January 26, 2023
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Fox & Friends' Co-Anchor AINSLEY EARHARDT,
Talks About Her #1 Bestselling
Christian Children's Book,
"I'm So Glad You Were Born"
Fox & Friends co-anchor Ainsley Earhardt has become a familiar face in TV news, but her children's books are also inspiring kids and families to see God's power in their lives.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
That popular Scripture, Jeremiah 29:11, is at the heart of Ainsley's current #1 book on the Christian Children's bestseller's list, "I'm So Glad You Were Born: Celebrating Who You Are," – a children's book inspired by a faith-affirming message from her own childhood.

"When I was growing up, my mother, on our birthdays, would say, 'I'm so glad you were born,' and that was her message to us. So, one day, I was on air and I said it, and all of the crew and my co-anchors started laughing on Fox & Friends. And I said, 'I know it sounds funny and I know you've probably never heard that before, but think about it. It's your birthday. It's the day that you were born. It's very special — you're going to contribute to this earth, to this world, and God's going to use you in a mighty way.'" 

That's a biblical message of purpose and meaning Ainsley has passed on to her own daughter as well, and one she's now bringing to the masses with the release of "I'm So Glad You Were Born," encouraging people to find their worth in the Lord, and to persist and triumph through difficult times.

We asked Ainsley why it's so important that we remind people at an early age that they do have a God-ordained purpose.

"Because we are going to have hard times," she said. "We're going to have ups and downs in life, and you're going to have valleys and you're going to have mountains. But through it all, God says, 'Take heart, I have overcome the world,' and I love that scripture because it reminds me that, no matter what you're going through, He has already overcome it.
And in our Bible study, we were studying Paul for a while and his life is just fascinating and amazing, and gosh, I wish I could be half the Christian that he was. But, even in prison, he felt it a privilege to serve God because he felt like, not only was he incarcerated because his love of Jesus, but he also was incarcerated and he took – he almost enjoyed it because he said 'I am feeling and I am participating in Jesus's crucifixion even though I'm not feeling that pain I am suffering. And it makes me closer to Christ because I feel like I'm participating in Christ's suffering.'"

Ainsley says she's honored God has chosen her to share his message with adults and children alike.

"I really feel like God chose me for this position because he wanted me to be bold and wanted me to share the gospel. And Fox allows that and now with these children's books, sharing the message to children to the next generation, which is so important is just such an honor."

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93.3, The Joy FM,
Back On The Air After Tornado Destroys
Their Transmitter
By Don Stone

On January 12, area CCM station “93.3 The Joy FM” WVFJ-FM had its tower in La Grange, GA destroyed by a tornado. The strike knocked the station off the air for several days. According to their website, "We are back on the air, but at much reduced power. Thank you for praying for us as we begin the long process of rebuilding our tower. We know that our coverage and signal strength is limited. Please hang in there with us as we work to get back to full power."
WSB-TV did a story on it (Click Here).
It reminded me of an incident about 30 years ago when I was general manager of WAEC Radio, now Love 860, in Atlanta. A fire virtually gutted the building we were in on Northside Drive. Astoundingly, our resourceful on air guys spoke with a cab company next door and asked if we could connect a very long extension cord to their building. It worked and we were able to stay on the air. But, smoke damage caused very difficult working conditions for the staff for the next several months while renovations took place.
They had to move my office into a trailer in the parking lot for that time. Out of twenty businesses in the two story building, our radio station was the only one still able to function. The building's owner saw what we were doing and said, "God has to be working here somewhere."
I thought I would use this opportunity to introduce you to our redesigned Metro Atlanta Christian Radio Station Guide. You won't find a list this thorough anywhere else
In our next issue, we'll provide you with more links so you can check them out. In the meantime, click here to see the guide. Let us know if we missed anything.
Metro Atlanta Christian Concerts & Family Events

Friday, Saturday, February 3, 4
Fresh Grounded Faith
Jennifer Rothschild,
Annie F. Downs, Katherine Wolf, Michael O'Brien
at First Redeemer Church
200 Peachtree Parkway,
Cumming, GA 30041
7:30 p.m. 417-888-2067

Saturday, February 4
Winter Jam 2023
We The Kingdom,
Jeremy Camp, Anne Wilson,
Andy Mineo, Disciple,
Austin French, NewSong
At Gas South Arena,
6400 Sugarloaf Pkwy
Duluth, GA 30097

Thursday, February 9
GOD IS GOOD! Tour 2023
Cody Carnes, Benjamin Hastings
at Passion City Church
515 Garson Drive NE,
Atlanta, GA 30324
7:30 P.M. 1-855-484-1991

Saturday, February 11
Mavis Staples,
Lamont Landers Band
The Spirit of Gospel, Blues & Southern Soul
A Rialto Series Performance
Rialto Center for the Arts
80 Forsyth Street NW,
Atlanta, GA 30303
8:00 p.m. (404) 413-9TIX (9849)

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Q&A “Call on the Name”
As with many, 2020 brought new challenges and obstacles for gospel artist Marcus Jordan. He was diagnosed with Covid-19 with pneumonia and spent over 2 weeks in the Intensive Care Unit fighting for his life. Even though circumstances brought uncertainty following his near-death experience, Marcus’ trust in God never failed. Months later, his time of isolation and recovery birthed newly composed songs that became his hit gospel album, “Call On The Name." The title track is currently #3 on Billboard's Gospel music charts.
 “I just want to encourage people”, says Marcus. “When people reach out to me and tell me how much the song blesses them and shifts their atmosphere, I get so excited. That feeling will never get old. I love when people tell me something I wrote helps get them through their day. My prayer is God continues to use me."
Marcus has been a pastor in Houston since 2015 where he also serves as a law enforcement officer.
Jordan shares his testimony, insight into his role as a Pastor and Police Officer building strong relationships in the community +. more.

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Billboard Magazine's Current Top Gospel Music Chart

"Your World" (Single)

"New" (from All Things New)

"Call On The Name"
(from Call On The Name)

"Goodness of God"
(from Believe For It - Live)

"Thankful" (Single)

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Gospel Music Songs
"Stand Strong"
365 Devotions for Men By Men from Our Daily Bread -
A Review
I’m not a man. True. But through many days and nights of reading devotions with my husband, I can judge well what styles of devotional readings tickle his fancy—and which ones don’t. And just like us women, sometimes men must wade through a few uninteresting books to find one that speaks to them.

"Stand Strong" 365 Daily Devotions for Men by Men by Our Daily Bread Ministries is getting a lot of interest. It's currently #6 on this months Christian Booksellers' Top 50 list, a sharp rise from #28 last month.
"Stand Strong" definitely has a masculine slant. From ants to pine cones, male friendship to obedience, the lessons in the devotional focus on examples with which men can connect. General Eisenhower,  "The Bourne Identity" movie, one-handed football player Kris Silbaugh, a young soldier being harpooned with vaccinations, and a wife who makes pot roast are just a few of the characters used to illustrate Scripture in a way that is engaging to most men.

Another plus was the mix of daily topics. Where I enjoy devotions that run for days or even weeks with a focused theme, my husband would much prefer variety, not addressing the same issue even two days in a row. "Stand Strong’s" daily topics are fresh and unique each day. They are a short read with practical examples that put God’s Word into perspective for today’s world and the challenges men face.

Dealing with difficult decisions and challenges can put you on shaky ground. These daily devotions will help you stand strong no matter what life throws your way! Written by men for men, 5-minute readings accompanied by Scripture will provide the guidance you need as you seek God's will for yourself, your family, your career, and more. 384 pages, hardcover from Discovery.

I give this FIVE book stars. It is well written and Scripture based. I think it would make a nice gift for the man in your life.
Christian Booksellers'
Top Christian Books 
"Good Boundaries
and Goodbyes"
Loving Others Without Losing the Best of Who You Are

#2 Sarah Young
“Jesus Calling”
Enjoying Peace In His Presence

#3 Sarah Young
"Jesus Listens"
Daily Devotional Prayers of
Peace, Joy & Hope

#4 - Gary Chapman
"The Five Love Languages"
The Secret to Love that Lasts, New Edition

#5 Dave Ramsey
“The Total Money Makeover”
Classic Edition: A Proven Plan
for Financial Fitness
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Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Page

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Jonsal Barrientes talks the
#1 song, "Same God," Lion, Worship Leading, and More.
“Same God” was released as a single in January 2022 and a full year later sits at #1 on Billboard's Contemporary Christian music charts for the second straight week. It's on Elevation Worship's album, “LION.” 

“I hope the song portrays His character and nature in a way that takes people on a journey and reminds people that we’re a part of a great cloud of witnesses that have seen this same faithful God make good on His promises to the generations before us, and those to come after,” says one of Elevation’s leaders, Chris Brown.

When we hear of the amazing stories of God’s miracles in the Bible so many years ago, we can forget that God still has the power to perform miracles in today’s world. God can still move in us the way that He moved in David, Moses, Mary and so many others in the Bible stories that we read so often.

In “Same God,” Elevation Worship and the vocal talents of Jonsal Barrientes call on God in a time of struggle, declaring the way that His power has been seen in ages past, and can be seen again today. Barrientes and all of Elevation raise their voices, ringing out their desperation for God and asking him to move in their lives like He has so many times before.

“Same God” carries a deep sound for a generation that desperately needs God’s leadership. With the noise of powerful electric guitars and a marching beat, Elevation and Barrientes provide an anthem that will revive faith. “Same God” inspires us to keep moving and keep the faith and call on His name when trials and tribulations stare us in the face. 

Billboard Magazine's Current Top Contemporary Christian Music Chart

“Same God“
(from Lion)

(from House of Miracles)

“Build A Boat”

Perfectly Loved

#4 - MercyMe
“Then Came Christ”

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Contemporary Christian Music Songs
Maverick City Music,
Chris Tomlin, Anne Wilson & More of Your Favorite Christian Artists
Are Nominated for
GRAMMY® Awards This Year, Awards will air
on CBS Feb. 5

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SGN Scoops Magazine
Top 100 Southern Gospel Music Charts

“The Keepers” (from 2:22)

“Older People” (from Think About There)

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Top Southern Gospel Songs
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Radio host, best selling author
Dave Ramsey

What’s New With Taxes This Year?

Well. It’s about that time of the year again—tax season. Groan. Some new things this year include an increased standard deduction, adjusted tax brackets, and some key changes to common tax credits and deductions.

We’ll dig into all those changes, plus a few more. First, let’s kick things off with the main details you need to know for the 2023 tax season:

  • Tax filing deadline: April 18, 2023, is the big tax deadline for all federal tax returns and payments.

  • Extension deadline: October 16, 2023, is the deadline if you request an extension.

  • Standard deduction increase: For 2022, the standard deduction increased to $12,950 for single filers and $25,900 for married couples filing jointly.

  • Tax brackets increase: Income tax brackets went up in 2022 to account for inflation.

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on Our Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Page
'My Identity Is in Jesus':
49ers QB Brock Purdy
Points to God After Leading Team to NFC Championship
NFL quarterback Brock Purdy is crediting his Christian faith for giving him confidence and a heart of gratitude after leading the San Francisco 49ers to the NFC Championship.
Purdy arose to starter in early December, after a series of injuries bumped him up from third-string quarterback. On Sunday, he led San Francisco to a 19-12 victory against the Dallas Cowboys and then into a championship game against the Philadelphia Eagles.
“For me,” Purdy explained, “I believe in the Lord, and I trust in Him. I just go out there, and I just play.”

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Music Notes Green
Katy Nichole Debut Album,
"Jesus Changed My Life"
Set To Release February 24

Christian/Gospel Music -
This Month's New Releases - Click Here

Sustained by Christ, DC DeMeco Ryans leads 49ers to NFC championship game

Dante Bowe returns to Christian music, reflects on God's blessings after split from Maverick City Music

'God Using Me in a Different Way': Bills' Damar Hamlin Grateful for Prayers

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Cochren & Co. To Release Sophomore Album ‘Running Home’ Feb. 3
A Romantic
Valentine's Day Mess
Setting realistic expectations can help you avoid the pitfalls of this holiday
The first Valentine’s Day my wife and I shared as a married couple wasn’t exactly the romantic interlude we had anticipated. Since we didn’t have much money, she planned to pick up some takeout on the way home from work, and I intended to clean our small apartment to surprise her. But when I got home, I found a bigger mess than I expected. Our two dogs had gotten into a large bag of chocolates, and our floors were covered with diarrhea.

When my wife arrived home, I ran outside to prepare her for what she’d encounter inside. But before I could open my mouth, she blurted out that she had ruined our evening. She’d hit a pothole driving home, and our dinner had toppled onto the car’s floorboard. Between the doggy doo and the ruined food, our first Valentine’s Day was a total disaster.

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From Focus On The Family
Micah Tyler Releases First Book, "Walking Free" - Click Here

The Number of Young Adults Attending Church Since Covid Has Plummeted - Click Here