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News and Events at Christ Episcopal Church - Somers Point, New Jersey
March 18, 2020
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Office Hours

Church office hours are Monday through Thursday from 1pm to 4pm.  Our part-time parish secretary is Cathy Bauer.  Any questions concerning Service times, special events or need of church records, you may stop by or call the office number at 609-927-6262. 
Readings Sunday, March 22 (Our parish uses track 1 in the Lectionary)

Message from our Rector
March 18, 2020

Dear Parishioners and friends,
As we are now completing the first week of this new era in society and the Church I encourage you to remain faithful to prayer and in care for each other, through the love of Christ.
I received much positive feedback regarding our first Sunday Service without a congregation and celebrated live stream via our Facebook page. There was no time for preparation and this was the first time in the history of our parish that a Service had to take place in this manner and under these circumstances.
We are grateful to Doug Murdock for providing beautiful music for us along with the professional voices of Ray Burke and Dawn Donchey. Art Donchey live streamed our services. Patti Stocker read the Lessons. We were most impressed by the dedication of our youth who wanted to assist at the altar for God and to make the Service more edifying for viewers at home. Derek Barnabei with James and Adam Donchey came across very committed and professional.
We will continue to offer online worship at 10am on Sundays until we are able to return to our regular worship schedule.
This past Sunday the vestry and I met, prayed together and attended to the business of the parish. I am grateful for the vestry members leadership and support of the parish and me during this time of a world-wide pandemic.
For parishioners who do not have access to the internet, I will provide a hard copy of my sermon upon request. Inform parishioners who do not have access to the internet to call the office and let our secretary Cathy know they would like a sermon mailed to them. Also, I am providing my sermon in writing on our Website  so that parishioners without access to live streaming can have the Sunday sermon available.
The office hours remain, if you need pastoral care do not hesitate to call the church and I will be in contact with you. The church office number is 609-927-6262.
Kindly, remember the financial support of the church during this unusual time.
In Christ our Lord,
Father Justin

Prayer List

Healing prayers offered for :
Anna Livia, Jennifer, Charlie, Jill, Edward, Ruth Ann, Rich, Christine, Ryan, Jaclyn, Donna, Michelle, Jeanette, Harry, Brittany, Brandon, Loretta, Dave, Edythe, Adrian, Beth, Warren, Ann, Martin, Bill, Bobby, MaryAnn, Jessica, Mike , Ron, Judy, Harlan, Marty, Father Julian, Mark, Heather, Jim, Anne, Wilson, Colleen, Troy, Trayce, Marilyn, Elaine, Rachel, James, Shirley, Chalie
Prayers for the Homebound are offered for :   Helen, Dorothy, Jean, Elsie, Sally
For First Responders everywhere, especially for those in our parish family serving our local communities:
Linwood, Mark, Michelle, Jim, Anthony, Stephen, Wally, Stephanie, Ward, Rachel, Charles, 
Rob, Catelyn, Michael
Prayers for all those in the Armed Forces and especially our parish family : 
Anthony, Glenn, Evelyn, Charles, Dominick, Morgan, Nicholas, Jessica, Jesse, Keith, Andrew