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Bulldog Spotlight -- Meet Gundy!
No sad stories for me says Gundy, the time was right and I was ready to go. My Dad had been thinking that I needed another family for while but I was his baby and he loved me a lot. My family went their separate ways and neither person could take me. My Dad travels 3 weeks out of the month and that left me packing my bags for boarding for long periods of time and I got so tired of that. My Dad is on LSBCR Facebook and he knew I would be going to a place that would make sure I was taken care of, loved, and I would find a family that had lots of time for me. I was raised with kids and I love kids. I have known a lot of dogs and I loved them too.

From His foster parents: This four year old little boy is so smart and he thrives in his structure and routine. A calmer home would be ideal for Gundy as he is working on his self discipline and is easily distracted. Squirrel!!

Gundy would do great with other dogs, as long as they are on the calmer side, as he can still get pretty amped up. Remember, he came into Rescue not knowing how to behave like an indoor dog. You can tell when he needed to go out to potty, it was done in a common area on a leash. He is still working on just being let out into a fenced backyard to do his business. With time and patience he will learn the virtues of roaming around a backyard, enjoying all the smells and taking his time

As I write this, Gundy is playing with his foster brother, Joe. They love to wrestle on the couch, barking and nibbling. Joe's personality is great for Gundy cause he is very submissive and calm and that’s what he would do best with. Foster dad and I are still amazed at how far he has come since joining Rescue. Gundy is definitely ready for his forever home. Could it be you?
Happy Holidays!
As 2018 winds down, let us take a moment to thank you for your dedicated support throughout the year. Thanks to our loyal donors, we were able to save many more Bulldogs than we anticipated this year and we are so incredibly grateful.
If you are considering making one last tax-deductible donation this year, we urge you to visit our website before we launch into 2019. 
Our adoption fees only cover a small portion of our vet bills, so our work relies heavily on your generous gifts. 
May 2019 bring us all health, happiness and more furever families!
When the Time Comes to Let Go . . .
Every Bulldog lover recognizes the limited life spans of our sweet companions. The heady, frolic filled younger years inevitably yield to sickness, bodily break down, and just old age. Ultimately, we must confront our Bullie’s mortality and do what is best for her. 
During these moments, the struggle between emotions and logic clouds our thinking.  “Maybe there is an alternative. Maybe things will improve. Maybe…”  Even for those who have wrestled with these issues multiple times, this angst driven decision is literally a life changing event. 
Our first reactions are sorrow and regret. These emotions are human, not canine. How many good years, months, and days did we enjoy with him? How much joy did she bring into our lives? Amidst this trauma, our spirits soar when we remember the laughs, happiness, and sheer joy of having shared that dog’s company. Allow that life-force to flood over your soul and bask in the glow of those loving days as you grapple with the decision that you know you must make.
Our Bullies have always put their lives, love, and well-being into our caring hands and depend upon us to do what is best for them. We owe them nothing less in their final days. They know that we only want the best for them; it is our human-canine bond. 
At the very end, we choke up yet choose courage ahead of heartbreak, sweep away our tears, and love on our dogs, even as the drugs are administered. Stroking them in their last few seconds, we tell them how important they are to us, how they enriched our lives, and how much we love them. As their heartbeat fades, their loving aura tells us that their love for us was greater than ours for them.

Editor's Note: Robert & Meg recently helped their foster, Lulu Leeann (pictured), cross the Rainbow Bridge after a lengthy illness. These are their words. We hope you find them helpful when you have to make that difficult decision.
Help Us Stuff Foster Stockings!

Can you help us stuff the stockings of our foster dogs? Santa Paws will be distributing your donations to our foster families on Dec. 15 . You can order items via our Amazon Wish List and they'll ship directly to us. Just visit:

Also, be sure to use and choose to support Lone Star Bulldog Club Inc. every time you shop on Amazon. By doing so, Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to us! That's like free money!

NOTE: If you'd rather shop offline, you can always deliver your donation to Puckett's Nursery at 811 E. Main St., Allen, TX 75002.

Thank you for caring for our foster dogs!
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There are a host of Volunteer Opportunities .
Attend one of our Events .
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Upcoming Events. . .
Cornhole Tourney for Bulldogs
Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 2 PM – 5 PM
Trinity River Distillery at 1734 E. El Paso Street in Fort Worth

Get ready to toss for a cause… Join us for a Bulldog Bonanza and Cornhole Tournament!

We’ll be visitin g Trinity River Distillery and we want you to come out too. Stop by to say hello to the cutest Bulldogs around ~ some of the foster dogs of Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. You’ll also be able to meet some of our volunteers to learn more about our program and ask your Bulldog-specific questions. Plus, you’ll be able to purchase one of our T-shirts to support and raise awareness of our mission of saving Bulldogs. 

Many thanks to our friends at Trinity River Distillery for hosting this get-together for us!
Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
Sunday, December 9, 2018 — 2:00 PM-5:00 PM
The Craftcade Pinball Bar at 615 S. Jennings Ave. in Fort Worth

Please join us for another Bulldog bonanza! This time, we’ll be visiting The Craftcade Pinball Bar in Fort Worth for an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!  Don your knitted best and then stop by to say hello to the cutest Bulldogs around ~ some of the foster dogs of Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue.

Please bring along a donation for our foster dogs, such as dog food, sturdy toys, beds, treats, grooming supplies, etc. We’ll use these items to stuff our 70+ foster dogs’ holiday stockings! Check out our Amazon Wish List for ideas or have items shipped directly to us:

Many thanks to our friends at The Craftcade for hosting this get-together for us!
Some Of Our Available Bulldogs
Dahlia (Age 5)
Magic (Age 2)
Bandit (Age 6)
Isabela (Age 4)
Smitty (Age 5)
Bulldozer (Age 7)
Fergie (Age 8)
Synder (Age 2)
Ham (Age 7)
Maggie Mayflower (Age 4)
Mission Statement:
Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue is a non-profit, completely volunteer-driven group dedicated to saving and rehoming Bulldogs with loving families.