Christmas Blessings from Courage!
Into our hands, Mary has given her Child:
heir to the world's tears, heir to the world's toil,
heir to the world's scars
heir to the chill dawn over the ruin of wars.
She has laid Love in His cradle, answering, for us all,
"Be it done unto me"

from "The Reed" by Caryll Houselander
Peter Paul Rubens, The Adoration of the Shepherds , c. 1609, Oil on canvas, St.-Pauluskerk, Antwerp
May the joy and peace of Christ fill your hearts and homes as you celebrate the feast of his Nativity.

In the heart of the Holy Family, may you find grace, mercy and compassion, to heal every wound and to strengthen every bond of love in your families.

May God the Father, who gave his only Son to be our Savior, guide and protect you and your loved ones throughout the coming year.

Father Philip G. Bochanski, Executive Director
and the Staff of Courage International

* Esperamos que en el 2019 empecemos a enviar boletines a nuestros miembros que hablan español. Si hace click en el enlace “Leer en español ” de nuestro saludo de Navidad será añadido automáticamente en la lista de Courage-Latino.