A Christmas Escape with Bushtops Camps
Picture the scene: a vast African sun sets behind you as you sip champagne cocktails and prepare for a 5-course gourmet gala dinner. There's no snow. No cooking to be done. No worries. This is Christmas as it should be!

If you are dreaming of a great escape this festive season, come and see us. Bring the family for a winter holiday - or if you prefer, escape the family! We still have space on selected dates during the festive season where we have come up with a fantastic seasonal menu, traditional dancing, exciting night drives, nature walks, bush breakfasts and a host of special activities in all our Camps. Our specials, stay 4 nights and pay for 3 are valid throughout the festive period.

Christmas and New Year in the bush is magical: with fewer visitors outside the migration period, you feel you virtually own the Serengeti and Mara. There is no shortage of wildlife either: the world's most amazing safari destination does not take holidays!

Tempted? We do hope so!

Contact us here for more information, availability, and rates: sales@bushtopscamps.com


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