A Message From Pastor Mike
I've been reading a book about sailing. I'm not what anyone would call an experienced sailor, but I've done it a few times. I know how to do it, but I lack proficiency. A word of advice to husbands, if you're not an experienced sailor don't take your wife out on a sailboat unless it has a motor.

Sailing is almost as old as civilization, so it has its own highly developed vernacular. Sailors speak of things like Halyards and Cunninghams, Jibs and Genoas, Luffs and Leeches. Using those words at sea has a completely different meaning than saying them on the land. All those sailing terms are important. Out at sea a captain needs to be able to give clear and concise instructions to the crew. For everyone's safety the crew needs to understand those instructions. If the captain says "Hike out" the crew needs to know that doesn't mean to go for a walk. It means lean your body out over the windward side as far as you can or else the boat's going to capsize. A guest on a boat might not know the jargon and can feel foolish when everyone around them is talking in terms that they don't understand. One of the things that I appreciate about the book that I'm reading is that every time it uses sailing jargon, it's followed by a definition. I don't have to guess and I don't have to look it up, the meaning is right there in the text.

The church has its own vernacular. It's the place of Narthexes and Naves, Chancels and Ambulatories, Aumbries and Sacristies. And that's just the building. The church calendar is filled with ecclesial jargon like Advent and Christmastide, Annunciation and Epiphany, Lent and Eastertide, Ascension and Pentecost, Kingdomtide and All Saints. Even more daunting is the church's lexicon of theological terminology which seems to require that every word contain at least six syllables and end in ism.

Having a shared language of church things is valuable, but a guest in a church might not know the jargon and can feel foolish when people around them are talking in terms that they don't understand. An essential part of being welcoming is to speak in terms that don't require insider knowledge. If we tell someone new to the church that what they're looking for is in the Narthex, it would be kind to follow that up by saying, "That's church speak for the lobby." If we use theological terms in our Sunday school classes and Bible studies we should not assume that everyone knows them and take a moment to clarify their meaning.

At the end of the month we'll have the Hanging of The Greens Service. The old joke is "What did the Green family do that was so bad that we celebrate the anniversary of their hanging every year?" Sometimes the outsiders hear what we say differently than the insiders. To quote Led Zeppelin "Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings."


Grab and Go Home
Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwiches Fundraiser
November 9th & 10th
The youth will be selling smoked pulled pork sandwiches on Saturday, November 9 and Sunday, November 10 following worship services. Cost will be $4 for one or  $7 for two. Proceeds will go toward the youth mission trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin next summer. 
Financial Reporting - A Note from Finance Team Chairman, Ken Keller
As we head into the final two months of the year, it's time to take a look at where we stand as compared to our budgets.  In summary, we have managed to keep pace with our financial commitments for our operating and capital budgets thus far for the year with one major exception - apportionments.  We are woefully short on our apportionment payments for the year.  We need to reduce this shortage as much as we can by year end.  

We are deeply indebted to all who have supported our church throughout the year eand thank you for your support.  We do ask, however, if you have fallen behind on your commitment, that you make every effort to get caught up. Your help in getting caught up will improve our financial position.

God Bless You All,
Ken Keller, Finance Chairman   
Gift Card Fundraiser for Christ Early Learning Center - Beginning Sunday, November 17th 
Christ Early Learning Center is selling gift cards! Our daycare receives a percentage of each gift card sold. There are lots of options to choose from: Amazon, Olive Garden, Kohl's, Target, Menards, Bass Pro, and many more. Forms available at the Welcome Center and when your order is placed on or before Sunday, the gift cards will be available the next Sunday. Contact Kathy Moxley at 461-3393 with any questions.
Variety Book Club
Thursday, November 21st at 10:00am

The November Variety Book Club selection is Where Do We Go From Here - Chaos or Community? by Martin Luther King, Jr.

In this prophetic work, he lays out his thoughts, plans, and dreams for America's future, including the need for better jobs, higher wages, decent housing, and quality education.  With a universal message of hope that continues to resonate, King demanded an end to global suffering, asserting that humankind, for the first time, has the resources and technology to eradicate poverty.

Variety Book Club is open to everyone.  We would love to have you join our discussions.  
Bring In Your Plastic Bags
On Tuesday, November 26th, Bridger Middle School is having a "Day of Service", where they hope to engage all of their students in some sort of service to the community.  CUMC will be hosting a few students to work on sorting and cutting bags for the sleeping mats crafted by our Knitting and Crocheting group.  In order to make this happen, we need as many plastic grocery (Target, HyVee, WalMart, etc.) bags as possible.  You may bring them to the front desk during the week or drop off in the old Narthex collection area.
Christmas Poinsettias
We are accepting orders now through Sunday, Nov. 24th.  Order forms will be in your Saturday/Sunday bulletins or on the narthex tables.
Help Prepare the Church for the Advent & Christmas Season!
Saturday, November 30th at 9:00am
Your help is needed! It's time once again to decorate our church for the Advent and Christmas season. Come join us on Saturday, November 30th at 9:00 to kick start the season! Donuts and juice will be provided. All ages are welcome...there's a job available for everyone! Thanks, The Worship Committee
Advent at Christ United Methodist Church

The Chancel Choir and the music ministry are taking the lead on Advent this year and will be sharing a new work entitled  Advent Songs of Longing, Words of Hope, In the Waiting Season.  We will be presenting four special segments that surround the familiar stories and bring a new understanding to Advent over 4 weeks. There will be special readings and prayers along with some new and wonderful music. We'll share the old carols with new instrumentation including a cello and the praise time. We want to make this experience as one to remember and become engaged. Advent is a time for longing and waiting  for the birth of Jesus Christ. I hope you will come along to experience this old story as new and share a new narrative to your Advent and Christmas Season.
Thank You!
Thanks to everyone who participated in Crystals for Christ UMC last month, whether you stopped by the display, attended the open house, or ordered sparkle! I also want to thank Rev Mike for letting me promote this fundraiser. Thanks to all of you, I was
able to donate $125 to the church!
Carol O'Dell-Strodtman
If you didn't get a chance to browse the catalog or order, I have extended the timeframefor the 10% to Christ UMC until November 23. Use the link below:
Community Service League Food Pantry Needs
     Community Services League needs the following items in the food pantry:  jelly, tuna helper, cake mixes, cream soups, canned tomatoes, canned vegetables, shampoo (NOT 2in1), empty egg cartons.  The Community Services League food pantry at our location receives all food that is donated at the church each week. CSL is currently overrun with plastic grocery bags.  They will not be accepting these until further notice.   Last week 150 items were donated.  
Did you know that when you shop for the holidays at smile.amazon.com/ch/43-0861943, AmazonSmile donates to Christ United Methodist Church?

Opportunities to Volunteer
There are lots of opportunities to volunteer in our area and at our church. Some of those opportunities are:
Community Services League (CSL) Food Pantry - Wednesdays from 9:00am - 3:00pm at Christ UMC. Contact   Darla Pummill at 224-0403 for more information.
Franciscan Mission - We volunteer on the 4th Monday of each month between 5:30 & 8:00 pm If you are interested in helping, please contact Colleen Foudree at 816-478-8020.
Glendale Elementary Reading Program - Monday through Friday between 9:30 & 11:30am or 1:00 & 3:00pm for one hour per week, during the school year, to listen to students read. A background check is needed. Pick a form up at the church. Contact Lyn Verstraete at 838-2575 for more information.
Glendale Elementary Lunch Buddies - Eat lunch with an assigned student at least twice a month at Glendale. Lunch                 periods are 25 min. long and are staggered between 11:40 and 1:05. You can buy a school lunch, or just sit and visit   while your student eats. A simple background check is required. Contact Lyn Verstraete. 816-838-2575 for information.
Glendale Elementary School Snack Packs - Thursdays from 1:00 - 2:00pm at Glendale Elementary, during the school year. Contact Shirley Cottrell at 373-3687 for more information.
Harvesters & Christ UMC Food Drop - Third Thursday of each month at Christ UMC. Volunteer help needed between 12:30 & 6:00pm.
Meals on Wheels - Drivers are needed for this program. You are assigned a specific day and route and it takes about 1 to 1-1/2 hours. Contact Meals on Wheels at 254-9566 if you are interested.
Sleeping Mats for the Homeless - If you would like to help put together sleeping mats, please contact Myrtle Dye at 254-4585.
Tabitha's Closet - Located in the Fairmount Community Center, Tabitha's Closet needs help sorting, hanging, and rotating donated clothing on Tuesdays from 9:30am to 2:30pm when school is in session. Choose to help the entire time, or just an hour or two! For those that can't stand for long periods of time, there is work you can help with too. Contact Buttons Jimerson at 228-7380 if you have any questions.
Give at Christ UMC Via Text Message or Online!

Sermon Videos on YouTube and Our Church Website

Our Christ UMC YouTube channel is now live and our weekly sermons are available at  Sermon Videos Link . Sermon videos can also be found on our church website at www.icumc.org.  

Check it out on either site and be sure to share and subscribe! Click on the link below to be connected.
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