Parish Notices for January 1, 2021
Office Closed
The office will reopen after the New Year on Monday, January 4.

For pastoral emergencies, call the church at 404.373.8338 and leave a message for Amy (ext. 14) or Nicole (16).

Online Worship for this Sunday
Christmas 2 - 1/3/2020
9 a.m. - Online
The Music and Decorations which grace our Worship are Given to the Glory of God And ...
In Thanksgiving for

The clergy and staff of Epiphany, by Erin Braden
Pastoral Care Committee, by David Draper
Polly Nodine, by Jeff & Wallace McGrath
The work of our clergy and staff: Nicole, Julie, Shea, Susie, Matt, and Christen, by the Rev. Amy Dills-Moore
Gratitude for the Epiphany Choir, by the Rev. Amy Dills-Moore
Polly Nodine, Sybil McCullar, and the Epiphany Flower Guild,
by the Rev. Amy Dills-Moore
Ann Fowler, Richard Messner, and the Epiphany Vestry,
by the Rev. Amy Dills-Moore
Archie T. Miller, by Ron Hutcheson & Chris Miller
Julie Ryder, in thanksgiving for beautiful and creative music ministry
during such a challenging time, by Terri Lawrence
Linda & Steve, Julie & Terri, and my Epiphany Family, by Barbara Ryder
Julie Ryder, by Eric Schulz & Amy Shipp
Loving parents and true friendship, by Liefy & George Smith
The Hinman-Carlson family, the Prikkel family, the Collins family, and the Church of the Epiphany, by Nancy Thompson
The Epiphany Choir, by Pam Tipton
And in Memory of

Robert Boyd Block and Jean & Bob Braden, by Erin Braden
 Richard & Vivian Knox and Foster & Bertha Toney, by David Draper
Sarah Jane Wollison, Florrie Jordan, by Bill & Pat Graves
Bill & Val Lawrence and Craig Ryder, by Terri Lawrence and Julie Ryder
Catherine Miller, Minnie Hutcheson, Tillman Hutcheson, and Judy Miller,
by Ron Hutcheson & Chris Miller
Kenn Salmon, by Ellen Mintzmeyer
Alice F. Stephens and Florence Y. Nodine, by Polly & Larry Nodine
Mark Rowles, by Ann Rowles
Craig Ryder, by Barbara Ryder
Ginia & Ed Hegg and Judith Schenbak, by Liefy & George Smith
Pam Allen and Elsie Gore, by Nancy Thompson
Winona Tipton, by Pam Tipton

The Christ Candle is given in memory of Florence & Floyd Parker
Feast of the Epiphany
Feast of the Epiphany Service
Wednesday, January 6 at 6 p.m. - Online
Things are different this year, but we will still celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany online! This year the Epiphany Pageant will combine two loved traditions - Nativities and the All Ages Pageant. Everyone is invited to share pieces from their nativity during the pageant which will be part of the Epiphany Service via Zoom. Different pieces of the nativity will be shared while the pageant is narrated by our youth, children, and adults. Please plan to keep your nativity available for January 6, 2021 at 6 .p.m and join us for this joyous Epiphany tradition!
Epiphany Pageant 2021
Everyone is invited to share pieces from their nativity during our Pageant, which will be part of the online Feast of the Epiphany service. You are also welcome to dress up as the character if you would like. Click here for more details and to sign up.
A Virtual Tour of the Nativities Exhibit
Since 1995, our collection of Nativities has been exhibited to the public during Advent every year - except during the 2004 renovation.

Due to the pandemic, our creches are staying packed up in the attic once again. However, Sara Cushing took the photo inventory and created a wonderful 13 minute virtual tour of 93 of them. So please enjoy a moment of respite with the collection by clicking the image below.
Year End Reminders
Pledge Update

As of today, 137 households have made a pledge for 2021 for a total of $479,620.92. Please click on the button below to add your pledge and help us meet our goal for the 2021 calendar year.
2020 Pledges & Year End Gifts
Pledge payments and contributions must be received at the church or postmarked by December 31. Stock contributions must be delivered to the church brokerage account by December 31 to be recorded for 2020. Click here for the stock form
Looking Ahead
Epiphany Book Group
The Epiphany Book Group meets 1st Mondays at 7:30 p.m. Email John Yntema for the login.

  • January: Transcription by Kate Atwood
  • February: The Library Book by Susan Orlean
  • March: Plainsong by Kent Haruf 
  • April: Pale Horse Pale Rider: Three Short Novels by Katherine Anne Porter
Adult Formation
Stories of God's Calling - Sundays at 10:15 a.m, starting January 10
How does the self-revelation of God occur? And, how do we know we have encountered it? Join Evan Bassett, members of the clergy, and other Epiphanites as we explore stories of God's call in scripture and in our own lives. We'll spend the season of Epiphany talking about these stories, their meanings, and how they inform our shared vocation as the people of God in these times.
Meeting ID: 532 38 5901
Classes are posted to our YouTube channel.
Modern Families Sundays at 10:15 a.m, starting January 17
We will be discussing This Book is Anti-Racist, by Tiffany Jewell. The book examines the concepts of social identity, race, ethnicity, and racism, providing language and phrases to interrupt and disrupt racism. It is written for everyone, from young people to families and teachers. We will focus on how to raise anti-racist children as we work on deepening our own racial awareness and building a community that truly honors everyone.

Please consider supporting a local black-owned bookstore such as Brave and Kind Books in Decatur.

Meeting ID: 851 6230 2412
Children's & Youth Ministries
Children's Formation
The Children's Ministries formation program will resume on January 10.
Youth Group Meetings
  • Online Youth Group: Gatherings will resume on January 3.

  • In-Person Youth Group: Our next in-person youth group will be January 10. Sign ups will be available next week.
Partnership Opportunity with Parish in Ghana
The Diocese of Atlanta is blessed by a growing and deepening relationship with the Diocese of Cape Coast. We are inspired by the faith and leadership of clergy and congregations in Ghana. We are blessed to discover how much we share as Anglicans. We are grieved by the legacy of slavery. In encountering its origins, we are challenged and empowered to work for racial healing and justice. This is a powerful partnership and a testimony to the reconciling mission of God.

The Global Mission Commission invites interested churches in the Diocese of Atlanta to become "parish partners" with a congregation in Cape Coast during 2021. Partner congregations will commit to praying for one another for a year. They will communicate about how to be in prayer for one another. If possible, they will find ways to pray with one another online. We trust that through prayer, other avenues for shared ministry will emerge.

Each church in the Diocese of Atlanta that elects to enter into a parish partnership will be asked to identify a partnership coordinator for the congregation who will manage communication. Partnership coordinators will meet together three times in 2021 via Zoom to discuss the relationships and what we are learning together. Monetary donations to Ghanaian churches are not expected from parish partners, although parishes will be invited to share in gifts from the Diocese of Atlanta to the Diocese of Cape Coast.

To begin the process of establishing these relationships, the Global Mission Commission is offering two informational Zoom meetings in January: Saturday, January 9 at 10 a.m. and Wednesday, January 13 at 1 p.m.

Interested parishes should have a lay and clergy representative attend one of the sessions, though not necessarily the same one. By attending, you are not promising to establish a partnership.

If you would like to learn more about how Epiphany might partner with a church in Ghana, please email Ann Fowler for a link to the meeting(s).
Racial Justice Group
In November, 32 parishioners finished up the first JustFaith Ministries series on Faith & Racial Equity. The series provided a safe space for challenging and holy conversations. In addition to individual commitments to learn, grow, and act towards racial justice, groups prioritized action steps for our church.
We invite you to join us in whatever ways you feel called to participate; all are welcome!

  • The Racial Justice Group will meet the second Tuesday of each month at 5:00pm, starting January 12th.
  • During Adult Formation, all are welcome to join Modern Families to discuss This Book is Anti-Racist by Tiffany Jewel, starting January 17th.
  • A Racial Justice Book Group is forming and will meet the 4th Wednesday of each month at 6:45pm, starting January 27th. The first book is White Rage, by Carol Anderson.

Epiphany’s Racial Justice page has many resources for ongoing learning. We will update the site with meeting details soon. The Episcopal Church Foundation has also published a wonderful resource on racial justice with readings, videos, podcasts, and ideas.
We hope you will reach out with suggestions or questions at any time.
- Erin Braden & Kay Lee, Co-Chair
God of love, continue to heal us
Christ of the oppressed, continue to guide us
Spirit of wisdom, continue to enlighten us
Holy God we give you thanks for our Just Faith journey, for all those who organized, for all those who participated, and for our holy conversations. Lead us on! Continue to kindle in us a passion for racial justice. Give to us the strength and community we need to stay about this work. 
Prayers of the People
  • Names of our friends and family remain on the list for four weeks.
  • The Anniversary & Birthday List for the month can be found here.
  • Send prayer requests to the parish office
For members who are bidding our prayers: Rob Ashmore, Sally Brockington, Lily Burnett, Sam Burnett, Kyle D'Mellow, Rob Godsall, Jeanne Hatcher, Barbara Holmes, Jim Hoesterey, Henry Laird, Sandy Land, Pat Spivey,Tom Mundy, Wayne Richardson, Terry-Lee Ross, Ann Rowles, Claire & Logan Shults, Stephanie Thompson

For friends and family: Isabel, granddaughter of Mike & Beth Towers; Betty Porter, relative of Christen Erskine; Richard Hoesterey, father of Jim Hoesterey; Julie Wiegand, neighbor of Lisa Gray; Daniel Belcore, brother of Barbara Belcore; Melanie Bryan, mother of Michael Bryan; Erin Scranton, sister of Beth Galvin; Deborah Orvin, aunt of Jeremy Davis; Laura Salsich, niece of Laura Keys; Carolyn, friend of Holly Slater, Greg Akers, nephew of Pat Graves; Maggie & David, friends of Nancy Thompson; Dave Tipton, brother of Pam Tipton

For those who have died: Fred Mote, friend of Sara Cushing and Dan Deocampo; Dr. Charles A. Isbell, uncle of Amy Shipp; Samuel Frazier, cousin of Larry Wilcox

For those celebrating anniversaries this week 1/1-9: Chris & John Booth; Leonard & Katie Teel

For those celebrating birthdays for the week of 1/1-9: Harriet Spencer, Ted Cognata, Margot Morrison, Connor Dell, Jeremy Davis, Carsen Lucas, Jay Freeman, Mabel Morrissey, Elle Rose, Patricia Price, Stephanie DiBello, Nadine Howarth, Robert McCullar, Chris Armor, Idamay Shaw, Rod MacLeod, Weston Tillman, Tom Sterne, Ed Van Ness, Roberta Long, Joy Boyden, Forrest Boulée

For members who desire our continuing prayers: Arlen Gray, Ron Hutcheson, Rod MacLeod, Chris Miller, Tom Mundy, June Sparks
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The submission deadline is Wednesdays at 5 p.m.