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LTC student Nu plays bass for camp team.  
This will be a longer than usual update.  Due to several family events we have not sent a formal report since our February newsletter (although you can follow us regularly on our Facebook pages) March ended with a bang.  As we entered into finals week at LTC we visited more student dormitories, hosted an HIV Educators seminar, completed the landscaping at the new building, began moving offices and classroom, and said goodbye (for now) to the construction team.  Read more below.

"God does no give us a spirit of fear 2 Timothy 1:7"
The story is told of St. Francis of Asissi meeting a man afflicted with leprosy,  a disease greatly feared by everyone.  People with this dreaded disease were shunned and driven out of their homes and villages to live alone in the wilderness.  The common practice was to do everything possible to avoid coming in close contact with someone who had this disease. The story tells us that St. Francis, upon crossing paths with
Duane Crumb, HIV Hope Seminar.
this person on the road,   dismounted from his horse, gave the leper a coin, and kissed him.

Today the disease that is misunderstood and feared is HIV/Aids.  We were blessed to have Duane Crumb, of HIV Hope, International ( come and conduct a seminar on the subject of how the church should minister to families of HIV.  The purpose of the seminar was not to simply give information on the disease.   The goal was to challenge our students to not fear people with HIV and to learn how to teach the church how to minister to families with HIV.  Duane challenged our students to come up with culturally relevant ways to teach about the disease in their respective communities.  For the  "final project" of the seminar each student and faculty member had to create a way to communicate about HIV that was culturally relevant to their context.

LTC Students and staff who completed the HIV Hope Seminar 
THEY ALL DID A GREAT JOB.  One student composed and performed a rap song, another wrote and directed some classmates in a short skit. A third gave a personal testimony of how his perception of people with HIV has changed.

We are planning to have Duane come back one more time with the goal of training a team to do what he does for Thailand and Laos.  This team would then be sent out to do the same type of seminar that he has been doing.    

Summer Break

April marks the traditional summer break in Thailand.  Temperatures soared to 110 daily.  It was the longest, hottest summer for Thailand in recorded history.  During the break Lanna Theological Center sent student service

LTC Camp Team.
teams out to several summer youth events.  The students were committed to served on a team through April 15, after which they were allowed to go home for Thai New Years Celebration.  Several youth events made last minute requests for a team to come and serve. The students were given the option of going home for the rest of the break or extending their commitment to the team.  All of them chose to stay on the team and serve at the youth events. 

David & Sharon took the opportunity to visit family in the US. During their time in the States David's mother, Deloris Filbeck, fell and broke her arm up near near the shoulder.  This type of break can not be put in a cast and Deloris had to wear a special sling that kept her arm at a certain angle.  It was a very painful four weeks.  David & Sharon's trip to see family was well timed in that they were able to be with mom & dad and help during this painful event.

David & Sharon were a
Aaron's ordination, First Christian Church, Anna Il.
lso proud of attend the ordination of their son, Aaron Filbeck.  Aaron has been serving as the youth minister at the First Christian Church in Anna, IL, since his graduation last May.  The church leadership decided to wait on an official ordination until David & Sharon were in the US.  David preached the sermon for the service. 

David and Sharon had teaching obligations at LTC starting in May so in May Carmen made a last minute trip to the US to help with mom and dad.  She is spending the summer helping them move into the Spring River Retirement Village in Joplin, Missouri. She plans to return to Thailand in October.

Summer Semester, Interns, And Extension Courses
 The summer semester started
Students from Laos, April Church Leadership Development session.
May 23 with 5 new students enrolled.  Two more joined our family here a week later.  This year we have an abundance of female students (9) and 2 male students studying on the m ain campus.  We have  5 students from Laos who are taking courses through an extension program we set up for them while we wait on their visas. And another 20
Four of our Laotian students taking extension courses while waiting on visas.
enrolled in the Church Leadership Development program.

 David & Sharon are teaching a course on Cross Cultural Communications.  David is also teaching a course on the Book of
USA interns Samuel Filbeck (2nd left) Nick Vacca (right) ham it up with LTC professors Wanchai (left) Lydia (front center) & LTC student Nu (back center) 
Romans. Both continue to be working on Thai language textbook on Biblical Principals of   Christian Marriage and Family. 

This summer we also welcome two interns from the US.  Samuel Filbeck, student at Azusa Pacific University (and nephew) and Nick Vacca, from Ozark Christian College are here helping in the English Program.  We also put them to good work helping prepare the landscaping of the new educational building for the dedication service. 

The long, dry, hot summer had
Six of our first year students.  #7 was in the hospital
burned most of the landscaping we had put in back in February and we needed to do some major work.  It was hot and humid but they worked without complaining.  Now that the rainy season has started o ur plants will have time to establish themselves before next hot season                                                    
Fall, 2016 Plans
Carmen Filbeck will return to Thailand later in the summer and will continue to work towards registering LTC with the government as a special school for religious education.  This is one of the requirements we need to complete in order to apply for education visas for our foreign students.

David & Sharon will return to the US to help with mom and dad, attend the International Convention on Missions in Lexington, KY, and visit supporting churches.  If you would like to have David & Sharon visit your church and give a report on the ministry in Thailand, please contact them ASAP at  They will be in the US for about two months and Sundays will fill up fast.
We are grateful for your continued support in helping prepare Christian leaders in Southeast Asia.  You may click here for a Print version of this newsletter.   




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