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March 30, 2021
Staying Connected
A Letter from our Pastor ~ Fr. Paulson
Dear Friends,
“During this Holy Week, let us lift our eyes to the cross, in order to receive the grace of amazement.” Pope Francis
We are still facing the drama of the COVID-19 pandemic which has brought many changes, even to our normal way of celebrating the liturgy. The norms and directives contained in the liturgical books, drawn up with normal times in view, are not entirely applicable in exceptional moments of crisis such as these. At CTK and St. Stephen, we will address these concerns and still celebrate Holy Week in a way that everyone can safely participate.
Holy Thursday
Holy Thursday Service: There will be a couple of changes in our Holy Thursday celebrations which will be held at 6.00pm in both churches. There will be no foot washing at the mass. At CTK, this was an important liturgy where our children preparing for the sacraments of reconciliation and first communion used to participate. I have a beautiful idea for all the families. Why don’t you do the foot washing ceremony at home as a domestic church.

As parents, you can introduce your at-home foot washing ceremony with a simple explanation. You can speak in your own words, or say this: “Jesus washed the feet of His disciples in a spirit of love, humility, and service. I wash your feet today because I want to love you as perfectly as Christ loves you. I want to humbly serve you as our entire family learns to serve each other, particularly during this season when we are so closely united at home.” If you are married, you may wish to work together, with one parent pouring and washing and the other parent drying. Resist the urge to rush through the process. Be intentional, take time, and demonstrate the same reverence that our Priests do during Holy Thursday Mass. Recite the traditional antiphon during each washing: “I give you a new commandment: Love one another. As I have loved you, so also you should love one another.” Click here for the Foot Washing Service.
At the end of the mass, the presider accompanied by the deacon and ministers will process around the grounds with the Blessed Sacrament. They will then place It on the altar where we will have communal prayers and silence until 9 pm. You are invited to stay after Mass for this time of prayer.
Good Friday
Good Friday Services: There are two services on this day at CTK – 2.00pm and 6.00pm. Stations of the Cross will be celebrated at 1.00pm at CTK and 5.00pm at St. Stephen. A Spanish service will be celebrated at 7.30pm.
There will be no individual veneration of the cross as we have done in the past. You are invited to stay back or return during the day after the service and spend silent moments before the cross. 
Easter Sunday
Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday: Easter Vigil will be celebrated at 7.00pm on Saturday. The entire Holy Week Schedule is listed below. I am happy and grateful that we can offer so many services this weekend. Regarding parking, kindly use our small parking lot as well as other parking possibilities for those wishing to attend in the church or on the lawn. Kindly keep the school parking lot for those who would like to stay in their cars and attend the services.
Parish life here at CTK and St. Stephen is showing signs of slowly returning to normal. A new Pew Research Center survey finds that Americans are increasingly confident they can safely go to services at a church, temple, mosque or other house of worship. I can confidently say that nearly 60 percent of parishioners attend in person services daily (45) and on weekends (1500). I am looking forward to seeing many more returning for in-person services as vaccination continues. Thank you, Lord!
On behalf of our clergy and staff, I wish you a grace-filled Holy Week and a wonderful Easter. The Lord is Risen Alleluia!
Fr. Paulson 
Holy Thursday - April 1
   6pm Mass - Outdoors
St. Stephen - 6pm Mass - Indoors

Good Friday - April 2
1pm - Stations of the Cross - Outdoors
1:45pm - Reflection/Talk - Outdoors
2pm & 6pm - Liturgy of the Passion - Outdoors
7:30pm - Liturgy of the Passion (Spanish) - Outdoors
St. Stephen - Stations of the Cross - 5pm - Outdoors

Easter Vigil, Saturday - April 3
3pm - Individual Confessions
(Meet in front of the Church)
7pm Mass - Outdoors
St. Stephen - 7pm Mass - Indoors

Easter Sunday Masses - April 4
7:30am - Outdoors Only
9am & 10:30am - Both Indoors/Church & Outdoors
12 noon (Spanish), 4pm - Outdoors
St. Stephen - 9:30am - Outdoors
Easter Sunday Drive Thru Communion
We offer drive thru communion
11:30am to 12 noon.
In front of the church.
Morning Mass Schedule During Holy Week
Wednesday - 9am Mass/Church
No 9am Morning Mass on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.
Holy Week Services to be Live-Streamed
Holy Thursday - 6pm Mass
Good Friday - 2pm Service
Easter Vigil Saturday - 7pm Mass
Easter Sunday - 9am Mass

Links to our services can be found at
or clicking the images below
Outdoor Holy Week Services - Reminders
Please bring your own chairs.
Masks are required.
Services will be held rain or shine.
If you wish to stay in your car, you can tune into FM 106.7
If you are remaining in your car, please arrive early for a closer space to our lawn area (lower parking lot by the school) where the transmitter is located.
St. Stephen Church - Holy Week Schedule
St. Stephen Church
1101 Keaveny Ct.
Walnut Creek 94597

Holy Thursday - 6pm Mass - Indoors
Good Friday - Stations of the Cross - 5pm
Saturday Easter Vigil - 7pm Mass - Indoors
Easter Sunday - 9:30am Mass - Outdoors
Easter - Drive Thru Communion - 10:10am

Masses at St. Stephen are now being live-streamed on the St. Stephen Facebook page. If you are unable to attend with us in person, please join us for our Holy Week Services through Facebook. A link is on our web site:
We Welcome Our RCIA Participants
Please pray for our RCIA Elect and Candidates who will be celebrating the Sacraments of Initiation at Saturday's Easter Vigil
and Monday, April 5th at the 9am mass.
We welcome you to our Christ the King and St. Stephen Family!
Anas Hamdan
Natalie Baines
Allison Nugent
Matthew Biggers
Reymond Babon
Joe Smithonic
Weekly Church Bulletin
Stations of the Cross
St. Stephen Church
Stations of the Cross/Outdoors
All are welcome!!

Prayed privately on church grounds
at 1101 Keaveny Ct., Walnut Creek

Mondays & Wednesdays 12pm to 2pm
Fridays 12pm to 6pm

Good Friday - 5pm Stations of the Cross
led by Fr. Paulson

Follow a guided audio experience
on your smart phone or tablet in
English or Spanish at
Please Bring in Your CRS Rice Bowls
Please bring in your CRS Rice Bowls to any of our Holy Week Services or
Easter Sunday

We will have a basket in front of the altar where you can drop off your rice bowls. Or you can bring them to the parish office Monday through Friday 9am to 4pm this week. Thank you for your contributions to this important cause.
Weekly Reflections on Sunday Readings
Easter Sunday
Welcome to our weekly reflections on
the Sunday Scriptures.

Each gospel presents its own variations of the Easter event. In John’s version, we see Mary of Magdala arriving first. She cannot believe her eyes when she discovers that Jesus’ body is missing. Read More
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