Stan's Northfield Bakery's
Christmas Order Guide 2021
Open Tuesday-Saturday 5am-3pm
Closed Dec 25- New Years Day, 2022 Open date TBD
Stan's little elves are working hard this holiday season! Please read our recommendations for ordering, including deadline dates.

Pierogi First Come First Serve out of Freezer Case all December. No Orders

Bakery Orders for Christmas Week: Deadline to Order Friday, Dec. 17

Other Dates In December: We appreciate as much notice as possible for other orders as we need to secure ingredients and packaging.
Cookie Trays & Decorated Cookies
*above photo shows our 14" diameter 2# and 2.5# trays. They come wrapped in cello and ribbon.

$16.99 per pound boxed

Stan's makes scratch traditional Christmas Cookies. Our Cookie Trays are SUPER popular. Each trays comes with an assortment of our most popular flavors. Trays may include an assortment of Butter Spritz Vanilla and Choc., Pecan Kiphels, Gingerbread, Choc. Chip Kiphels, Peanut Butter Blossoms, Cherry Walnut Icebox Cookies, Sugar Cut Outs and others.

GREAT for CORPORATE Gifts or Parties
Above pic is 2# tray on Metal Holiday Tray
Cookie Tray Pricing
1# Tree Tin $16.99 Serves about 5 people

2# 10+ people $36.99*

2.5# 15+ people $44.99*
*arranged on cute Christmas Themed metal 14" diameter trays

3# 20# people $52.99 14" crystal tray)

4# 30+ people $70.99 (16" black tray)

5# 40+ people HUGE Tray 18" diameter $89.99

Shelf life on trays 7 days for freshest product.
Above picture shows large 5# tray

Variety on trays varies. A Baker's Assortment. You may not individually select the assortment. If you would like to specify the assortment, please come into the store and make your selection out of the case. Your choices will be boxed for you to arrange at home on your own festive platter.
Corporate Logo Cookies can be added to trays or purchased boxed .

2" image cookie $2.75 each $33 per dozen,
must be order in lots of 12

3" image cookie
$3.50 each round/ $42 doz
$3.75 rectangular / $45 doz
ordered in lots of 6
Logo Cookies come wrapped and tied with matching ribbon. We can attach your business card for free.
Cookies by the Pound
$16.99 per pound
Order or make your selection out of our case

red cherry cookie
mini tree, bell and star cut out cookie
Peanut Butter Blossoms
Vanilla Butter Spritz or Chocolate Butter Spritz with an assortment of Sprinkles (Christmas, Snowflake, Non-pareils), Cherries, Candies

Gingerbread - Our family's 100 yr. old recipe

Ice Box Cookies-
Cherry Walnut Ice Box
Chocolate Chip Ice Box

Kiphels- (Egg White Snowballs)
Pecan covered in Powder Sugar
Chocolate Chip rolled in Sugar

Peanut Butter Blossoms

Hand - Cut Mini Trees, Bells and Stars cover in colored Sugar

Baker's Choice: When we have time we throw in some Wild Card cookies! Check Out instagram or fb for updates

Approximately 20-40 per pound depending on style of cookie. Cookies on average are about the size of a half dollar
butter spritz
butter spritz
Snowflake sprinkles
rainbow butter spritz
cherry nut ice box
Cherry Walnut Ice Box Cookies
choc chip ice box
choc sprinkle butter spritz
Large Decorated Cookies
Our yummy sugar cookies are decorated with either with our signature Puffy frosting or Royal Icing (depending on design)
$4.50 - $5+ each, Cookies vary from 4" to 6" tall
Cello Wrap and Ribbon
Designs will vary by day and are not limited to the below designs

Orders will be taken for 12 Assorted Cookies of Decorator's Choice
or 12 Santa's Only.

Santa Beard Cookies
Paint Your Own Cookies
As Seen On Fox 8 News

Each kit includes an edible Cookie Canvas, an edible cookie food coloring paint palette and food safe brush. First Come first Serve after 12/18/19

1.Dip your Brush in water.
2.Rub brush on color to activate.
3.Water color paint your cookie.
4.Share your edible art work on Instagram

$8.99 per set, design vary between Elf, Tree, Ornament and Gingerbread Man
Bakery Favorites
Nut & Poppyseed Rolls
$15.99 per roll
Rolls are about 14" long and 4" wide
Add Maple or Vanilla Icing on the side for $1.50
A Best Seller: Our Cashew Nut Rolls are aways a holiday hit
We start with raw Poppyseed. Then, grind it fresh and make our delicious poppy filling.
Cheese Kuchens

Kuchen are made of our buttery Danish dough filled with Danish Cheese, Rolled and Butterfly cut and either topped with more Cheese, Apricot, Cherry, Lemon or Chocolate Chips and Fudge.

Order by the name of
Double Cheese Kuchen
Apricot & Cheese Kuchen
Lemon & Cheese Kuchen
Cherry & Cheese Kuchen
Choc. Chip Cheese Kuchen

$13.99 each

Our homemade layered strudel dough can be filled with

or Half Cherry Half Apple +$1

Light and Airy Polish Pastry
Angel Wings

A Buttermilk Traditional holiday fried pastry dough topped with Powdered Sugar

AKA: Bow Ties, Listy, Chrusciki
small $6.99
Large $22.99 (large hat box size)
Marshmallow Lady Locks
***Award Winning***

#1 Seller
Large Size $3.25 each

Mini Size $15.99 per dozen

Sweet Breads
Babkas & Hoskas: Shaped Sweet Dough
Round Ball Sweet Bread
$7.99 Plain or Golden Raisin

add $2 per addition of Red Cherries, Tutti Fruiti
Walnuts, Sliced Almond
Braided Sweet Bread
$7.99 Plain or Golden Raisin

add $2 per addition of Red Cherries, Tutti Fruiti
Walnuts, Sliced Almond
Polish Sweet Bread or Platzek

Old-fashioned Holiday Favorite
$15.99 Plain or Golden Raisin

We make a rich sweet bread dough, allow it to rise...then add it back to the mixing bowl to add more eggs, sugar and love. This "batter" is poured into pans, topped with crumb topping and baked till just right.

Just Like Grandmas...or my Grandma at least! Lol!

Stollen Sweet Bread

Sweet Bread with tutti fruitti and icing $9.99

Add Cherries $2
Add nuts $2
Kolacky & Pastry Trays
pastry tray
Delightful Mini Sized Pastries arranged on a black plastic Tray with clear domed lid for easy transportation & presentation.

Available in 3 sizes:
60 pc. $44.99
75 pc. $54.99
100 pc. $65.99

Each Tray contains an equal assortment of the following...
*Award Winning mini marshmallow meringue lady locks
*Cream Cheese Dough mini Kolacky in assorted fillings
*Sour Cream Dough mini
Kolacky in assorted fillings
*Custard Puffs topped with Chocolate Fudge
*Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Shelf Life 24-36hrs
*need a longer shelf life...order a cookie only Tray

Add a 1/2 of Christmas or Holiday Cookies for $8.50

Or add more cookies $16.99 per#
Our signature Cream Cheese Dough mini Kolacky are filled with an assortment of cheese, nut and fruit flavors.

May be ordered boxed by the dozen.
$7.99 per dozen Baker's Flavor assortment
$7.99 per dozen (12 of same flavor)

Mini Kolacky arranged on a Tray

75pc $43.99
100 pc. $58.50

*Trays include a Baker's assortment of flavors including but not limited to...
Nut, Cheese, Apricot, Apple, Raspberry, Blueberry, Lemon, Cherry, Poppyseed, Pineapple...
Full Size Kolacky
Butter Danish Dough
Flavors: Cheese, Nut, Apricot, Apple, Lemon, Cherry, Blueberry
$1.25 each/ $15 doz
mickey full size
Cream Cheese Dough
Flavors: Nut, Cheese, Apricot & Raspberry
$1 each / $12 doz
Puff Pastry: Cheese, Nut, Apricot & Raspberry
$1 each / $12doz
Available in the freezer case in the store....while supplies last, 1st come 1st serve.
Shop Now for Best selection.

6 per pack, boiled and frozen
$9.39 - $9.99 per pack

-Farmers Cheese (tradtional white cheese)
-Potato*and Farmers Cheese
-Potato*and Cheddar Cheese
-Potato* and Kraut
-Kraut and Mushroom
-Potato* and Mushroom
-Potato* and Cheddar Cheese
-Mozzarella and Cheddar
-Bacon, Potato* and Cheddar
-Broccoli, Potato* and Cheddar
-Cabbage and Onion
-Jalapeno, Potato and Ched….Hot
-Ricotta and Spinach

Cooking Instructions:
  1. THAW: Allow to thaw at room temperature or thaw overnight in the refrigerator. It is very important to thaw completely so the product does not stick together. Be careful defrosting in microwave as product may become chewy if overdone.
  2. FRY: Saute butter and sweet onions in pan. Carmalize the onions. Add the pierogi.
  • Crispier: brown longer for a crispy outside
  • Softer: heat to warm through but do not brown
  1. MICROWAVE: Set pierogi on plate and place a pat of butter on each. Cover with plastic wrap. Six (6) pierogi take 3 minutes in a 750 watt microwave. Adjust time for your microwave. 
  2. FRUIT FILLED : Instead of onions, try cinnamon sugar and butter.
EAT: With and side of applesauce or a dollop of sour cream, or all by itself …Pierogi are delicious.
UGLY SWEATER Inspired T-Shirts
This is Our Polish themed shirt for this year. Featuring The Polish Falcon, DUPA and Merry Christmas in Polish "Wesolych Swiat"
"I Did It All for the Cookies...the What?..the Cookies...What...So you Can take that Cookie...and Stick it in Your Mouth"
A little ode to the late 1990's music...Lol
Shirts are $20 XS-XL and $25 for XXL & XXXL, in store now! Makes a fun gift
**Prices may change at anytime due to supply chain issues
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