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Parish Newsletter
August 25, 2021
Staying Connected
A Letter From Deacon John Ashmore
Dear Parishioners,
About 35 years ago, an ad in my parish bulletin read, “Help Needed in CCD Program.” I knew CCD was the catechism program, but I had no experience with it. “Hmmm,” I thought. “I wonder if this is something I could do?” I had no experience teaching, but was looking for a way to contribute. I went to see the pastor, my good friend Father Jack Gentner, and asked him if I should try this. Rather than saying, “Sure, we’d love to have you,” he asked, “Why are you thinking about doing this?” I was uncharacteristically quiet as I pondered his question. After a few minutes I responded, “I think that at some point, Christians have to do something more than just believe.” That was the beginning of my involvement with religious education.

Pope Paul VI said, “The church doesn’t have a mission; it is a mission!” An increasingly critical part of that mission today is educating our children in the faith. Young people are “disaffiliating” from all religious faiths in alarming numbers, deciding that religion has nothing to offer them at a median age of 13. Think of that: 7th and 8th graders are deciding that God is irrelevant in their lives! More than ever, children are bombarded with torrents of bad ideas and misinformation, delivered to them in real time, through media that didn’t even exist a few short years ago. The only antidote to protect them is teaching them the truth of our Catholic faith. Passing on the faith is the shared mission of every baptized Catholic. Believing is good. Participating is wonderful. But passing on the faith is vital and essential.

Since I was appointed Director of Faith Formation at CTK, I have managed multiple programs, taught RE as a substitute and even had class of 1st grade students, via Zoom, last year. Although there are challenges and frustrations, they are outweighed exponentially, by the joy that passing on the faith gives. Teaching via Zoom from home, my wife was able to overhear my discussions with my students, and she regularly remarked, “You really love those kids, don’t you?” My answer was a resounding. “Yes!” I had to rearrange my calendar to take care of other responsibilities, but Monday, from 3:00 until 3:30 PM, when I was with “my kids,” was the best part of my week. Whatever I was able to give them came back to me at least a hundred fold. Ask virtually any RE teacher, and they’ll tell you the same thing.

This year, we are returning to in person teaching in our Religious Education program, and we have almost 200 children pre-registered for classes. We have a cadre of seasoned catechists returning, and we have been blessed with many new volunteers. As of this writing, we still need catechists for a combined 2nd & 3rd grade class on Monday and another on Tuesday, and a combined 4th through 6th grade class, also on Tuesday. Thankfully, we have catechists committed to teach 16 other class sections in our Sunday through Wednesday teaching schedule.

How many more catechists do we need? A dozen would be great! We are very grateful to those who have signed up to fill the critical role of substitute catechists. Our catechists have days committed to family events and occasional sick days. So having a list of substitutes to call is extremely helpful. We also have some larger classes that could, potentially, be split into two smaller classes. As mentioned, we have some classes with two or three grades combined. If there were enough catechists, we could potentially provide more single grade classes.

So, please take some time to pray about this great opportunity to serve. The lesson plans are easy to follow, and many catechists are amazed by how much they learn in the process of teaching. And the blessings and joy you will experience from sharing our Catholic faith with the children is inestimable.

May God continue to bless you and your families and keep you safe and healthy.
Deacon John
On-line Registration for Faith Formation
7/8th Youth Group
Twice a month on
Tuesday Evenings
HS Youth Group
Twice a month on
Thursday Evenings
Confirmation Prep
Twice a month on
Sunday Afternoons
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Offertory Envelopes
Offertory Envelopes can be picked up in the church vestibule this weekend. If you are unable to come to the church, we can have them available for you in the parish office. Call the office at 682-2486 to arrange pick-up. 
Weekly Church Bulletin
Ushers Needed for Funerals
If you would like to occasionally serve as an usher at a funeral here at Christ the King ~ we could use your assistance. Ushering at funerals involves welcoming guests and showing them to a seat, handing out programs and clearing up the pews afterwards. Questions? Or, if interested contact Sr. Dominic Marie at; 925-246-1122.
Over the Weekend
Congratulations to the children who were baptized over the weekend!
Welcome to Christ the King and St. Stephen Family!
Parents: Denise & Michael
Baby: Wyatt Alexander
Parents: Ayla & Wilbert
Baby: Gabriel
Parents: Theresa & Warren
Baby: Arius Jaice
Parents: Ayna & Allan
Baby: Aysaiah Dylan
Grief Ministry
There has been so much grief over this past year and we want to make sure that everyone knows there is a place to come together as one community for care and support. We will begin meeting in person at CTK in August.

Grief Ministry Support Group Meetings:
1st Wednesday of the month 7pm in-person at CTK
3rd Wednesday of the month at 7pm via Zoom
Please contact Donna at 510-381-3615 for more information.
Multi-Faith Action Coalition
August Action Virtual Gathering
August 29, 2021  4:00 pm - 5:45 pm

Each August, the Multi-faith ACTION Coalition gathers advocates, faith leaders, partners and people of faith who want to end poverty to connect, reflect, learn and take action. Learn what the Coalition has been working on and how you can act in the coming weeks. Hear stories from people experiencing poverty because of a lack of shelter or immigration status.  Reflect on your values and how our beliefs will move us forward.
Visit their website here
Weekly Reflections on Sunday Readings
Welcome to our weekly reflections on
the Sunday Scriptures.
22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Since the end of the first century or at the beginning of the second century, texts of Mark’s Gospel existed that predated the other gospels and to some degree formed the foundation of those other writings, especially those of Matthew and Luke. Read More
News From our Diocese
Second Collection
St. Vincent De Paul - 5th Sunday Collection

This Sunday, August 29th is for CTK's
St. Vincent De Paul Society.

Thank you for your generous support for this important ministry here at CTK!
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Offertory Envelopes and
Paper Checks
Can be sent directly to:
St. Stephen Church
1101 Keaveny Ct.
Walnut Creek, CA 94597
Feast Day of St. Monica - Aug. 27
Patron Saint of Mothers
Dear St. Monica,

We now ask you to pray with us
for all those sons and daughters that have wandered away from God,
and to add your prayers to those of all mothers
who are worried over their children.
Pray also for us that,
following your example, we may,
in the company of our children,
one day enjoy the eternal vision of our
Father in Heaven. Amen.

"To Hear the Gospel and Make a Difference"