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May 2010 Newsletter

Dear Christ Child Members,
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I've been reflecting on warmer weather, less stressful schedules and more time spent with our families.  I'm always impressed by how many of our members are able to multi-task and juggle so many projects and activities.  I know your time is invaluable and the fact that you are making time for the Christ Child Chapter says it all.  A big thank you to Mary Kull and Beth Tully who are juggling many things, but spearheading the School Supplies drive this year. Please support this drive for our chapter.

As we wind down and head into summer, consider the great group of women that are involved with Christ Child.  In 2009 alone, we logged 1,700 volunteer hours! Keep in mind we are in need of "a few good women" to chair events (Yard Sale on Oct. 16, and Celebration Mass tentative date Dec. 4), and to help with publicity, website development, hospitality, and new outreach projects.  If you have a little extra time (ha!) and could step up and help us we would be so grateful.  You know where to reach me! Thank you for all you do as we make our way this fall to becoming a fully chartered chapter.  What a great accomplishment this will be for our Chapter!


Remember-the glass is always half full!


Lambi Newsham


Our Board

President                Lambi Newsham
Vice Presidents       Margaret Whelan
                               Gery McKenna
                               Kathryn Colao
Treasurer               Maura Perier
Secretary               Ann Marvin
Spiritual Advisor     Msgr. Guenther
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New Member Coffee -
May 13th

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May 20th at 7:00 pm

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A Message from Msgr. Guenther
Msgr and Nicky

Dear Friends: 

I am happy to have been asked write a few words for this newsletter and happier yet to have been invited to serve as Spiritual Guide to the Christ Child Society of Summit.

In the short time that I have come to know of this wonderful group and having met many members, I have been impressed and inspired by their dedication and commitment to serve the needs of families, and especially of children in need.  

We know how much the Lord Jesus loved children. "Let the children come to me", He told his disciples. In the many good works that you do for others, you are carrying on the mission of Jesus himself. Many times you will never know whom the beneficiaries of your goodness may be, but I am sure that you bring much happiness and peace to those who benefit from your generosity. Don't ever forget that all the hours and effort you put into the work of the Christ Child Society you are in fact serving the Christ Child himself. Did he not remind us: "Whatever you do for the least of others, you do for me?" When we serve others, especially the needy, we serve Christ. What better way can a Christian live? 

It will be my privilege to play a part, however small in assisting you in any way. I pray that our loving God will guide and bless all your efforts on behalf of his children, and fill you and your families, as well as the families who will benefit from your goodness, with His peace and love. 

Msgr. Guenther

4th Annual Baby Shower

Our 4th Annual Mass and Baby Shower held on March 26th was a huge success, thanks to the hard work and support of our members and friends!  We received many beautiful layette items for babies in need, and cash donations of over $3,800.  This money will be used to purchase additional items for layettes as needed. Thank you once again for making this event so memorable, and successful in so many ways! 

Our shower was covered by Hometowne News - TV 36.  For the news segment including interviews of several CCS board members and committee chairs, see the following link:


Mary Virginia Merrick Award
angelaAt our Baby Shower, the Mary Virginia Merrick Award was awarded to Angela Schroeder, our Knitting Angels chair, for her dedication to the Chapter and her successful efforts to get this program up and running.  She has turned school children, girl scouts, and otherwise ordinary humans into "angels," spreading the word about the Christ Child Society all the while.  Under her tireless direction, the Knitting Angels have generated hundreds of handmade items which have been included in our layettes. These items lend a heartfelt and personal touch to each layette basket we provide.

Dear CCS Members,


Thank you for honoring me in such a special way with the Mary Virginia Merrick Award.  This is such a wonderful recognition for me and all the Knitting Angels.


My mother is a 42-year member of Christ Child in Cleveland.  I grew up with her going to Christ Child meetings.  I remember the year she Co-Chaired the big Christ Child Ball.  It was a great success with the Lester Lanin Orchestra!  My Great-Aunt Marie (my grandmother's sister) was on Mary Virginia Merrick's original Christ Child Board in Washington, D.C.  Aunt Marie became the manager of the Christ Child Opportunity Shop (consignment shop) in the heart of Georgetown.  She lived in Bethesda, MD, and she named her country lane "Merrick Way."  I feel so fortunate to have this ongoing connection to Mary Virginia Merrick.   I went online this weekend to read her history.  I hope Christ Child's effort to have her recognized as a saint is successful.


Of course, we have our own saints right here in Summit with Lambi Newsham and the Christ Child Board.  You are an inspiration to all of us ladies.  Here's to many more years of good work!!




Angela Schroeder

Chair, Knitting Angels

Celtic Sisters Baby Shower

celtic shower   What a fantastic shower these fun-loving dedicated women hosted to benefit the Christ Child Society of Summit!  The Celtic sisters are an organization of women affiliated with the Shillelagh Club in West Orange, NJ.  They get involved in causes near and dear to their members, which benefit mothers and children.  Thanks to CCS member Jackie Browne , they heard about our group and decided to have a baby shower for us! 

We collected over 5 bins of layette items including hand made blankets, hats and sweaters, and many other items that were on our "wish list". The five CCS members that attended were amazed by the heartfelt welcome they received, and the enthusiasm of these women.  It was an inspiring evening and hopefully the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship!
  For more photos from the baby shower, click on the following link:
School Supplies Drive:  Give to Learn, Learn to Give!
school supplies Our School Supplies Drive is winding down - supplies were collected all over town and in schools until April 30th.  You may still drop off supplies in bins at 8 Oakland Place, or 109 Maple St. This year we are partnering with Bridges to ensure that all Summit children who need assistance are given the necessary supplies to start their school year off right!

Our School Supplies Drive is one of the main service projects of our chapter.  Spread the word - help us make it an even bigger success this year!
Membership News

Christ Child Society of Summit is now 69 members strong. We would like to welcome the following members who have joined since September:

Anne Childers

Lisa Clark

Joyce Ann DeLorenzo

Paddie Donohue

Christine Galiardo

Mary Higgins

Linda Massengill

Lissa Montgomery

Lisa O'Hearn

Eileen Rath

Theresa Sweeney

Honorary Members (Knitting Angels):

Norahmarie Bischoff

Rhonda Bowker

Lucy Remus

Betty Jane Seigel

Please welcome them when you see them around town, or at our next CCS function.  There will be a coffee for new members on Thursday, May 13th. An invitation is in the mail.

stork and babyCongratulations to CCS Member Bobby Sacr on the birth of her daughter Libby, who graced us with her tiny presence at our Baby Shower!  Welcome Libby! 

Congratulations to CCS Member Jen Erday on the birth of her daughter just last Tuesday!

Don't forget to keep membership informed of any changes in your email address, mailing address, etc.  Contact Kathryn Colao at with any changes.

Have you seen the new brochure for our Summit Chapter?  Our brochure will help spread the word about our organization, our mission, and our service. If you would like a copy (or a few to give to friends), please contact Kathryn Colao.
Prayer Corner
We continue to meet for St Teresa's daily mass on the first Tuesday of every month at 8:30 am. We sit in the pews on the left side toward the middle of the church.

We have been compiling a list of people who need our prayers.  If you have a special loved one that you would like us to pray for, please forward their name to us at and we will add them to our prayer list.

Please keep the following people in your thoughts and prayers:
Ken Gilkey
Karen Granelli
Keith Terstriep
Nancy Bishop
Wes Schlauch
Vanessa Merrero

We look forward to seeing you at mass next month!

Lori White and Tracy Stabler

Consignment Update
Christ Child has partnered with two consignment shops in Madison as a simple fund raising idea.  Members, friends, neighbors, etc., when cleaning out their kids' closets, can bring gently used children's clothing to either of these two consignment shops.  When dropping off items, say they are for the Christ Child Society of Summit's account.  When the item(s) get sold, the Christ Child account is credited.  They will accept all clothes up to size 18 and junior girls sizes.  Thus far there has been no activity, but as you all start your spring cleaning maybe you will find a few items that you would like to donate and help raise some money for the children we help.  If you have trouble getting over to Madison, but have items you wish to donate, please contact Margaret Strong at (908) 273-8031 or
Note:  Sprouts Consignment was affected by a fire in the shop next to it and is temporarily closed.  So if you have items in the next few weeks please bring them to Kid's Consignment.
Kids Consignment Shop- 34 Lincoln Place, Madison, NJ (973)822-3777 Mon-Sat: 10AM-6PM No limit on number items they will take.
Sprouts- 250 Main Street, Madison, NJ (973)295-6080 Mon-Fri: 9:30AM-6PM; Sat: 9:30AM-4PM  Limit of 2 large shopping bags per drop.
Layette Update
shower knitted items
After Easter,  Janet Keller and Joan Kelly took the time out of their busy schedules to organize all of the beautiful donations we received from the baby shower.  Eight layettes with spring and lighter clothing were packed to be delivered to Health Start.  In addition, layette items were delivered to Area Baby Center (ABC) for four of their new clients.  Heidi Smith, our ABC contact, was raving about the beautiful items we provided and particularly two very beautiful girls dresses.  So thank you once again for your beautiful donations and for making our layettes a little more personal.

Our layettes make a difference!  Christ Child Society of Summit provided 205 layettes in 2009!
  We continue to need volunteers on an ongoing basis to achieve our goal of reaching 400 new babies this year.  Want to help? Contact Margaret Strong at .
Knitting Angels Update
The Knitting Angels have had an incredible year!  In 2009, they provided over 200 items for our layettes, including 80 fleece blankets and 100 hats, representing over 800 hours of effort!  There are 30 knitters and junior knitters, as well as scout groups, Oak Knoll classes, and even corporate knitting groups that comprise this amazing group of volunteers. If you know of a group or person who would like to help, please contact Angela Schroeder at
Thank you from Tillmes House
Tillmes Thanks to co-chairs Tracy Forsyth and Gina Owens, Christ Child members once again provided support to Tillmes House, a residential shelter for girls ages 13-18, during the Christmas season.  Over the last two years, we have provided approximately 25 gift baskets of essentials including pj's, toiletries, and gift cards to the girls at Tillmes, as well as holiday decorations and food.  The following is an excerpt from a letter from Latia McNeely, the program director at Tillmes Girls Residence and St. Timothy's Boys Residential Center:

"I am writing to say "Thank you" for your continued support to Tillmes Girl's Shelter during the 2009 holiday season. We sincerely appreciate the gifts that you provided to the girls.

In a group home setting, the reality of being abused, neglected, and/or abandoned, removed from your home and placed with strangers, is devastating.  Thankfully, there are organizations like Christ Child Society of Summit who remember our young clients.

We are truly grateful for your generous donation to our program.  Again, thank you for your commitment to Tillmes."

Next year, CCS is hoping to start an additional outreach project with St. Timothy's Boys Residential Center.
Tribute Cards for Mother's Day
Tribute cards would make a wonderful gift for a mother, grandmother, godmother or friend for Mother's Day!  A $10 donation for each card goes toward the purchase of layettes for needy children. Christ Child Tribute Cards are a thoughtful way to tell someone you care and make a difference with families in need. Please contact Mary Kull at 908-273-0555 or at to order cards.  You may also call or visit the Rectory to purchase cards. We can take care of the postage and handling or have the cards available for pickup.
"Dishin - The Christ Child Society Cooks!"
Thanks to Jill Stanley and her incredible salesmanship, we sold over 20 cookbooks at the shower this year!  If you would like to give a cookbook for Mother's Day or as a hostess gift, please contact Jill at 598-9377 or The nuts in the following recipe were on the tables at our Annual Baby Shower.  We hope you enjoyed them! 

Rosemary Cashews (submitted by the Naples Chapter)
From Page 68 of Dishin - The Christ Child Society Cooks! 
Serves 8

Preheat Oven to 350 degrees
1 pound roasted, unsalted cashews
2 Tablespoons minced fresh rosemary leaves
1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
2 teaspoons of light brown sugar
1 tablespoon kosher salt
1 tablespoon unsalted butter, melted

Spread the cashews out on a sheet pan.  Toast in the oven until warm, about 5 minutes.  In a large bowl combine the rosemary, cayenne, sugar, salt, and butter.  Thoroughly toss the warm cashews with the spiced butter and serve warm if you like!  
Looking for a Few Good Women...
Uncle Sam The Christ Child Society of Summit wants YOU!  We are looking for a few good women to fill the following positions :

Yard Sale co-chairs  (October 16)
Celebration Mass chair  (December 4)
Website development/maintenance
Grant writing/corporate solicitation
                                   Volunteer coordinator
                                   Hospitality/Chapter social events

Please consider donating a bit more of your time and talents to the Christ Child Society to help us succeed in our mission to make a difference in the lives of children in need.  Contact Lambi at if you are interested.
Looking Ahead to Fall 2010...

Please save the following dates:

September 21         General Membership Meeting 9 am
October 16             2nd Annual Yard Sale (save your treasures!)
November 16           General Membership Meeting 9 am
December 4            Celebration Mass and reception  (to celebrate our                                           induction as a full Chapter)

Christ Child Society Contact List
To learn more about our activities and opportunities:

Membership/email blasts   Kathryn Colao at
Layettes                             Joan Kelly at
                                           Margaret Strong at
                                           Janet Keller at
Tribute/Memorial Cards     Mary Kull at
Cookbooks                           Jill Stanley at
Knitting Angels                   Angela Schroeder at
School Supplies Drive         Beth Tully at
                                           Mary Kull at
                                           Gery McKenna at
Consignment Donations        Margaret Strong at
Yard Sale                            Marilyn Chambeau at
Prayer Intentions                Lori White at the

"Let not a day pass without having learned something, without having overcome yourself in something, without having performed a kind act, without having accomplished something."
Mary Virginia Merrick