April 2021
Easter Greetings!

In this Easter season, I’m reminded of something Pope Benedict XVI said in his encyclical Deus Caritas Est: “Being Christian is not the result of an ethical choice or a lofty idea, but the encounter with an event, a person, which gives life a new horizon and a decisive direction.”

That event is the Incarnation of the second Person of the Trinity, his Passion, death, and Resurrection. The person, of course, is the resurrected Son of God, Jesus. As you celebrate this joyous season, take time to remember when you first met Jesus, when you first encountered him and experienced his presence in your life. Imagine too that you are the married couple on the road to Emmaus and listen to the risen Jesus break open the Scriptures for you. Let your hearts burn within you.

Adella and I send our Easter greetings. We rejoice with you in this holy season and pray that as we emerge from what seems like a yearlong Lenten season, we will find a new purpose, a new call to serve the Lord, and a renewed joy as we witness to the world the love of God made visible in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Bill Wacker
Director Emeritus 

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Due to the Communication Center and to our alumni, over 1000 couples have registered for the Marriage in Christ At Home seminar and are beginning to create habits of praying together, talking with each other, and acting towards each other in loving ways.
Recent comments from Marriage in Christ At Home participants:

Genesis 3–11
What went wrong? And how can the creation blessings be restored? 

Chapters 3—11 of Genesis tell the story of mankind’s sin and exile from the garden. Once sin entered God’s good creation, death followed. Mankind’s sinfulness spiraled out of control, growing from the first murder to so much wickedness that God chose to wipe out all humanity, save one family. But even after the Flood, mankind’s wickedness continued to grow. It was like a whirlpool from which there was no escape. It is the tragic story of all humanity and of each human being—we all sin and fall short of God’s glory. In the next section we will see how God began his rescue of all humanity by entering a covenant with one family.

But marriage stands as the one blessing not forfeited by original sin nor washed away in the Flood. It is the creator’s intention that the union of husband and wife survives man’s fall from grace. Marriage is still testimony to the Christian belief that the story of Adam and Eve and their marriage, while fraught with danger, is not without hope. The deep wounds caused by sin and death will be assuaged by God’s tender mercy. He does not curse Adam and Eve as he did the Serpent; Eve’s child will one day crush the head of the Serpent; and at the end of chapter 3, God clothes their nakedness. We will see that later, after the Flood, he renews the creation blessings to be fruitful and multiply.
We offer the third installment in our series of reflections on marriage in the Bible to help you encounter the Lord as you read and pray together. It is appropriate that this month’s installment continues our reflection on the creation story. The introduction to the whole series can be found in February's newsletter. You can also locate it on our website, or click the link below ("If you missed Chapter 1, Genesis 1 . . .").
Bill Wacker
Director Emeritus
Conversation Starters and Loving Actions for you!
Describe an encounter you have had with Jesus that changed the direction of your life.

Have you ever felt your heart burning within you?

Do you have a favorite Lenten or Easter season service or tradition? What is it?

How have you answered God when he calls your name?

What tangible ways do you show your spouse that you trust him or her?

What tangible ways do you show God that you trust in his providence for your marriage?

What do you find delight in?

Share a time that you either gave or felt mercy in a relationship.

Go on a photo scavenger hunt together. Try this list: frog, flower, pussy willow, colorful bird, egg, someone you love.

The month of April is full of fun, outlandish, special, and wacky days. Research and celebrate one with your spouse. Perhaps try New Beer Eve, Jelly Bean Day, or Lover's Day.

Do yard work together with music playing in the background and dance in the front yard.

Flirt with your spouse, either in person or by text. Try, "You make my heart happy!" or "My heart goes thumpity, thump, thump when I think of you!"

Hide a love note in your spouse's shoe or coat pocket.

When you are talking with your spouse, remove distractions like looking at your phone, watching TV, or being preoccupied.

Did you know that doing new things together releases the "cuddle hormone," oxytocin? Try something new together.

Choose together to change a not-so-healthy habit into a good, healthy habit.

Plan a relationship checkup weekend, day, or evening. Go away or stay at home, get rid of distractions, and focus on each other.

Express your gratitude to your spouse.
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