Christmas Delight Night
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 25 at 6:00 pm
Ladies, it's almost time for our annual Christmas Delight Night and my team and I are more than just a bit pumped about this one? Why? Well, because we have never done anything like this before!
We know that most of you are used to the big dinner we host every year with elaborately decorated tables, a gifted speaker and great food. Not this year. We are taking this party outside to the Prayer Garden!
If cozy cool weather with a nice roaring fire is your thing... If catching up with old friends, or sitting around making new ones, is your thing... If taking a break to relax after the Thanksgiving prep, clean-up and leftovers and all the Black Friday madness, is your thing, then you will love this event! Even if none of that fits you, I promise, you will love this event. It is so low key - the perfect setting for a casual ladies' mixer event.
We are asking everyone to bring a new pair of socks for an exchange. They should not be wrapped and can be socks for any occasion.
There is no meal at this Delight Night, only snacks.
Come, bring friends, take a load off after Thanksgiving week, and join us for this years' Christmas Delight Night. It will be a memorable one!

My team, and I, look forward to spending time with you at our Christmas Delight Night!

Honored to serve you,

Cheryl Moses
Ladies' Ministry Leader
Will you be there?
The Prayer Garden at Calvary

11/25/18 6:00pm - 11/25/18 8:30pm

I'll be there!
I'm coming and I'm bringing friends
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