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News and Events at Christ Episcopal Church - Somers Point, New Jersey
February 5, 2019
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Christian Burial for Jean Eichorst

Parish Calendar


Upcoming Services and Ministries!


-  Wednesday, February 13, Holy Eucharist, 10:30am (chapel); Knit-Wits, 1:30pm (Parish Living Room); Boy Scouts, 6pm (church undercroft)


- Thursday, February 14, Soup Fellowship, 11am to 1pm (parish hall)


- Saturday, February 16, Guild of All Souls, 10am (chapel)



Saint Christopher Memorial Garden at Christ Church


Ecumenical Food Bank and Discretionary Sunday

Prayer List

Healing prayers offered for :
Anna Livia, Jennifer, Charlie, Jill, Edward, Ruth Ann, Rich, Christine, Ryan, Jaclyn, Donna, Michelle, Jeanette, Harry, Brittany, Brandon, Loretta, Dave, Edythe, Adrian, Beth, Warren, Ann, Martin, Bill, Bobby, MaryAnn, Jessica, Mike , Ron, Judy, Harlan, Marty, Father Julian, Mark, Heather, Jim, Anne, Wilson, Colleen, Troy, Jack, Trayce
Prayers for the Homebound are offered for : Helen, Dorothy, Jean, Elsie, Sally
For First Responders everywhere, especially for those in our parish family serving our local communities: Linwood, Mark, Michelle, Jim, Anthony, Stephen, Wally, Stephanie, Ward, Rachel, Charles, Rob, Catelyn, Michael
Prayers for all those in the Armed Forces and especially our parish family : 
Anthony, Glenn, Evelyn, Charles, Dominick, Morgan, Nicholas, Jessica Jesse, Keith, Andrew
This Week's Readings
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