Christians Struggled with Relational Health Prior to the CrisisSo What Has Changed?
In the early days of the crisis, Barna® began conducting weekly pastor surveys to check in on the pulse of Protestant church leaders and their people during the pandemic. Just a month into tracking (April 14–20, 2020), Barna® asked pastors about the immediate needs of their congregants. Emotional well-being (34%), spiritual well-being (25%), and relational well-being (23%) topped the list, and these concerns held steady throughout the summer. 

When Barna® asked again (August 13–17, 2020), church leaders responded in higher numbers than before for two of the three needs (28% emotional, 35% spiritual, 27% relational).
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Here are five specific support strategies
for flourishing in your:
Relationships Wellness Finances Faith Vocation/Calling
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