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February  2016 Report
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LTCstudent Gamon makes friends with two fatherless children.  
February 2016 was  unusually cool and wet for Thailand, but that didn't stop LTC outreach from heating up.   We visited 11 Dorm ministries visited and made over 700 youth contacts. The final day of the month culminated with the official handing over of the  classroom building  Read up on These and other exciting reports below.

"Not all are called to be a minister...but ALL are called to ministry"
A new generation of church leaders 

In the month of February we began our recruitment drive for new enrollments for the start of the academic year that begins May 20. Our strategy is for our LTC student team to visit the numerous Christian dorms and hostels that house students attending high school. In February we visited 11 dorms with over 700 young people.   

 Our challenge to these young people is to consider how God has chosen them to serve Him through through their life occupation.  Over the past 20 years higher education has become very accessible to all levels of society.  Many of our Christian youth decide to attend a state university where they often fall prey to the temptations of the world.  Families and church leaders have expressed concern over this trend.  In response to this concern Lanna Theological Center has spent the last two years developing and "beta-testing" a program where students who are called to a secular occupation can take Bible and Christian leadership courses at LTC.  They would attend a nearby state university that offers a BA degree in  25-30 different fields. These degrees are offered in a weekend study format.  Students enrolled in one of these weekend degree programs  would live on LTC cam pus,  have Christian dorm parents, Christian class mates, and be a part of our LTC family where we can help each other grow in  faith.  They would take the bible and leadership courses offered through LTC. 
LTC Team lead worship at a dorm. 

Students in this program will be able to graduate with a degree from the state university and a degree from LTC. Our goal is to help them understand how God has called them to serve through whatever occupation they enter.

After two years of implementing this program with a select group of students we are now  announcing the program within the greater church community here in Thailand.  This program is beginning to generate a lot of interest. 

David challenging young people to Christian service and ministry 

We continue to offer our traditional theology and church leadership training program for those called to the "full-time professional" ministry.  Our prayer is that this new program will also train those who can partner with and support our church leaders in ministry.

Campus Develpment Update

February 29, 2016 we 
Taking possession of the new building
 took possession of our new class room building. This means that the contractor has completed construction as specified in the contract.  We now turn our attention to those incidental items we need to do accomplish before we can use the building:  internet, furniture, landscaping, parking lot, electrical inspection, building inspection. Our goal is to accomplish all this by the end of March so that we can move the offices and classrooms over and be ready for the new school year starting May 23.

We praise God for his provision.  This whole project will be completed debt free due to His provision through so many of you.  Thank you for praying and giving to make this possible.

We are planning the official dedication Ceremony for June 11th.  You are invited to attend the celebration!

We are grateful for your continued support in helping prepare Christian leaders in Southeast Asia.  You may click here for a Print version of this newsletter.   




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