June 7, 2020
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Ringing the Bell…  May all breathe deeply. 
When our meditation bell rings here at the Christine Center, it sounds: “Wake up!”; “Attention!”; “Pause.”; “Breathe.”; “Hold steady.” Since our last newsletter, these same soundings bring a new raw reality. Pinned to the ground by the racism in our country, George Floyd was prevented from breathing. Stricken down by the Covid-19 virus, over 100,000 in our country have died, unable to breathe.

Now we ring the bell to wake up to racial injustice and social inequality. We ring the bell for the burden of varied vulnerabilities and susceptibilities.
May all breathe deeply.

Now we ring the bell to attend to violence that is a last desperate cry for justice. We ring the bell to pause at violence that is opportunistic harm, self-serving supremacy and mayhem.
May all breathe deeply.

Now we ring the bell to hold steady through anger, grief, death, loss, sorrow, hopelessness. We ring the bell to breathe through fear, denial, guilt, shame, and simple ignorance.
May all breathe deeply.

Asked recently if the refuge of Christine Center is relevant in these turbulent times, we affirm, “Yes!” and ring the bell for our Franciscan heritage, sounding all are equal – brothers and sisters of our God, no exceptions. We breathe with all those on the front lines of justice-making and compassion-caring, holding space for them here, wrapping them in the solidarity of our prayers and spiritual practice. Through our commitment to the Charter for Compassion, we invite all to wake, to speak up, to advocate, to vote – in full support of our Black communities. We invite all to hold space and to offer help to anyone struggling to breathe. Let us be “ventilators” – offering the “oxygen” of our compassion, presence, and practice; doing our part in whatever way we can, to flatten the curve of disparity and of suffering.

We ring the bell one more time, for the woodland sanctuary of the Christine Center: the pond and its peeper-frogs, the trees and the owls, the compost pile and the prairie patch, the mama deer and their fawns, the hawks, garter snakes and snapping turtles. They are our sentinels and teachers. Holding space for any spiritual seeker, they whisper, “All is One”.

It is the essential affirmation of the Christine Center that the surest path to the more beautiful world of our heart’s desire is the wise action and courageous compassion that arises from depth of soul. We are here to serve that mission: spiritual deepening for global transformation.

Let’s take a deep breath together right now.

The bell rings: May all be safe, healthy, deeply cherished and at ease.
Christine Center Update on Plans for Re-opening
We continue to monitor the state and national situation with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic to aid in our decision of when to re-open on-site programs at the Christine Center. Originally we had planned and hoped to do so in June; however it has become apparent that in order to provide a safe environment for retreatants, we have chosen to move the opening to September 11th.

Since May 15th we have been hosting private and family retreatants in our modern hermitages and camping facilities. If you are missing the stillness of the Christine Center, please do make a reservation, we love having you here.

We also continue to offer our gratitude for all who continue to participate in our Monday-Friday meditations offered by our Sisters, and in our online programs led by many of the seminar leaders you are familiar with. New online programs are being added weekly. See the Program list below.

Thank you for your patience, as we along with the Sisters look forward to your return.
Private and Family Retreats
The chickadee, a common and lovely Midwestern bird, symbolizes adaptation. With the ability to lower their body temperature, these tiny creatures are able to survive and thrive in our frigid Midwest winters. Adaptation… something we have all engaged in these last few months as we adjust to new ways of life, while also cultivating what we can to bring familiarity in a safe way. Perhaps the little chickadee is the symbol of this process for us.

Recently, we have implemented health and safety protocols to be able to open further areas of the campus to private guests, including the Chapel and meditation Hall. Click the Chickadee photo to view all the details.
Spiritual Guidance
Spiritual guidance is a wonderful support on our personal journeys. A time for deep reflection and approaching the sacred; the presence of a trusted friend and guide offers an oasis for our contemplation.

In this time of physical separation, our Sisters are available to you for spiritual guidance by Zoom or Phone.
Contact us to connect with one of our spiritual directors
Phone: 715-267-7507
Email: christinecenter@tds.net
Volunteer Opportunity
Volunteers are as much a part of the history of the center as the grounds that we walk and the walls that shelter us. In this time of closure, there are other volunteer needs that have arisen.

If you are comfortable with Zoom technology and providing online presence and assistance, you may be able to help from where you are! Contact Valerie Haberman to find out about the volunteer needs and online volunteer program.
Valerie Haberman
Program Director

Please note, Valerie has a new email address
Online Retreats
Click titles to view retreat descriptions

with Ronald E. Moor
Wednesday’s at 10am (CST), beginning on April 15th
$10 per session

with Neal and Carol Carbon
June 11-14 (Thursday through Sunday)

with Ann Winschel
June 14 & July 19 (Sunday) 1:30 – 3:00 pm

with Margo O’Dell
Tuesdays from 10:30 to 11:30am

with Doug McGill
June 19-21 (11 online sessions)

with Tom Roberts
June 20, 2020

with Tom Roberts
Every other Thursday, beginning July 2nd at 10:30am
$15 per session

with Gabriele Uhlein
3 Saturdays in July, beginning on July 4th
$25 per session

with Susanne Sklar
begins on July 11th (6, one-hour, sessions over 3 weeks)

with Margo O’Dell
July 16 (Thursday) from 1pm to 3:30pm

with Susanne Sklar
July 22 (Wednesday) 10am to 12pm

with Tacy Chipman
July 23; August 6; September 17 from 2pm to 4pm
Sliding scale: $20 to $45
Sing Me the Creation: Connecting with Deep Earth Spirituality through the writings of Ranier Marina Rilke – Master Poet of The Soul.

Facilitated by Ronald E. Moor
July 24-26 (Friday through Sunday)

with Karen Hering
July 24-29
$295 early registration discount / $325 after June 24

August 6-8 and August 27-29 (Thursday through Saturday)
with S. Gabriele Uhlein
$15 per session or $60 for the three day package

with Tom Roberts
August 10-12, from 2:00 to 3:30pm every day
Tuition: $45

with Ron Moor
August 21-23 (Friday through Sunday)-four 90 minute sessions
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