Christian Worldview as Basis for Human Rights

"Let the Dead Bury the Dead" Rap

Great peace have they which love thy law:

and nothing shall offend them. Psalm 119:165

Let us think in another direction. Is it only man who needs God or does God need man? If God does not need man then we should give up our search because we will never meet that God.  Only through the mutual efforts of God and man can we hope to meet God. If God couldn't care less about man then there is no hope, but in reality God also needs man. This is another important truth.

SMM, Core of Unification, October 9, 1977

Hello Richard,

Hyung Jin Nim started his sermon by discussing how the early Christian church fathers did not have a canon. The “Sola Scriptura” idea of Martin Luther that we should pay attention ONLY to written scripture is weaker than scholars thought. There were different scriptures before the church established its canon in the 4th century, and even today the Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant Bibles are not exactly the same. God did use Martin Luther to challenge the corruption in the church and unbiblical practices.

Christians can agree that the core of Christianity is Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection but also there is the importance of the liturgy of the eucharist which is the symbolic eating of Jesus’ flesh and drinking his blood. It was called a “cannibalistic cult” by critics. Jesus only spoke about crucifixion in the last year of his ministry, when the primary course of the Kingdom was already blocked.

Nestorius taught that God had to do a “penal substitution.” God takes the unrighteousness of the sinner and imputes that onto Jesus on the Cross. But that creates a problem, since the first person of the trinity would be condemning the 2nd person. To solve this, Nestorius taught there were 2 persons of Jesus, the fleshly side and the eternal side. He theorized that God the Father was judging the flesh Jesus, who was held as a criminal on our behalf. In this view, the pre-existing Christ is not judged. 

Other “gospels” don’t portray Jesus as building an Ecclesia (church community), apostolic succession, tradition and other aspects. The tradition and the lineage (of David) were important, not only Scripture.

Similarly, in the Completed Testament age the Holy Marriage Blessing and the Holy Day observances are important, as well as the unity of the anointed heir with his Father and our unity with that central lineage.

The God we worship is holy, and fearful. Observing the liturgy of the Holy Days teaches discipline, which we can apply to our daily life and family. Children learn the nature of the Kingdom, which is the rule of love, not self-centered use of force.

Luciferians portray Lucifer as bringing freedom (but actually leading to domination and servitude), but the loving Father wants to train His children to be able to love the truth and discipline themselves. It is a transcendental relationship with the Creator of the universe. Jesus does not call us to conquer and subdue, but to pray for those who persecute us. God calls us to be ready to defend those we love through laying down our lives.

Ben Franklin warned about that we would lose the Republic if people descended into immorality and selfishness, abandoning honor and respect for the rule of law and the lives of others. These stem from natural law which is rooted in the nature of the Creator.

God said that Adam and Eve were created in His image and therefore inherently valuable. Atheistic systems always seek to tear down the parent-child relationship and family.

The Christian worldview is the basis for natural rights. Buddhism does not believe in a Creator as the source of such rights. and Hinduism created a caste system, with Brahmins at the top and the "Untouchables" on the bottom. Islam devalues women, by allowing men to marry young girls, 4 wives and unlimited divorce.

Jesus refers to Genesis where God is creating Adam and Eve in His image, cleaving to each other. Man needs to be respected and have an intimate life with his wife. She needs to feel loved. Hence the importance of romance. Raise your wife and children in the ways of the Lord, administering just parenting like the God of justice with appropriate levels of force through controlling your emotions.

Even the atheist Nietzsche knew that if you take away God you take away the purpose and value of life. In contrast, animals kill and rape all the time. Our inner conscience tells us that murdering someone is bad. Scripture is written on our hearts.

Faith is the constant unfolding of a relationship with God. The Rockefeller Foundation promoted gender studies on campuses all over the nation, getting women to devalue motherhood and to go into the workforce. Children learn to fill the parental void with other things. The public education system indoctrinates into evolution, leading to hedonism.

The Creator is the final check and balance for ourselves and for government. Pray for believers and denominations to stand up for God.


The Elder Son's Birthright

By Alan Feldsott


The Divine Principle discusses the birthright in terms of the restorative relationship between Jacob and Esau several times. But where is the principle of the original concept of birthright in the Principle? I believe this quote is the only place in the Exposition where it is discussed.

For his part, Satan had seized control of the creation, which God had created by the Principle, and established an unprincipled world having only the outward form of God’s intended universe. In the original, principled world, God intended to raise up the eldest son and have him inherit the birthright. Therefore, Satan felt a stronger attachment to the elder son than he did to the younger. Since Satan had already claimed the universe, he vied with God for the elder son, Cain, who was more valuable to him. Because Satan had a strong attachment to Cain, God chose to deal with Abel.

Even in the sinless world that God originally planned, there would be one son who would inherit the birthright from the parents. The one inheriting the birthright is the one who upholds the tradition and culture established by the father, and is the central representative of God in his generation. Originally, the eldest son should have stood in that position. During the course of restoration, it was not the eldest son who was in the position to receive the birthright. In Abraham’s family, Jacob, the younger son, received the birthright. 

Then what about the family of the messiah, the True Parent? Is the True Parent’s family a perfect, sinless family, which stands in the exact position of Adam’s family had they not fallen? Is the messiah’s family one in which the children have no trace of sin or fallen nature? 

In 1983, True Father explained that a single representative of True Father would be chosen:

“There will always be a physical representative of the True Father here on earth, from one generation to another; there will be that axis on which the earth will turn. Therefore, all of you here on earth and all the people in the generations to come will be centered upon the same axis.” God’s Will and the World

Even in the messiah’s family, the children are not all equal in terms of their level of purity, their life standards, and their relationship with their parents and God. We have seen this in real life. Among those children, the messiah must choose the son closest to God who can inherit the birthright. True Father made his wishes perfectly clear in the years before his passing.

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