions can lead to prolonged...Read more
Healthier Fast Food Breakfasts Options
Next time you're in a hurry, fuel up with these quick yet healthy fast food breakfast options. You'll be pleasantly surprised.  Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but it's also the one we have the least time for...Read more

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Chris Tina Bruce Fitness Nutrition Plan
Chris Tina Bruce Fitness Nutrition Plan
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