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 Check out our Holiday offerings below!


 Merry Christmas!  Below you will find our most popular Christmas Bakery Items.  We are asking for your Christmas Bakery orders by Dec. 15th so we may stock our pantry.  May your family have a blessed Holiday Season!  We make way more stuff than listed below, call us if you are curious if we make something not shown here.



PIEROGI ORDER DEADLINE is MONDAY, Dec. 10th with limited offering list.  See Pierogi Section Below.


Call the store to order or if you have any questions. 330-467-8655

Christmas Cookie Trays

 All of our cookies are made fresh ON SITE from start to finish.  Just like grandma, we measure butter, sugar, flour, spice and everything nice...then we mix it all up, bake the cookies to perfection and decorate them for the holiday season.  The cookies are arranged on trays and tied with a bow.  Order the size you would like or stop in and make a selection off our Holiday table.
Size by Pound
2#    10+ people $31.98  
2.5#  15+ people $39.99
3#       20+ people $47.99
4# (16 inch diameter tray) 30+ people $63.99   
5# HUGE (18" tray) 40+ people $79.99
Shelf Life for trays 5-7 days.

Need Corporate Gifts?
We can add your Company Logo to cookies and on trays.

Minimum order of 12 cookies per design. 
2" image cookie $2.25 ($27 per dozen)
3" image cookie $3 each ($36 per dozen)
Cookies can be added to a tray or boxed

We can also individually wrap and tie each cookie with a satin ribbon.  
.25 extra per cookie or FREE with logo cookie orders of 36 or more.

*we will attach your business card free of charge

Christmas Cookies by the Pound

Snowflake sprinkles rainbow butter spritz  butter spritz  butter spritz  cherry nut ice box mini gingerbread men choc sprinkle butter spritz   mini tree, bell and star cut out cookie  pecan kiphelsred cherry cookie 


  choc chip ice box 

Assorted styles of Christmas Cookies available loose in our store daily. $15.99 per pound.

Approximately  20-40 per pound depending on style.

  Butter Spritz: Vanilla and/or Chocolate Batter with assorted sprinkles
·         Pecan Kiphels coated in powder sugar
·         Chocolate Chip Kiphels rolled  in granulated sugar
Chocolate, Coconut, Pecan Kiphels ·         
Gingerbread Men
Peanut Butter Blossoms
·         Cherry-Nut Ice Box
Chocolate Chip Ice Box
Green Grinch Butter Drops
·         Hand-Cut Trees, Bells and Stars mini Sugar Cookies

Large Decorated Cookies 
Santa, Snowman, Wreath large cookies CTCT-20171122_090811_8  

These large decorated cookies are always a HIT with kids, adults and Santa alike!
Styles & Sizes vary but on average are about 4"
Priced at $3 each


Cello wrap and ribbon available for individual presentation.  Great for a stocking stuffer.
.25 extra per cookie
     Pastry Trays

pastry tray 

 Delightful mini-sized pastries arranged on a black plastic tray with a snap-on clear lid for easy transportation and display.

Available in 3 sizes:
60pc    $39.99
75 pc.  $48.99
100 pc. $59.99

  Each tray contains an equal assortment of the following...
*Award Winning Marshmallow Meringue Lady Locks
*Cream Cheese Dough Kolacky in assorted fillings
*Fudge Brownies with optional sprinkles
*Puff pastry or Sour Cream Dough Kolacky in assorted fillings
*Custard filled Puffs topped with Chocolate Fudge


Add 1/3 # of our yummy Christmas Cookies to any tray for $5
Shelf Life for trays 24-36 hrs.


Mini Kolacky Only Tray
mini mickeys
Mini Cream Cheese Dough Kolacky Assorted Flavors (baker's choice on the assortment)
  75pc $37.99 or 100pc $49.99
Additional Charge applies if you individually select your flavors

Full Size Kolacky
We make 4 different doughs of Kolacky. Each style is available in the following flavors: Cheese, Nut, Apricot, Raspberry, Pineapple, Apple, Blueberry, Poppyseed, Prune, Cherry
*You must order 12 of the same flavor if you would like to pick an individual flavor. 
 Otherwise, we assort the dozen.
$11.40 per dozen

Have them arranged on a platter for an additional $7.00 (3 dozen minimum for tray)
Butter Dough Danish
mickey full size
Cream Cheese Dough Kolacky
Full Size
Puff Pastry "Filo" Dough Flakey
These are Powder Sugared in Store.
Lack of Powder Sugar to show detail.
sour cream pastry
Sour Cream Dough with Icing Topping
  Nut & Poppyseed Rolls
$7.99 per Pound, Average roll $12-$14
About 14" long and 4" wide
Add vanilla icing for $1, maple $1.50


Or get a Tray of about 100 pieces for $56.99
Angel Wings, Bow Ties, Polish Chruściki
 ChruÅ'ciki- angel wings-bow ties
Angel Wings will be available for walk-ins and order on different days during the Holiday Season.  Please call the store to see if we will be making them on the day you plan on visiting. 
These light and airy Polish pastries
are covered in Powder Sugar.


Our Price:
$6.99 per small  container (snack size for 1-2 people)
$19.99 per large container

Sweet Breads
Babkas, Paskas, & Hoskas come Standard with
Golden Raisins or Plain.

Add Walnuts or Almonds for $1.50 each
Add Candied Fruit, Chocolate Chips or Cherries for $1.00 each
Babka/Paska starting at $6.99
Hoska starting at $6.99
Polish Sweet Bread $14.99 White Raisin or Plain Only, with Crumb topping

Fruit Stollen with Candy Fruit starting at $6.99 Add Powder Sugar or Icing on top Add Nuts for $1.50


Rum Pecan Bundt Cake
One of Santa's elves came to us with this great recipe:  
Rum Pecan Bundt Cake. 
Buttery Yellow Cake swirled with Golden Rum and delicious Pecans baked in an 8" Bundt cake pan and then enrobed in a Butter Rum Glaze.  Adorned with frosting Holly berries and leaves.   
 $19.99 per 8" Bundt Cake = serves 10+
Order today for your Christmas party as we will be making this cake in limited batches.
Rum Cake 
Award Winning Pierogi

AVAILABLE everyday in our freezer case- until we sell out!!!!

Pierogi are always available for walk-in customers out of our FREEZER case...but some days they sell out faster than others.  We will do our best to keep up with the demand but, when a flavor sells may be out until after the New Year! 

So please order so you are not disappointed!

Orders for Christmas Week Pierogi are due by
 Monday, Dec. 10 at 5pm.
We are only taking orders for these  4 flavors...
Potato...Potato & Cheddar...Kraut...
Dry Farmer's Cheese
ALL OTHER FLAVORS are first come first serve out of the freezer case in store.

After Dec. 11th, pierogi will only be available on a first come first serve basis in the store out of the case.

Orders must be picked up by Sat, Dec. 15 at 5pm. 

If your pierogi order is not picked up by the cutoff date, it will be put back in the store for sale. We receive so many orders around holidays that we have no room to store the orders in our we ask that you pick them up and take them home the week before the major holiday.

We do need space for our ingredients too!


Flavors: 6 per package

Priced from $8.39  and up per pack


-Farmers Cheese (tradtional white cheese) 



-Potato*and Cheddar Cheese
-Potato* and Kraut
-Kraut and Mushroom

-Potato*, Garlic & Parsley
-Potato* and Mushroom
-Swiss & Mushroom
-Mozzarella and Cheddar
-Bacon, Potato* and Cheddar
-Broccoli, Potato* and Cheddar
-Cabbage and Onion
-Jalapeno, Potato and Ched....Hot
-Habanero, Potato and Ched...Hot, Hot, Hot!!!
-Ricotta and Spinach


*all Potato varieties have sauteed onions in the Potato filling



Check out our website for more ideas.... Pies, Strudels, Pastry, Cakes and more.

all prices are subject to change without notice.
Merry Christmas and Happy 2018!,


Leslie Srodek-Johnson
Stan's Northfield Bakery


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