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June 24, 2020
Keeping Us Connected
A Letter From Our Pastor
Dear Friends,

Last Wednesday, the pastors of Walnut Creek, Concord and Pleasant Hill had a meaningful conversation with the city officials of Walnut Creek, which included the Mayor, City Manager and the Police Captain. Nearly two dozen Pastors from our area held a dialogue, which at times became tense and uncomfortable for many. The meeting ended on a visceral statement from the City Manager rather abruptly, meaning the conversation needed to continue. And it is continuing via email. I was the only Catholic Pastor, which bothers me in terms of our Churches’ engagement on the difficult issues facing our society. There appears to be fear or unwillingness to engage with these difficult issues. Having that tough conversation can lead to the kind of real healing in our communities that is necessary for establishing a strong foundation and taking actions that result in more equitable outcomes.

Recent statements and media scrutiny about our own diocese call for healing here at home including our Bishop Barber, priests of the diocese and our communities of faith especially our African American brothers and sisters.

It’s critically important to have the moral courage to say sorry. I’m sorry for the shared history. I’m sorry for the role my Church has played in the harm that has been caused to our communities of color. I’m sorry for the days when I didn’t have a good day, but I’m going to hold myself accountable for my own actions that have contributed to racism and inequality. As your pastor, I am sorry for the times I have not been the best version of myself, for my silence, and unconstructive demeanor.

I have looked upon Vatican II as a watershed moment in the life of the Catholic similar to what we as a nation are going through right now, opening the doors far and wide to inclusion and outreach. These are two characteristic traits of the historical Jesus as well as the unique experience of the Holy Spirit in the early church, where everyone who listened to the apostles heard the Word of God in their own native language. This unique experience of the Holy Spirit was celebrated as a new Pentecost at Vatican II. In Gaudium et Spes # 60 (Church in the Modern World), the fathers wrote:

It is now possible to remove from most of the human race the curse of ignorance. A duty most appropriate in our times, especially for Christians, is to work untiringly to the end that fundamental economic and political decisions are taken, nationally and internationally, which will ensure the recognition and implementation everywhere of everyone’s right to human and civil culture in harmony with personal dignity, without distinction of race, sex, nation, religion, or social circumstances.

Is it possible to be black and Catholic in the United States? In the words of Rev. Bryan N. Massingale, a priest and scholar of black Catholicism, it’s still an open question. He believes that as long as the Church continues to operate as “a white institution,” full integration of black culture will remain elusive. In remarks to the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, in 2016, Massingale said the effort “to bring black cultural expression into the Church is met with anxiety and fear and rejection and hostility that doesn’t surround Irish or German or Polish” Catholicism in the United States. As Gaudium et Spes #29 further states, “Any kind of social or cultural discrimination in basic personal rights on the grounds of sex, race, color, social conditions, language or religion, must be curbed and eradicated as incompatible with God’s design.”

Our First communions are being celebrated on Saturday mornings outdoors with families exhibiting so much patience and understanding, while accompanying their children on their journey of faith. We have 84 candidates for confirmation, and I am aware that some of you will probably move on to college, making it harder for a communal celebration later. Deacon John Ashmore will be working with you to see how we can celebrate confirmation during this summer, once our first communions are complete.

If you feel the need for reconciliation, please email me and I shall schedule a time for confession. Missing mass during this pandemic is not a sin as our Bishop has extended his dispensation from attending mass.

I would like to promote our Thursday evening 6.00pm mass to our Mother of Perpetual Help. I am happy to see more and more people attending the mass. Our Pope added three new invocations to the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary “Mater misericordiae”, the Latin for “Mother of mercy”; "Mater spei", or “Mother of hope”; and “Solacium migrantium", or “Solace of migrants” are the new invocations to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Litany of Loreto, which is often recited at the end of the Rosary. Thank you for your continued support to our church, which helps us to minister in creative ways. Online giving or giving by text has been the main source of our income.

May God bless us, keep us safe and lead us to love one another.

Fr. Paulson
Fr. Michael Dibble Celebrated his 60 Year Anniversary as a Priest
"That's a real church!" Fr. Dibble said at Sunday's mass as he reflected on what one of his student's said about CTK. He emphasized that this statement was true because of the warmth of the people, and the way the gospel is so important at CTK. Congratulations Fr. Dibble!
Congratulations to our First Communicants!
On Saturday, we began our first weekend of children receiving their First Holy Communion. Our families enjoyed celebrating mass on the lawn. We will continue this sacrament for the following three Saturdays. Congratulations again and special thanks to Deacon John Ashmore and Rosa Panelli who coordinated these masses for our CTK children.
CTK/St. Stephen Outdoor Masses Continue This Weekend Both in our
Parking Lot and Grass Area
No Reservations or Sign Ups Required
You can get out of your car and onto the grass
(bring your own chairs/blankets)
Please wear face masks
Or continue to stay in the comfort of your car
All masses will be live streamed on Facebook
Weekday Mass: CTK
Thursdays 6pm only
(Our Mother Of Perpetual Help Devotion)

Weekend Masses: CTK:
6/27 (Saturday) 5pm
6/28 (Sunday) 9am,10:30am & 6pm

Sunday Mass: St. Stephen:
6/28 (Sunday) 9:30am

Drive Through Holy Communion - Sunday 6/28
CTK: 11:30am to 12 noon 
St. Stephen: 10:20am - 10:45am

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Speaker Series This Thursday will be Replaced with the Holy Rosary
Join us every Thursday at 5:00pm on Facebook Live.

This Thursday, June 25, at 5:00pm, we are taking a break from the speaker series, but will have the Holy Rosary. Stay tuned for next week's speaker!
Weekly Church Bulletin
 Our Ministry Center Chapel is
Available for Private Prayer
Our CTK Ministry Center Chapel is now open Monday through Friday from 10am to 1pm for private prayer! We ask when you come in that you wear a mask and sanitize your chair. A staff member will be available to assist you.
Rossmoor - Tice Valley
Friends of CTK Zoom Meeting
Join us Friday, June 26 at 3:30pm to reconnect with each other, meet other local Rossmoor area parishioners in 94595, and enjoy this special opportunity to get to know Craig Lazzeretti! 

Look for an Evite coming in your email box today with details about our special guest, Craig Lazzeretti, a CTK parishioner, new Assistant Managing Editor at the Rossmoor News! Let’s welcome Craig warmly to Rossmoor, and share our insights into living here!  

Link to article in Rossmoor News:

RSVP on EVITE would be wonderful, but you are welcome to just join us on Zoom with this link:
Meeting ID: 893 3127 6405

If you want to practice "Zooming" before Friday, reach out to , and Chris Bertrand will arrange to do a "practice" zoom session prior to 3:30. And... if you are a parishioner in 94595 that we previously have not connected with, please reach out before Friday!
Daily Mass/Weekend Masses /Talks/Holy Rosary
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Program Notes:
 Thursday - 5:00pm - Holy Rosary this week

Every Thursday:
6:00 pm Outdoor Mass with Our Mother of Perpetual Help Devotion

9 :00 am - Mass in Chapel
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9:00 am - Outdoor Mass
10:30 am - Outdoor Mass
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Our parish recently subscribed to It is a dynamic new online platform . Every parishioner will have 24/7 access to the best Catholic content on any device, including your computer, smartphone and tablet with internet access.

With FORMED you’ll find video programs that explain the Catholic faith, explore the deepest meaning of marriage, receive Bible studies on a variety of topics and includes inspiring audio talks. Not to mention, there are also awesome movies to watch! Sign up today at and it is free to all our parishioners.
This Sunday's Readings
13th Sunday in Ordinary Time
This Sunday's Readings - June 28

First Reading — Elisha promises a baby son to the hospitable woman (2 Kings 4:8-11, 14-16a).

Psalm — For ever I will sing the goodness of the Lord (Psalm 89).

Second Reading — We shall live in newness of life as Christ was raised from the dead (Romans 6:3-4, 8-11). 

Gospel — Whoever gives but a cup of cold water to another will surely be rewarded (Matthew 10:37-42).

Click the link below for the readings:
Weekly Reflection on Sunday's Readings
Welcome to our weekly reflections on
the Weekend Scriptures.

Let’s see how this theme of generosity repeats in Matthew’s Gospel...
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Closing Prayer
Let Your Light Shine
As the sun rises,
Lord, Let your light shine on me.
The warmth of your Presence,
The brightness of your love, The radiance of your joy,
The shining of your hope.
Let your light shine on me.
As the sun rises, Lord, Let your light shine on me.
Your light to guide, Your light to lead, Your light to direct,
Your light to brighten.
Let your light shine on me.
"To Hear the Gospel and Make a Difference"