A Message From Pastor Mike
We are in the season of the church when we choose its leaders for the next three years. This doesn't include its pastor. That's done each year by our Bishop and Conference Cabinet. In the church we have what's known as the Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development. Right now this committee is in the process of discerning who has the gifts and talents for the various committees and inviting them to serve. It's an important role that the committee takes seriously. The committee is made up of nine members. When we meet we go through a list of new members from the last couple of years, those who are coming off of committees, and the entire church directory. As best we can, we try to fill the committees with a diversity of ages and genders while also matching people's experience and talents with the responsibilities of the committees.

The Nominations and Leadership Development Committee plays an important role in the future of the church. The importance of that role can be seen in the Book of Acts. The very first thing the church did after the ascension of Jesus was to assemble the nominations committee. The members of the committee are listed in Acts 1:13. It was an apostolic all-star committee made up of guys like Peter, James, John, Andrew, Philip, Thomas and other apostles. But it wasn't just men, they had diversity on their committee. The story mentions the involvement of women, "certain women, including Mary the mother of Jesus". (Acts 1:14) Their task was to fill the vacancy that Judas' departure created. The selection criteria they used was that his replacement would be someone who had been with them throughout the entire time of Jesus' ministry. They narrowed it down to two candidates, prayed for God's guidance, and then cast lots (which is an ancient version of flipping a coin, or rolling dice). The lot fell in Matthias' favor. I imagine that evening, about dinner time, someone from the committee called him saying, "Matthias, we've got an opportunity for you. Have you ever considered being an apostle?"

We don't cast lots in our nominations committee, but we do invite God's Spirit to be present with us to guide our decision making. Our hope is that our decisions are carefully discerned, and divinely inspired. If you receive a call from a member of the committee inviting you to serve, know that we have given that invitation careful consideration and believe that you are uniquely gifted to serve in that way. Please take that invitation seriously. Sometimes people see strengths in you that you might not see in yourself.

As discerning as we try to be, the work of God's Spirit in selecting the church's leadership isn't exclusive to the committee. God's Spirit also works to stir the hearts of people to move them into areas of service. If something is stirring inside of you that you feel is leading you to an area of service in the church, then we'd like to hear from you. You don't have to wait to be asked. If you feel a pull towards an area of leadership, we'll gladly help you explore that.
RENEWAL - Confirmation Brush Up for Adults
Monday Sept. 9th at 6:30pm OR Wednesday, Sept. 11 at 10:00 am
Do you recall some CUMC youth being confirmed in their faith last spring? Recall your confirmation? Never had one? Pastor Bob Hickman is offering a two-session renewal opportunity. This learning time will cover some basics of faith in a Methodist style and answer (hopefully) any questions you have. Classes will be on Mondays September 9 & 16 at 6:30 pm and Wednesdays September 11 & 18 at 10:00 am in Room 126, the Conference Room. Advance sign up is helpful; but drop in is OK. Send you name and class day preference to bob.hickman@icumc.org or text at 816-694-1059. Renew your commitment to Christ and Christ Church.
Hurricane Dorian Relief
The United Methodist Committee on Relief, (UMCOR) is working to bring relief to the victims of hurricane Dorian. If you would like to read about the United Methodist Church's humanitarian efforts in the Bahamas or if you would like to provide financial assistance to that good work, follow the attached link.

Journeymen Class Dining Card Sales
The Journeymen Class will begin selling the new Eastern Jackson County Dining Cards on Sunday, Sept. 8.  They will still be $15.00 a card with 15 offers of Buy One Get One Free.  The Journeymen get to keep $10.00 from each card to use on projects in the church or surrounding community.  There will be two editions of the card this year, so you may want to get some of each. If you are single, you can take a friend to lunch. They make great gifts!  Thanks so much for supporting this project.

Sunday, September 15th
9:30-11:00 and 12:00-12:30

Have your book signed
Proceeds benefit UMCOR & will be matched by Lisa
               Enjoy a sprinkle sundae!
Upward Basketball Returns!!
CUMC is going to sponsor the Upward Basketball League for th 2020 season. Join us for an organizational meeting this Wednesday, September 11 at 6:30 in room 121.

Variety Book Club
September 26th at 10:00am 
"Threading My Prayer Rug: One Woman's Journey from Pakistani Muslim to American Muslim"
This is a richly textured reflection on what it is to be a Muslim in America today.  Beginning with a sweetly funny, moving account of her arranged marriage, the author undercuts stereotypes and offers a refreshing view of an American life through Muslim eyes.

Everyone is welcome to join our group discussion.
Have You Filled Your Yellow Bag This Week?
(It can be any bag)
     Community Services League needs the following items in the food pantry:  canned ravioli (Chef Boyardee), spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, jelly, dry pasta side dishes, pancake mix and syrup, macaroni & cheese, canned vegetables (no corn or green beans please), empty egg cartons.  The Community Services League food pantry at our location receives all food that is donated at the church each week. 
Needed: Caring Adults to be Lunch Buddies
 with Glendale Students
Eat lunch with an assigned student at least twice a month at Glendale. Lunch periods are 25 minutes long and are staggered between 11:40am and 1:05pm. You can buy a school lunch, or just sit and visit while your student eats.   A simple background check is required. If you're interested or have questions, please call Lyn Verstraete. 816-838-2575.
Come and Help
date is Thursday, September 19  from 2-5pm
We helped 314 families at the August mobile food pantry.
We can always use help from volunteers anytime between 12:30 & 6:00!
We could use extra volunteers between 5:00 to 6:00 or so on Food Drop days to help clean up, get leftover food onto the truck, and unload it at the Noland Road Community Services League cooler at Noland & Truman Rd. It goes pretty fast with extra hands helping out.
Southern Independence Transportation Ministry Help Needed

Volunteers are needed to help members get to and from services on Sundays. 
If you would be willing to do this once a month, contact Linda Ashley at 337-2647 or lindaashley443@gmail.com.
Opportunities to Volunteer
There are lots of opportunities to volunteer in our area and at our church. Some of those opportunities are:
Community Services League (CSL) Food Pantry - Wednesdays from 9:00am - 3:00pm at Christ UMC. Contact Darla Pummill at 224-0403 for more information.

Franciscan Mission  - 4th Monday each month between 5:30 & 8 :00pm. They are located at 2100 N. Noland Rd. Contact Colleen Foudree at 816-478-8020 to volunteer. 

Glendale Elementary Reading Program - Monday through Friday between 9:30 & 11:30am or 1:00 & 3:00pm for one hour per week, during the school year, to listen to students read. A background check is needed. Pick a form up at the church. Contact Lyn Verstraete at 816-838-2575 for more information.
Glendale Elementary School Snack Packs - Thursdays from 1:00 - 2:00pm at Glendale Elementary, during the school year. Contact Shirley Cottrell at 373-3687 for more information.
Harvesters & Christ UMC Mobile Food Pantry  - Third Thursday of each month at Christ UMC. Volunteer help needed between 12:30 & 6:00pm.

Meals on Wheels - Drivers are needed for this program. You are assigned a specific day and route and it takes about 1 to 1-1/2 hours. Contact Meals on Wheels at 254-9566 if you are interested.
Sleeping Mats for the Homeless - Volunteers are needed to help cut the shopping bags to get them ready to make the sleeping mats. If you are interested in helping with cutting, or making the mats, please contact Myrtle Dye at 254-4585 or Sharon Safley at 220-0749.
Tabitha's Closet - Tabitha's Closet is located in the Fairmount Community Center and volunteers are needed to help sort, hang and rotate donated clothes on Tuesdays that schools are in session between 9 :30am - 2:30pm. Contact Buttons Jimerson at 228-7380 for more information.
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