2020 Christmas Message from Bishop Cantú

“The past nine months of pandemic have tested us, have tested our patience, have tested the resilience of our spirits, and we are weary. How welcome is this celebration of Christmas, as we ponder the kept promise of our God: “I myself will pasture my sheep; I myself will give them rest” (Ez. 34:15). Jesus comes in the darkness of night to bring light to humanity. He comes to a world hungry – so many literally hungry and all spiritually hungry – to be the “bread that comes down from heaven” (Jn. 6:50). He comes to a world divided by racial injustice, choked by smoke from raging fires, wounded by economic hardship, weary of political strife.” 

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Christmas Message from Fr. Angelo
It is a fact, the pandemic has affected all people of all nations around the world. Our Christmas 2020 is no exception. This year’s Christmas is extraordinary in many ways. We have heard from the news, social media, or even from our personal experience the heartbreaking stories of losses in the lives of many. Losing their jobs, losing their homes, losing their businesses, losing their loved ones, and many more. All of it very tragic and sad. One may think, will there ever be light at the end of these dreadful situations that we are in? In the grace and light of our Christian faith, I firmly believe that the answer is - YES! I believe this because even in the midst of this pandemic, goodness still continues to be evident around us. Not only humanitarian goodness, but more importantly, the “Goodness of the Lord!” These are evident through our dedicated health professionals who are at the frontlines of the pandemic, through organizations and institutions who advocate for equality, harmony, justice and for the common good, through individuals and groups that support their local communities, and many more. 

May your days be filled with peace, hope,
and joy this Christmas season.

All of us at St. Julie Billiart Parish