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March 23,  2019
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Readings for Third Sunday in Lent

Coffee Hour Ministry

                 (A Path to Higher Grounds)
From Parishioner, Dr. Karen Geller :    
"Then they told what had happened on the way, and how Jesus had been known to them in the breaking of the bread." Luke 24:35
Coffee Hour is much more than cupcakes and cookies! It is an important ministry. It is about hospitality and fellowship, friendship and making connections. It invites us to widen our circle of sharing, and it points us to the one called "the bread of life."
Coffee Hours don't just happen. It takes conscious effort and some committed people to set up, serve and to clean up. But think of the benefits-it becomes a venue for the Holy Spirit to work. It is a time when our loving church family can come together to share ideas and to socialize.  
It is a time when we may share our talents, hobbies, and meet and learn about members whom we really do not know.
It is a time when we may get to know the children in the parish and become role models for them.  
A very important aspect of being a strong church is being a welcoming church member. As a person visiting a church, a newcomer needs repeated outreach. Somebody saying "hello" once doesn't make you feel like you belong or entice someone to return. Many people judge a congregation by its coffee hour hospitality- especially new people. When they go to a new church it is usually to see if there is a warm and loving church family there. They can tell by the feel in the room if they are welcome or not during Coffee Hour. After a brave first visit, if they do not return it may be because no one spoke to them at Coffee Hour. Remember, also, that sometimes elderly members may be lonely, and we may extend our joy to others by conversing with them and showing that we care.
At the ministries fair in the fall several parishioners volunteered to serve this important ministry by signing up for one week of Coffee Hour, and have covered each week through the end of last year. This has been greatly appreciated and I can say that, personally, I have enjoyed meeting many new people, and I have observed others in the parish who have learned more about other members.
Please pray about this and help us to grow in our relationships within our church and in our outreach. Sign up for 1 or 2 weeks a year. If each of us reaches out to do this the calendar will be covered.
We can talk to at least 2 people each Sunday whom we are not familiar with, making the conversation sparkle, building our faith and our community.
"Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing, some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it." Hebrews 13:2
Feast of the Annunciation: Monday March 25

Holy Eucharist, Monday, March 25, 10:30am (chapel)

The feast commemorating the announcement by the angel Gabriel to Mary that she would be the mother of God's Son, Jesus, and Mary's assent in faith to God's invitation (Lk 1:26-38). The Annunciation is celebrated on Mar. 25 (nine months before Christmas). The Annunciation is a Feast of our Lord in the BCP.

Mainland Choral Society Spaghetti Dinner!


Spaghetti Dinner

On Saturday, March 30, the Mainland Choral Society will sponsor their annual Spring spaghetti dinner from 4 - 7:00 PM. The all-you-can-eat dinner will feature homemade spaghetti sauce, Italian meatballs, tossed salad, garlic bread, assorted homemade desserts and beverages. Tickets (which are non-refundable) are $10 for adults, $5 for children (5 - 12 years).   (Children 4 and under are free.)
This popular semi-annual dinner is the main fundraising activity for the Choral Society. The Choral Society is a part of Christ Church's community outreach program. Please help support this worthy organization and enjoy a delicious meal. See Dennis Huey for tickets.
Upcoming Services and Ministries!

 - Monday March 25

Annunciation of our Lord, Mass, 10:30am (chapel) 

Wednesday March 27 

      Holy Eucharist, 10:30am (Chapel)

      Knit-Wits, 1:30pm (Parish Living Room)

      Boy Scouts, 6:30pm (Church Undercroft)

Stations of the Cross, 5:30pm (church), Followed by light supper (parish hall) 

      Order of Saint Luke, 7pm, (Parish House Living Room)


Saint Christopher Memorial Garden at Christ Church
(Dedicated - October 8, 2017)
Our Parish Garden is a relaxing space for meditation and reflection. There are areas designated for interment of cremains of loved ones. It has been beautifully planted with lavender, other perennials, herbs, shrubs and trees. There are stone retaining walls, a winding brick path, and an altar for services. The creation of this beautiful Memorial Garden was enabled through funds provided by the Diocese of New Jersey from the former Church of the Epiphany in Ventnor. The Garden is maintained by funds received from interments and gifts from donors. The Garden is overseen by a Committee appointed by the Christ Church Vestry. Arrangements can be made through the Parish Office for cremation interment or to make a donation.
Burial In Memorial Garden:
          *Only cremains can be placed in the Garden either in a biodegradable
          container or directly into the ground.
          *Interment is limited to designated areas of the grounds on the lower level            along the fence.
          *Markers are to be uniform with those already in the burial area -
                             (gray granite 10"x10"x2").
          *A donation of $400. (does not include cost of marker) is to be made to the            St. Christopher Memorial Garden of Christ Church. This is for the right of                      burial and upkeep of the area.
          *The form of agreement obtained from the Parish Office is to be filled out
   and signed by the individual making arrangements and the Christ Church Rector.


                                                                  Income Tax Preparation
                                                                   Food bank and Discretionary Fund


Prayer List
Stewardship Cleaning Day!
The Stewardship committee would like you to join us in the annual spring cleaning of the Parish Hall and living room. On April 13th from 9-12, let's spruce up and freshen our community gathering places!  This is also your opportunity to drop off any artwork or photography that shares your faith for display to our parishioners.  More than one item is welcomed. It is not a judging contestant, as the old saying goes, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Thank you for your support, and have a Blessed day!
Diane McKeefery

Healing prayers offered for :
Anna Livia, Jennifer, Charlie, Jill, Edward, Ruth Ann, Rich, Christine, Ryan, Jaclyn, Donna, Michelle, Jeanette, Harry, Brittany, Brandon, Loretta, Dave, Edythe, Adrian, Beth, Warren, Ann, Martin, Bill, Bobby, MaryAnn, Jessica, Mike , Ron, Judy, Harlan, Marty, Father Julian, Mark, Heather, Jim, Anne, Wilson, Colleen, Troy, Jack, Trayce
Prayers for the Homebound are offered for :   Helen, Dorothy, Jean, Elsie, Sally
For First Responders everywhere, especially for those in our parish family serving our local communities:
Linwood, Mark, Michelle, Jim, Anthony, Stephen, Wally, Stephanie, Ward, Rachel, Charles, 
Rob, Catelyn, Michael
Prayers for all those in the Armed Forces and especially our parish family : 
Anthony, Glenn, Evelyn, Charles, Dominick, Morgan, Nicholas, Jessica, Jesse, Keith, Andrew
 Soup Fellowship: Second Thursday of the Month, 11am to 1pm (Parish Hall)
All are welcome!

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