Council of Elders Advent Reflections
by Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown

Christmas Eve
“Love’s Pure Light”

On this evening, Love’s Pure Light arrives!  

God’s messengers lead the celebration from the heavens and touching earth.  All of creation living and working in nearby fields find themselves surrounded by the wonder of Love’s Pure Light.
Love’s Pure Light draws people together.  Drawn to follow the light, those who gathered were familiar with the moment of new birth. This evening was different.  The humble place, filled with love and grace, radiated the good news of great joy.

Love’s Pure Light names the purpose of Celebration.  Often our images focus on the baby in a manger. The scripture names the child born as a sign of God with us, and then draws our attention to earth, into the heavens, and all around.  
The mystery of the sacred moment bursts into songs of Celebration.  The lyrics of the Angels singing direct our attention to the Glory to God and peace to all on earth.  

The source of Love’s Pure Light begins outside of us, surrounds us, and fills us with awe, wonder, and celebration.  

On this evening of new life, let us Celebrate Love’s Pure Light, be drawn together and focused on the Glory of God illuminating peace, hope, joy, and love around us all.  
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