Dear Friends,
Welcome to the home stretch of the holiday season!

As I was getting out my traditional holiday decorations I could not help but think of those who are without homes due to the last round of fires that swept through our state... and in looking at my abundance of fabric scraps (that I continually am teased for preserving)... I thought of making good use of them by sewing Xmas stockings...

So the goal is..... Please see below!


Christmas Stockings for Paradise Fire Victims
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Xmas Stockings for Paradise Camp Fire Victims!
Chameleon of Arroyo Grande and the Sewing Cafe of Pismo Beach
are partnering to make
1000 Christmas Stockings for victims of the Paradise Camp Fire by December 10th!

We are using our many scraps and fabric samples we have at Chameleon. The Sewing Cafe has set up 6 machines at the Chameleon store for people to use. We then want to fill the creative personal stockings with $15-$20 gift cards.

There are many ways you can help out:

Come in and sew during our regular business hours.
If you can't sew you can cut out stockings!

You can take some fabric to make your own stockings in your own home.

Arrange for a group of your friends to come in and cut and sew after hours -
just call or email the store and state what time you would like to come in and how many and we'll open up for you.

And last but not least.. drop off some gift cards to fill the stockings. I hope to arrange with other Village businesses to have drop off points for the gift cards as well. We hope that each stocking will have at least 3 gift cards.

After the news announcement Friday night we have had six people come in and sew (we have 30 adorable stockings already - only 970 to go!) The creativity is amazing and it's so much fun to play with all the colorful fabrics and put a combo together. The stocking pattern is very simple and if you can turn on a sewing machine - you can do this! A simple stocking takes about 15 minutes - but so far everyone is getting in creative mode!

You can also bring your own machine. This is a great opportunity to teach that daughter or granddaughter some sewing basics!

Please call the store or email the store if you have further suggestions about this project.

Hope you can help out. It's rare that I let others "play" with my scraps!!!!
Each stocking maker is enclosing a small handwritten card which we hope will personalize the gifts. No matter where the victims may be this holiday -they can hang a stocking just about anywhere.

Thanks for listening and hope to see you soon!