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September  23, 2017 
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Memorial Gardens at Christ Church

Plans for both the new and existing memorial gardens are moving at lighting speed. Landscapers from Bayview Nurseries have completed the cleaning out of the debris from the new garden and are now doing the "hardscaping."
Now, it's time for you to take an active part in this exciting project. We will need special landscaping for the new butterfly and hummingbird memorial garden we all envision, as well as, plantings for the existing gardens. What better way to be a participant in this than by remembering a loved one or celebrating a special occasion through sponsorship of a special tree, vine, or group planting of the beautiful perennial flowers!
A special fund (The Christ Church Memorial Gardens Fund) has been set up just for donations to our memorial gardens and for their perpetual care. For example, perhaps you remember the joy of watching with you children hummingbirds feeding at a trumpet vine. What better way to memorialize this experience than by sponsoring the trumpet vine, complete with a plaque telling whom, by whom, and why the vine was given.
In this manner, you will be part of making our memorial gardens very special places for memories, and to visit and pray. You also will be honoring the glories of nature which created for us to enjoy, and into our hands has given the responsibility of cherishing and caring for them.
To make it easy for you to choose appropriate plants, a list of those suitable for the gardens will be available shortly. In addition, we will have a sketch of the new memorial garden and where each planting will be placed. We look forward in getting this information to you shortly.
Carolyn LaMountain
Memorial Gardens Committee Member

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Prayer List

Healing prayers offered for :
Anna Livia, Jennifer,  Sarah , Adrian,  Elizabeth,  
Ruth Ann,  Rich,  Christine,  Ryan, Jaclyn , George , Donna,  Michelle ,  Tara,  Jeanette,  Harry,  Brittany,  Brandon , Loretta , Phil,  Maryanna, Donna, Dave, Wally, Diane,  Tom , Laura,  Deede,
Raymond,  Charlie,  Karen,  Jill, Edward, Beth, Martin, May, Leigh, Bobby, Lee, MaryAnn,  Jessica, Ray, Mike, Father Julian, Mark 
Prayers for the Homebound are offered for Helen, Dorothy, Jean, Elsie, Irene, Lucy, Frances, Sally
Prayers for all those in the Armed Forces and especially our parish family : 
Anthony, Glenn, Evelyn, Charles, Dominick, Morgan, Nicholas,  Jessica, & Jesse. 
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