December 2017

Once a Saint, Always a Saint


Alumni Giving
Jo Ellen gives thumbs up for a classroom White Board.
Thank you so much for your love and support of your dynamic grade school.  The present students are GRATEFUL for all that you do to keep Catholic education viable for them.

After this issue, you will be receiving the SJA Alumni Newsletter once a quarter - February, May, August, December - so be sure to look for them.

Share this email with your parents and if they're interested in receiving this newsletter, please ask them to  send me a note.

Enjoy a delightful and meaningful Christmas celebration and I wish you a very happy and healthy 2018!

Your SJA Alumni Pal,
Jo Ellen 


PS - Post your pics on SJA School's  Instagram (#sjasaintsevanston)  and join SJA Alumni's Facebook group

George Schaefer '58 granddaughter
 Anje Schaefer Cluxton '89 daughter
We Love Our Alums
Give a Gift

Alumni raised funds through last summer's Reunion Challenge to purchase much needed items for the students and teachers. Have you viewed the " thank you" video ?  Bet your mom and dad would enjoy seeing it too!  Do you see kids of some of our alumni in the video?

Please give a gift this year to your school that will continue to make a difference to the SJA students.  

Click here to see what your money can do.   Click here to donate.


SJA Traditions
Christmas at SJA

You are invited to the the SJA Women's Club/PSO annual Christmas luncheon and adorable school show on December 13 beginning at 11 am. Bring a girlfriend and enjoy the spirit of Christmas!

Class Spotlight
Memories from Class of  1989

If you are a graduate from this class or were a class or two ahead or behind, for sure take a second to read these FUN memories.  

Ah, the good old days at SJA....

Principal Craig's Update
From the Fishbowl Office

The students are busy with the season of Advent and preparing for their annual Christmas music program and more!  

What else is happening? Find out here.

SJA Lance
The Parish Newspaper

Do you remember Peter Jaffe?  Here's the next edition of THE LANCE published November 1995.

Read on friends....

Upcoming at SJA
  • Share with young families there is an SJA School Open House Wednesday, December 20 from 9:30-11 am.
  • Christmas Eve Mass Times
    4:00 pm, 6:00 pm, 10:30 pm
    Christmas Day Mass Time
    10:30 am
  • Catholic Schools Week January 21-28
  • SJA Women's Club Gala - March 10 @ The Orrington Hotel downtown Evanston - make plans to join the FUN - you won't want to miss it!
View the St Joan of Arc Parish website here.