Each week during our Summer Match campaign, we are featuring a different aspect of what your support provides to the community.
This week, it is our senior population.
Did you know that Christian HELP has a unique program on Mondays dedicated to serving senior adults? The Wilson Program is named after Christian HELP's founders, Dick & Madge Wilson.
Local seniors face food insecurity because they juggle medical expenses, housing, utilities, and food on limited incomes. This month's national study shows that nearly 37 percent of low-income households struggle to meet their bills due to recent inflation.
Because of the Wilson program, these valuable community members can schedule visits to our pantry. We provide them with about a month's worth of food and serve them with the dignity they deserve. The special scheduling also keeps them out of the elements of our hot Florida summers.
Please take a look at what you've made happen.

They are grateful for the food but get much more out of visiting the pantry. They get a sense of community.
It is common to see quite a gathering each Monday morning.
Pantry clients gather to socialize and have their coffee.
Our entry coordinators, Jeannette and Veronica, know most of them by name and maintain relationships with each of them.
Because of you, these folks get life-sustaining groceries and
life-affirming connections in the community.
Isn't that amazing?
Your support is keeping them fed and giving them hope.
Now, you can double your impact on local seniors with your gifts through our Summer Match.
From now until July 31st, every dollar you give is matched up to $60,000!
Every dollar matters.