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Jewish Pro-Life Foundation 17 Nov 2023 - 4 Kislev 5784

Christians and Jews Under Attack, Military Aid to Israel, and a Constitutional Right to Life

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During the past week, I've been warned several times to stay away from Christians because beneath our friendship hides an ulterior motive to destroy my Jewish principles and lead me to Jesus. Some may have these motives, but I don't experience or notice or take it seriously because my mind is filled with God and His love for me as a Jew. I was born and made as He willed. I have perfect confidence in Him and desire only to manifest His love of Creation and all people to both Jew and non-Jew. I very much appreciate my Christian colleagues in our mission to protect innocents.

So, it is with deep sadness and dismay that I read this morning about the assassination attempt on Pastor Hans Schmidt in Glendale AZ. His congregation and beautiful family watch and pray as he fights for his life after being shot in the head while preaching the Gospel on the sidewalk yesterday.

DEVELOPING: Christian preacher shot in the head while preaching in Arizona

Victory Church website

I'm familiar with the soul sickness that resulted in this attack on an innocent religious faith leader, for Jews have historically been the target of those who wish to extinguish the light of God in the world. This remains true despite anti-religious Jews whom many of us know. As they learned recently, our enemies care not about our level of religious conviction when they set their sights on the next Jewish target. I fear this lesson will be learned many times in the near future.

Now, Christians who profess the existence of God in the public square face grave danger. As hatred towards Jews and Christians explodes around the globe, our mutual survival depends on setting aside theological differences, ulterior motives and suspicion. We must stand together for love of God and life. We must both press on and continue to share the righteous word of His will on earth, or we will all perish.

This morning, I also I watched the Candace Owens interview with Tucker Carlson. You can watch the interview at

In the interview, Candace mentions that Charlie Kirk of TPUSA has been called an anti-semite and criticized heavily for his questions regarding the failure of Israeli intelligence to prevent the October 7th massacre. It's only because I have no social media influence that I avoided similar treatment for my own comments on this subject in a video clip that went viral last month. My questions came not from strategic concerns, but from the decades long failure of Israeli politicians and government officials to protect the lives of Jewish babies in the womb. This lack of respect for innocent human life in the womb and apathy towards their genocide hardens the human heart and numbs the conscience. If allowed to continue, and it does, it generalizes to a different population and circumstance.

I believe it did.

As Candace Owens said, Charlie Kirk is radically pro-Israel. My own experience shows me that he is also not a Jew hater. The JPLF has partnered twice with TPUSA at their Young Jewish Leadership Summits. I'm glad that Charlie welcomed our Jewish pro-life message at these events. If we had the budget, we would partner with TPUSA more often.

I support the right of Israel to exist and look forward to the day when it is a sanctuary state for all Jews, including those in their mother's womb. That day will occur when Israeli political and social will aligns with Torah principles. When a Torah based constitution replaces the secular state, Israel will recognize the God given right to life of our most innocent and vulnerable family members and neighbors. Our Israel Pro-Life Education Project seeks to ignite a spiritual revolution in the Holy Land that will achieve this goal and hasten the coming of the messianic age. The world desperately needs this change.

Candace and Tucker also discuss military aid to Israel. They aren't the only ones talking about this. Social media pundits and politicians argue a lot about the benefits and liabilities of US military aid to Israel. These arguments tend to digress into tribal fights full of accusations of anti-semitism if against the aid and anti-Americanism if for it. I am for a strong, God dependent Israel that manufactures it's own military hardware and munitions, not a weak, US dependent Israel that chooses to accept military aid contingent on purchasing hardware and munitions from the US. I look forward to the day when Israel has the spiritual integrity to decline foreign military aid. When a Torah based constitution replaces the secular state, Israel will be blessed with Divine protection and be the Light unto the nations.

This week's Torah portion, Toldot, Bereishit (Genesis) 25:19–28:9, means generations. In this Bible story, another Jewish matriarch, Rebecca, laments infertility and prays for children. She is blessed with twins, whose dramatic conflict in her womb testifies to their status as living human beings. This is the authentic Jewish view. Every unborn human being deserves to live and be given an opportunity to repent and make peace. Let us pray that the mercies of God allow this to happen soon.

This essay is available on our Pro-Life Blog:

Christians/Jews Under Attack, Military Aid and the Right to Life

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May there be abundant peace from Heaven, and good life upon us and upon all Israel. Amen.

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