Service Times
  • 8:00am in the Church with Live-stream
  • 10:00am Combined in Eden Chapel
  • 5:00pm in the Church
Did you know?
You can order from Amazon and everything is
delivered directly to ODEC!
Below is the list of school supplies needed for Pembroke Meadows Elementary School. Place your donation under the Christmas Tree in the narthex. You may also send a check to ODEC with
“Outreach PMES” for this effort.
  •  FULL SIZED backpack - Only NEUTRAL colors.
  •  sharpened colored pencils
  •  scissors
  •  #2 pencils
  •  large glue sticks
  •  black dry erase markers
  •  three ring 1” binder with pockets (no trapper keepers)
  •  boxes of tissues
  •  pair of over-the-ear headphones (no ear buds)
  •  gallon size resealable storage bags 
  •  quart size resealable storage bags
  •  large pink erasers/pencil top erasers​
  •  box 16-24 count crayons
  •  dry erase markers/dry eraser
  •  plastic folders w/2 pockets (with and without) prongs
  •  hardbound black & white composition books
  •  school box or zippered pencil bag
  •  pocket folders (with & without brads) (different colors)
  •  box 16-24 count crayons
  •  ½" or 1” three-ring binder w/pockets
  • 1'' - 1 1/2'' binder with 5 pocket dividers
  •  spiral notebooks
  •  post-it notes
  •  red pens
  •  loose leaf paper
  •  three-subject spiral notebooks
  •  highlighters (different colors)​