A Word from Pastor Mike
It was foggy on the drive to work Monday morning. It wasn't too foggy to drive in, but it was foggy enough to limit how far I could see. It felt like nature was expressing what we're all dealing with. Our lives are a little foggy right now. We've got a pretty good picture of what the next few days are going to look like, but with the rapidly changing restrictions it's hard to see with any clarity what the next week or month will look like.

One thing that we can see clearly is that the longer this continues the more people are going to be in need. The people who are at higher risk of loss of life if they contract coronavirus may find themselves in a situation where they have to choose between risking their life by going to the store or going without something essential. We need to do what we can to make sure that doesn't happen. If you are someone at lower risk for serious illness and would be willing to help others who are in the high risk category, we'd like to hear from you. The church will compile a list of those who can be the hands and feet for people who shouldn't risk leaving their homes. If you are willing to help people get what they need, please email the church at church.office@icumc.org and let us add you to the list.

On another topic. Christ UMC worshiped online for the first time Sunday. So far, there are 358 people who have worshiped in our online traditional service, and 329 at the contemporary service. That kind of attendance is like Christmas and Easter. We are blessed with a great tech team, gifted musicians, and wonderful IT folks. I give thanks for their talents and the creative way they used them to overcome the social distancing challenge. The stay home order that went into effect today threatened our ability to video worship services at the church. There has been a meeting between clergy and city officials which resulted in our ability to continue creating online worship services from the sanctuary. We fully intended to comply with the stay home order and create a worship service from our homes, but having received this new information we will continue creating worship videos from there. As regulations change we will do everything we can to comply while still creating meaningful worship services. Stay tuned for the next creative work from our worship team.

How To Give Online
The office has received several inquires on how to continue to give in this time when we can't physically gather together.  You can always mail a check directly to the church or you can use our online giving site.  Giving online is probably the easiest way to give during this time.   The pictures below will walk you through the steps to safely give online. Start at our website, www.icumc.org :



STEP 3 - if giving using a credit/debit card

STEP 3 - if giving from a bank account

If you have any questions about the process outlined above, please email Christy at church.office@icumc.org.  
Sermon Videos on YouTube and Our Church Website

Our Christ UMC YouTube channel is now live and our weekly sermons are available at  Sermon Videos Link . Sermon videos can also be found on our church website at www.icumc.org.  

Check it out on either site and be sure to share and subscribe! Click on the link below to be connected.
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