Sunday, April 15, 2018
Stay tuned: Call Committee news is coming
We tried to get an update about the Call Committee's progress in this newsletter.

As Committee Chair Julie Pavri explained, "We have had developments this week that make my last Sunday’s announcement out-of-date." So the committee continues its work of seeking the person who is a perfect fit for this congregation at this time.

Keep praying for the Call Committee and for Emmanuel's next pastor. Not just the church's leadership, or those who do healing prayer need to pray, but every family, every member, together and separately. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. (James 5:16)
Fun times ahead at Emmanuel. Save these dates.
  • Emmanuel Craft Fair, Saturday, April 21, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Enneagram Workshop, Saturday, April 28, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Spring Fling, Saturday, June 2, 1-4 p.m.
  • Congregational Picnic, Sunday, July 29, Mountain Valley Park
The Power of JOY
The Apostle Paul was known to start his epistles by greeting his readers with “ Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ .”  He wrote these words because Greeks identified with the word "grace" and Jews identified with the word "peace." Both words gave Paul’s ministry power.

There is another word that can make a ministry very meaningful. That word is  JOY . I lost my son 8 years ago and after the reality of the news set in, in my grief, I started to reminisce about all the joy he gave to me, my wife, and our family.

And just before his memorial service, as I was teaching the confirmation class, I decided to change the lesson for the day. I said to the class, “Today I have two questions for you.” The questions come from the movie The Bucket List (recently out at the time).

You see, the movie was about two men who were terminally ill, dying of cancer and staying in the same hospital room. One was a very rich man & the other was a very knowledgeable man. The rich man noticed that the knowledgeable man kept writing on a note pad. Well, what he was doing was writing down things that he would have liked to have done before he "kicked the bucket."

So the rich man said, “I’ve got a lot of money… why don’t we travel the world instead of staying in this hospital waiting to die. Maybe you can accomplish some of those things you have on that list.” So off they went in his Lear jet… And when they got to Egypt, they were standing in front of the pyramids. And the knowledgeable man said, “There’s a beautiful story about Egyptians & Egyptian heaven. When an Egyptian dies, his soul is taken up to the gates of heaven. And the gatekeeper has two questions for him… the answers to which will determine whether or not he will get into heaven.”

The first question is, “Have you had joy in your life?” And the second question is, “Have you given joy to others?” Well I told the parents of those confirmands that their children would have no problem getting into Egyptian heaven. But since it was confirmation I had to have a point to the lesson, so I asked the class a third question. “As a Christian & a Lutheran, what do you think the requirements are to get into heaven?”

Well, they thought about it for a while & they finally came up with their collective answer. If you confess your sins & ask God for forgiveness you are saved by the grace of God. Their answer & presence filled my grief-stricken soul with joy that day!

The power of joy & giving joy to others … I think that defines what the Care & Nurture Ministry and Traveling Bible Group is all about. The Care & Nurture Ministry is a group of people in our church who keep in touch & visit those members who are sick, hospitalized or in assisted living.

The Traveling Bible Group also goes to the same members who would like to have a Bible study or just a little companionship. However this group is not limited to church members. We also go outside of our church to anyone who would invite us into their homes. We now have a regular Bible study at The Susan J. Rheem Adult Senior Center. Many of these seniors have dementia or Alzheimer's. Our goal is to also have a Bible study in prisons soon. Funny thing about joy, it finds a way to get through no matter what the affliction or circumstance!

If you know of anyone who would like to have the Traveling Bible Group or the Care & Nurture Ministry call on them, please let us know. Request cards are in the pockets of the attendance notebooks located in the church pews on Sunday mornings. Also if you are interested in becoming involved with these ministries please let Mary Austin (Care & Nurture) or Larry Gordon (Traveling Bible Group) know.

You know, Joy is such a tiny word with a huge significance in God’s world. Why it’s right up there with Grace and Peace. So Grace, Peace & Joy to you always!

Larry Gordon                                                                  
Prescott Area Habitat for Humanity dedicated its house for its 87th family, the Pearsons, on April 5 in Chino Valley. PAHH is one of our mission outreach groups. Read more in May.
Bringing Sunday worship to Windhaven patients
Every Sunday, just down Windsong Drive from Emmanuel , worship happens in the most unlikely of places.

For patients at Windhaven Psychiatric Hospital, worship is a way of lifting their spirits, gathering hope, and continuing their regular Sunday faith journey as they deal with depression, grief and loss, trying to remain free from substance use, and any of the other things that bring them to this facility.

Worship is eclectic, ranging from singing, prayers, Bible study, responsive readings, even the Easter/Spring bulletin board art project the patients created (above). Worship leaders create a one-hour worship experience starting at 9:30 a.m. Windhaven is a 16-bed inpatient hospital, so the worship group is small. Worship is a voluntary activity, so patients come because they want to share in a message of hope!

If you would be interested in volunteering as a worship leader at Windhaven, contact Gail Kenny at 928-759-0097.
S P R I N G F L I N G ! Fall Fun Fest reinvented, rescheduled
Emmanuel's Spring Fling will be Saturday, June 2 from 1-4 p.m.

This is the new version of Fall Fun Fest. For those who recently joined the Emmanuel family, this is a project of the Outreach Ministry to provide an afternoon of FREE fun to the families in our surrounding neighborhood.

We already have some great things lined up – Heritage Park Zoo with critters, Cool Water Band, a jumping castle and the popular Cakewalk to name a few, but we need more, much more. That’s where you come in because it takes many hands to make it happen.
The Outreach Ministry had a planning session on April 9, but will need dozens of willing hands and hearts to help put on this event. Watch the service folder for more information about how you can become part of this event. 
Meet our
Jaye Andres
Jaye Andres, MBA, is a certified Enneagram professional and Executive Director of the Arizona Enneagram Association.

Jaye is also a “founding mother," past president and Emeritus Director of the Arizona Enneagram Association.

As a life coach, consultant and workshop facilitator, her passion is to assist others in raising their self-awareness and move past limiting beliefs & habits to live a fuller, freer, richer and more peaceful life.
Enneagram Workshop offered at Emmanuel on Saturday, April 28
Have you ever wondered why it is so important to you to get things right, or to be in charge or to keep the peace at all costs or (you fill in the blank)? Do you ever find that no matter how many times you change your external circumstances – significant other, job, friends, town – you end up recreating the same issues? Have you simply ever wondered what makes people “tick” in such varied ways (and just seem to refuse to see the world the way you do)?
Join us on April 28 starting at 9 a.m. and deepen your understanding of how your personality’s habitual ways of thinking and feeling create blind spots and blocks to developing a fuller, richer life.

By helping you discover when you are acting consciously versus going into unconscious reaction, the Enneagram enhances self-awareness and moves you into deeper alignment with your natural strengths.
By focusing on the “why” behind the “what” of behavior, the Enneagram creates greater tolerance, understanding, and compassion for yourself and others.
*Enneagram (Any-a-gram) is a Greek word meaning nine-pointed diagram. The Enneagram describes 9 basic personality types from the standpoint of why we do what we do – the motivation behind our behaviors.
Craft Fair will feature wide range of beautiful things 
Grab your needles & yarn, your sewing machine and quilting blocks, your beads, etc.

Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Prescott Valley will be hosting a spring Craft Fair, and we’re looking for your crafts to fill our tables!! The date for this fabulous craft fair is
Saturday, April 21 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The cost for a table is $20 and tables are provided.

If interested, please contact Cheryl Miller at 928-830-9648 to see if tables still are available. The proceeds from the sale of the tables will help send our youth to the ELCA Youth Gathering, which will be in Houston this year.

If you are not the crafting type, then plan to come and see what beautiful crafts our church members make. The items are priced reasonably and make great gifts.
Only a Child is April's Outreach Mission group
Only A Child helps disadvantaged youth in Guatemala work toward long-term self-sufficiency by promoting healthy physical, emotional, vocational and spiritual growth.

For over 20 years Only A Child (OAC) has touched the lives of hundreds of children and youth. More than 60 youth have lived in the shelter. The program maintains a shelter with space for up to 10 disadvantaged young men, runs a carpentry shop in which they learn job skills, and sends them to accredited independent schools. These components meet three primary goals: (1) to give the youth a sense of family and what the inherent responsibilities are for family membership; (2) to provide them with carpentry skills and with a sense of accomplishment, including the development of work ethics that prepare them for successful future work opportunities; and (3) to give them the opportunity to advance their schooling up to and including university level education. Those living in the shelter are provided structure, protection and guidance to fulfill their dreams of education and to provide tools for living productive lives.

In addition to those youth who live in the shelter, Only A Child’s Outreach Program interacts with parents of young children living in poverty to provide them with educational opportunities.

Only A Child’s shelter has evolved from its beginning serving homeless street children, most of whom have “graduated” from the OAC programs. Currently, the shelter houses young men 18 and over from Guatemala City and impoverished youth from the countryside. The first residents who came to the shelter had lived on the streets and were somewhat younger than the current residents. Though the chronological ages of the current residents are older, often they must begin their education at the middle school or lower grade levels. Developmentally, because of drugs, alcohol, poor nutrition or the many impacts of poverty, their maturity levels are those of a younger age.

Only A Child provides life skills enabling youth to contribute to their own stability and that of their homeland, thus avoiding the perpetuation of violence and critical economic need that has led many youth to leave Guatemala under dangerous conditions.

Your donations and your purchases of the crafts the Only a Child participants make keep Only a Child helping these youth. Click here to see videos and photos of Only a Child.
All kinds of places to use gifts at Emmanuel
You. Yes, YOU. The one sitting in that chair in the congregation, with the "I'd like to try that" look on your face, but you don't know where to start. Emmanuel has a tradition of service, and that includes service in worship, service to our youth, and service to the committees and ministries that keep this church going! If you worship here, you have gifts you bring, and we want you to use them!

Maybe you distributed communion or read the lessons before, but somehow your name was dropped off the list. Maybe you've done audiovisual work in another church, but our sound booth looks daunting. You used to teach Vacation Bible School, but don't know how to get involved. You'd like to try serving Sunday hospitality or working with the Interfaith Meals, but aren't sure how to start.

Emmanuel is a "no-wrong-door" kind of church. If you've been meaning to get included, now is the time. Write your name and request on a slip from the friendship register and drop it in the offering plate. Call the church office at 928-772-4135 and our office staff will pass your name onto the right person. Ask someone who does the task you would like to do: you could be a greeter, usher, acolyte, Sunday School teacher or grounds-keeping team member before you know it!

Don't let "No one asked me" stop you. You are part of the family. Jump right in!
Emmanuel April Celebrations
April 3 David Stockbridge
April 6 Ann Smith
April 7 Cheryl Miller
April 7 Nicholas Namanny
April 8 Eleanor Knos
April 9 Barbara Wells
April 10 Tracy Hewelt
April 11 Jodi Rooney
April 11 Julie Schifferli
April 12 Marsha Davies
April 14 Paul Berry
April 15 Bert Austin
April 15 Peggy Church
April 15 Betty Hermann
April 15 Brianna Jensen
April 16 Marcy Pfitzer
April 16 Carol Tate
April 17 Inge Scholl
April 25 Sandra Golden
April 26 Cris Spahr
April 28 Lawrence Gordon
April 29 Mark Austin
April 29 Gary Kiser
April 30 Jim Llewellyn
April 30 Jerry Tople
April 1, Marty and Charlotte Matzke, 19 years
April 4, Robert and Phyllis Whitney, 54 years
April 9, Robert and Barbara Uehlein, 63 years
April 12, David and Dianne Lenning, 43 years
April 14, Robert and Patricia Heinz, 11 years
April 22, David and Barbara Stockbridge, 25 years
April 23, Joel and Nancy Smith, 58 years

If we missed or made a mistake on anyone's birthday or anniversary, our apologies. Please contact the church office to make sure our list is correct.
How shall we pray?

Regularly, our newsletter will feature some topics for your prayers.

Take time to share your own concerns with God. Consider prayer as a two-way conversation and allow God to speak to your heart, as well.

Take time to pray for:
  • Our Call Committee and future pastor.
  • The future bishop of the Grand Canyon Synod who will be elected in mid-June at the Synod Assembly in Tucson.
  • Our prayer list in Sunday's worship folder.
  • Those who prepare and partake of the interfaith meals at St. Germaine Catholic Church, Trinity Lutheran Church and Emmanuel.
  • Our monthly outreach, Only a Child, founder George Leger, its board and staff, and the youth that are being changed by it in Guatemala City.
  • Our adopted school, Liberty Traditional School -- its teachers, staff and students.
  • The governor, legislators, school administrators, teachers, staff, parents and students, as they advocate and join together to provide adequate salaries for those who work with Arizona's children.
  • And those people who haven't found Emmanuel yet -- maybe your neighbor, your co-worker, your friend or family member. Invite them so they can hear the good news of Jesus Christ as we worship and join together to serve.
Kelly Lee from Humboldt
Schools speaks at YAH
Join us for the Young at Heart lunch and learn Wednesday, April 18 at 11:30 a.m.
A catered lunch will be served at a cost of $5.00 per person. Sign up Sunday or call the church Monday morning for reservations.

The speaker will be Kelly Lee, Family and Community Engagement Coordinator for the Humboldt Unified School District.

Kelly started at the district in July 2016 to fill a number of needs within the district. Among them, she is responsible for district communication to our community through Facebook, Twitter and through all district websites. She is responsible for telling the good news stories that are happening in the district every week. Kelly is also responsible for bringing free parenting education to the community through monthly parenting education classes and workshops.

The topics can vary from parenting substance exposed/traumatized children, using the Love and Logic method of parenting, and classes specifically for parents with children zero to five. Kelly also holds a grandparent support group that meets one a month as a resource for grandparent or relatives who are helping to raise family members.

She works with the HUSD Family Resource Specialist/Homeless Liaison to help families in need of basic items such as clothes, shoes, food and school supplies. She reaches out to community businesses and churches to provide needed clothing, food and shelter for these families..
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