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Parish Newsletter
July 15, 2020
Keeping Us Connected
A Letter From Our Pastor
Dear Friends,

Next Wednesday July 22, we will be celebrating the feast of Mary Magdalene at the 9.00 am mass outdoors at Christ the King. Joyce Scotlan and Meg Bowerman will address the subject of racism under the title “We Shall Overcome: A Discipleship of Hope” at 9.00 am as we commence the mass.

Mary Magdalene’s identity has been confused with many other women of the New Testament. Mary is associated with the Samaritan woman at the well with multiple husbands. Mary is depicted as the woman caught in adultery and brought into the street to be stoned. Mary is believed to be the repentant sinner that anoints Jesus’ feet with ointment in Simon the Pharisee’s house. She is often remembered as strictly a reformed prostitute, although there is no explicit Biblical textual evidence that this was the case, whereas the truth of her identity is often concealed in overlooked mentions in Scriptures.

More accurately, Mary Magdalene was a pioneer of the early Christian church , acting as a leader for the early women that followed Jesus. She receives a very clear identity in Luke 8:2, which says, “And the twelve [disciples] were with him, and also some women who had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities: Mary, called Magdalene, from whom seven demons had gone out.” Mary Magdalene was on the hill of Golgotha as Jesus was crucified, standing alongside the Apostle John and Jesus’ mother. When all of the other men had left, Mary Magdalene remains. She was one of the first people that saw the resurrected Jesus.

Imagine that – a poor woman, with no social standing, having the responsibility to go and tell all of the men that Jesus had indeed risen from the dead. She truly earns a reputation of honor and respect, as she overcame significant social barriers in order to serve her Lord the way she did. What a woman! Jesus healed her of seven demons, and now she holds a special place in the following of Jesus, being referred to by her name, an honor that even the disciples did not receive. For Jesus, she was indeed the best person to take the Good News of the resurrection to Peter and John. Jesus would honor and recognize the amazing power of women’s leadership today. A leadership that brings spirit and life to a Church that is weak and frightened. Women can do what men find it impossible to accomplish, ‘grace our Church with healing, inclusivity and growth.’

Our Faith in Action ministry will be launching a couple of social justice initiatives on the feast of Mary Magdalene. Our parish has signed up for JustFaith scheduled to start by the end of the month. In the words of Jack Jezreel, “JustFaith Ministries was birthed in the effort to invite and prepare people of faith for the life-changing and world-changing call of the Gospel to help heal the world and, in so doing, experience a deeper faith, a more fulfilling life, and a community of care and vitality.” Through prayer, study, dialogue, and immersions, participants form community as they explore racism and privilege and their implications to our lives and their faith. Kindly register for this program by contacting the office.

At CTK, we will continue with our mass on Sunday morning at 7.30am right in front of the church. The area around the church continues to provide shade at 7.30am, and we can accommodate 100 people outdoors 6ft apart. You could stay in cars in the school parking lot and we will transmit it on FM radio. I would ask those who will sit or stand outside church for the mass to park in the large or small parking lot and walk over. The mass will be short and reverent, lasting 25 minutes. We will continue to evolve, continue to provide services in a safe way with your cooperation.  Our outdoor masses continue as usual, both at CTK and St. Stephen.                                                                              

Fr. Paulson
Welcome Fr. Lee!

Fr. Lee concelebrated his first Facebook Live Mass on Monday morning with Fr. Paulson.

Welcome to our Christ the King and St. Stephen Family, we are thrilled you are with us!
Congratulations to all our
First Communicants!
On Saturday, we had our fourth and final weekend of our Religious Ed and CTK School children receiving their First Holy Communion.
For all the children receiving the Lord Jesus for the first time in Holy Communion, may they continue to grow to love Jesus with all their hearts and forever worship God at Holy Mass as the center of their lives.
Outdoor Masses Continue This Weekend Both in our
Parking Lot and Grass Area
No Reservations or Sign Ups Required
You can get out of your car and onto the grass
(bring your own chairs/blankets)
Face Masks are required
Or continue to stay in the comfort of your car-Tune into FM 106.7

All masses will still be live streamed on Facebook
Weekday Mass:
Thursdays 6pm only
(Honoring Our Mother of Perpetual Help)

Weekend Masses:
(Saturday) 5pm
(Sunday) 7:30am, 9am,10:30am & 6pm

7:30am mass will take place outside on the patio in front of the church.

Drive Through Holy Communion - Sundays
11:30am to 12 noon 

Song Sheet for Mass Here
Readings for Mass Here
If you are attending the outdoor mass on the lawn, we ask that you park in our large parking lot and walk over. This will leave much needed spaces open for those who attend mass and stay in their cars so they can be closer and can see the altar better.
For those of you who remain in your car during mass, tune in to FM 106.7. Reception is best in the school parking lot. You can now park along the iron fence in the large parking lot for better reception.
St. Stephen Church
Walnut Creek

Sunday - Mass at 9:30am - Outdoors
St. Stephen - Readings for Mass Here
Those wishing to come for just communion are encouraged to drive up close to the end of Mass,
at about 10:15 am.
Daily Mass/ Weekend Masses/Talks/Holy Rosary
Join us every day
on Facebook!

9:00 am - Mass in Chapel
5:40 pm - Holy Rosary
6:00 pm - Outdoor Mass Thursdays Only

Program Notes:
 Thursday - 5:00pm - Speaker Series

Every Thursday Evening:
6:00 pm Outdoor Mass honoring Our Mother of Perpetual Help

9 :00 am - Mass in Chapel
5:00 pm  - Outdoor Mass

7:30 am - Outdoor Mass
9:00 am - Outdoor Mass
10:30 am -Outdoor Mass
6:00 pm - Outdoor Mass
Join us Every Thursday
For our Speaker Series followed by our
Weekly Mass
Join us every Thursday at 5:00pm on Facebook Live

This Thursday, July 16 at 5:00pm, our speaker will be Kathy Gannon-Briggs. She will speak about Just Faith Ministries’  Faith & Racial Equity: Exploring Power & Privilege.
Thursday, 6pm Mass/Our Mother of Perpetual Help

After our speaker, stay on for our 6pm weekly mass where we honor Our Mother of Perpetual Help. Either in your car, on the lawn, or in your home on Facebook Live!
Weekly Church Bulletin
The Feast of St. Mary Magdalene
Next Weds - July 22 - 9am Outdoor Mass
The Feast of St. Mary Magdalene will be celebrated Wednesday, July 22, at an Outdoor Mass at 9:00 AM at   Christ the   King. The two guest speakers, Joyce Scotlan and Meg Bowerman will address the subject of racism under the title  “We Shall Overcome: A Discipleship of Hope.”   They will feature the life of Sister Thea Bowman and St. Mary of Magdala. All are invited to the Mass. Please bring your own chairs and wear a mask.
St. Vincent De Paul - Volunteers Needed
Our Christ the King St. Vincent dePaul chapter is in need of volunteers.  The tasks we currently need done require minimal or no personal contact and minimal personal time, but are vital to our continued success.

A few of the tasks include picking up and handling mail addressed to us but delivered to the CTK office; preparing and mailing thank you letters; becoming familiar with the County’s 211 database and assisting with getting appropriate information to our clients; checking the inventory in our distribution office; assisting with preparing our meeting minutes; assist in setting up our Zoom meetings; assist with assuring that voice mail messages we receive are responded to.

This is not a complete list but gives you an idea of the types of tasks we need help with. If you are interested in assisting with any of these tasks, please send an email to Gary Piermattei, or call him at 510-590-1009 and he will answer any questions you have and will provide any training you need.

Thanks for considering helping in this most vital ministry!
Nourish - A New Ministry for Caregivers
Are you a caregiver for a family member?
Are you a dedicated caregiver for others?

NOURISH provides caregivers a faithful perspective, as well as practical
and emotional support, useful tools, and shared experience.
Discover the blessings that come from caring for another.

Our next meeting will be tonight, Wednesday, July 15 at 7pm, via Zoom 
Meetings will be the 3rd Wednesday of every month .
Please call Donna at (925) 932-0900 to register.

Faith & Racial Equity
Just Faith Series via Zoom
Do you want to address racism in your community, but you don’t know where to begin ?  
Presented through the lens of the Christian faith, JustFaith Ministries’  Faith & Racial Equity: Exploring Power & Privilege  is an eight-session program  that awakens individuals and groups to racial injustices within our political and economic systems that empower some and oppress others.  We plan to start the weekend of July 25-26 and continue weekly on Thursdays from 1-3 pm. For more information contact Mary Anne La Pointe at 925-787-1422 or Maggie Chaffee at 925-872-9915.
Update on Chapel for Private Prayer
With the new directives from Contra Costa County, our Ministry Center Chapel for private prayer will now be closed. Thank you for your patience!
Weekly Reflection on Sunday's Readings
16th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Welcome to our weekly reflections on
the Weekend Scriptures.

The kingdom of heaven is like . . . a man who sowed good seed in his field . . . like a mustard seed . . . .” “Seeds” dominate the imagery of this week’s liturgy(see more)
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Keeping Connected
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Thank you again for all you do!

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Closing Prayer
Prayer for Community
Embracing Father
You grace each of us with equal measure in your love.
Let us learn to love our neighbors more deeply,
so that we can create
peaceful and just communities.
Inspire us to use our creative energies
to build the structures we need
to overcome the obstacles
of intolerance and indifference.
May Jesus provide us the example needed
and send the spirit to warm our hearts for the journey.
"To Hear the Gospel and Make a Difference"