The wonders of his love...

Julia Young and son Jayden
My life was all about keeping my family together while I was growing up. I had become lonely, weary and unplugged. I attended BsideU's Thanksgiving lunch and enjoyed time with staff, other clients and my sons. A staff member at BsideU For Life also invited me to come to Thanksgiving dinner at her house. I enjoyed the dinner and they all made me feel so welcomed and loved. 
I've been attending counseling sessions at BsideU For Life with Dr. Kaufman for about a year, and I now attend bible study, life skills classes, and I sing with BsideU's practice choir. I also now have a part time job!  Praise the Lord, things are looking up.

Dr. Kaufman noted that Julia recently became a mentor and "second mom" to another client and has helped with the care of her child while she was sick.

Having two boys of my own I know how hard it can be to take care of your family and keep them together when you are struggling and just need someone to reach out and help.  BsideU For Life offered me guidance, prayers, support and I no longer feel alone.
Giving Thanks
Thanksgiving, we had more than 70 things to be thankful for this year... 

Christmas Cheer
The holiday season is a great time to spend time with family and friends and the same is true at BsideU For Life.
Stand BsideUs
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Prayer and Praise 

      P raises
  • Norton Healthcare held a Connect the Dots Parenting Class at BsideU
  • NESCO (temp agency) coming to BsideU to assist with client employment
  • Safe Harbor has faithfully cared for a number of our client's children
  • Saved Babies!
  • Jesus, Jesus, Jesus - for coming to save us all!! 
  • Staff/Volunteers for their Christmas Family's Festivities/Safe Travel
  • Hard hearted Clinic Escorts
  • Protection for Staff at 140 during the hard Saturday and early morning hours
  • Health at a maximum and sickness of the winter at a minimum
  • Clients' upcoming deliveries
  • Client who is incarcerated - for substance abuse and mental health treatment while incarcerated and her boyfriend's mental stability
  • Everyday financial struggles of our clients
  • Clients who are homeless