March 20, 2020
Christian Formation Newsletter
Ideas and Suggestions during COVID-19 Crisis

Anne Hogge, All Saints member and lower school counselor at Collegiate, has these recommendations for families during the COVID-19 crisis:
1. Stay calm: Children are quick to absorb and tune into the fear and anxiety of others so be sure to take care of yourself, stay informed about current conditions and prepare yourself for discussions about the virus. Your child will have questions about the virus and it is important that the adults remain calm, open and factual when discuss ing current conditions in order to alleviate excessive worry. 
2. Stay factual: While having an open discussion with your child about the pandemic, it is important to address the facts. Taking into consideration your child 's age (younger children need far less detail than older children), arm students with the information that is helpful to them. Let them guide the discussion and answer questions with real information. Refer to the CDC information for current updates on the virus.
3. Limit media exposure: While sticking with the facts, remind children that not everything they see and hear is real and let them know how you gain appropriate information about the spread and containment of disease. Be mindful of your own media consumption and model a balance (both online and offline) for your children.
Anne says the Child Mind Institute might be a good reference for your family.
Dan Kniffen, All Saints member and a family therapist, offers these
suggestions when families are at home:
  • Keep screen time limited for EVERYONE!
  • Read your favorite Bible story together.
  • Ask your grandparents what they did in WW11 if they are still with you.  And, if you have any older British, French, German friends, ask them what they did during WW11.
  • Keep the day structured, perhaps similar to a school day.
  • Take time to review academics as a family.
  • Take time to read as a family perhaps with everyone taking time to read a piece of what the family is reading together.
  • Take time to draw and color a picture.
  • Rake your yard together.
  • Cut and paste.
  • Take time to prepare a patch of garden and plant some seeds.
  • Keep a journal of the garden's growth.
  • Tell family stories
  • Eat meals together.
  • Dance together, sing together, watch a movie together, play a board game together, put on a play together.
It ' s not always what you say but what you do.  Parents model the best behavior and responses during uncertain times

Other Resources

Sunday School materials for the fourth Sunday in Lent coming up


Please join us in prayer

God of the present moment,
God who in Jesus stills the storm
and soothes the frantic heart;
bring hope and courage to all
who wait or work in uncertainty.
Bring hope that you will make us the equal
of whatever lies ahead.
Bring us courage to endure what cannot be avoided,
for your will is health and wholeness;
you are God, and we need you.
In Your Son's Name...Amen
-Adapted from New Zealand Prayer Book, p. 765
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