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October 1st we officially launched the LEADERSHIP in COMMUNITY capital campaign.  This is a  campaign to raise capital, endowment, and program support for Lanna Theological Center.  
Chaiyun and Janaeng Phayawong graduated from
L to R: Chaiyun, Janaeng, Sharon, David
Lanna Theological Center 14 years ago.  Chaiyun is Lisu and Janaeng is Hmong.  Chaiyun did his internship in the small Hmong village  of Mae Khiid, located in the mountains about an hour north west of Chiang Mai.  After graduating from LTC he decided to continue serving in this small community.  At the time there were no Christians in the community.

Over the 14 years Chaiyun and Janaeng have brought 9 families to the Lord. They have led their community in purchasing some land and building a church building. They lead their community in agricultural projects to support the community. They have mentored three members of the congregation to be lay leaders in the church and in the community.

  Janaeng (L) with church member
They do all this without receiving a salary from the church. Chaiyun says "We are all poor, everyone in this community has to rely on God to provide for them. So why should we be any different? We rely on God to provide, and for 14 years God has provided".

We have asked Chaiyun and Janaeng if they would be interested in coming on staff at LTC. We need these kind of leaders on staff who can help train more leaders. It would offer them greater security in salary, better opportunities for their family. But they have refused the offer. "God has called us to serve here".

 Chaiyun and Janeang are making an impact in their community for Jesus Christ.

When you support leadership in community you support training more leaders like Chaiyun and  JaNaeng  who are making an impact for Christ in their communities.

Chaiyun and Janaeng rep
Church at Mae Khiid village established by LTC graduates Chaiyun & Janaeng Phayawong.
resent the type of leaders needed in churches throughout South East As  ia.  Lanna Theological Center is committed to training and equipping more servant leaders like Chayun and Janaeng who will evangelize the lost, plant churches, and serve  their communities.  We need to continue the development of LTC to better serve the Asian church in equipping new servant leaders.  You can help with a contribution to the LEADERSHIP in COMMUNITY campaign.  Our next project is building dorms to  house up to 40 more leaders in training.  (Details HERE).
A ministry started by Chaiyun & Janaeng is providing meals for children in the community.

Any amount you can give helps. But would you consider helpingus build one square meter of dorm space for $550?  You can donate through our convenient PAY-PAL option or by mailing a check to:
 PO Box 2363
Joplin, MO 64803

You can find more information on LEADERSHIP in COMMUNITY at our website

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Youth at Mae Khiid Church
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The ICOM (formerly National Missionary Convention) is in Lexington, KY this year November 17-20.  David and Sharon will be hosting the  Christian Misson to the Orient/Lanna Theological Center booth #113-115. If you are attending please stop by and visit.

We are grateful for your continued support in helping prepare Christian leaders in Southeast Asia.  You may click here for a Print version of this newsletter.   




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