Not Your Usual Caricature Artist
Vol. 9, No. 7
A monthly compendium of caricatures and commentary about them

According to legend, "Christmas in July" began as a celebration at a summer camp in 1933, when Kerystone Camp in Brevard, NC, decided to dedicate two days -- July 24 and 25 -- to the holiday, complete with cotton fake snow, a decked out tree, a gift exchange and, of course, an appearance by Santa.

Welcome to the July issue of
Not Your Usual Caricature Artist from Caricatures by Joel.

Hollywood grabbed the idea in 1940 and made a romantic comedy with that title. So for those of you already succumbing to the heat and mugginess attendant virtually on a daily basis throughout this month, faraway thoughts of snow-capped peaks, ski trails, hot cider and gifts under the tree help ameliorate the high temperatures discomfort.

As a public service, yours truly presents these visions -- if not of sugar plums, then of folks enjoying the gift of caricature during the winter solstice.

...And while we're at it, those of you already contemplating Christmas/holiday events (or gifts) this coming winter, please keep in mind the uniquely joyful element of caricatures from yours truly.
Company Festivities
These staffers at the Hilton Garden Inn, Charlotte/Ayrsley, were treated to caricatures at their holiday party, a lasting keepsake.
Career Landmarks
"Landis" was honored on his retirement with McGuireWoods law firm with a customized caricature. The personalization comes in the form of props or other indicators of items or experiences that have played an important part of his life...such as his dressing up as Santa at holiday time.
Personal Commissioned Assignments
This couple, previously blessed with their first child, anticipated their next due at Christmas time, hence the Santa cap.
Gift Giving
Aaron, on the right, wanted to gift his colleague with a caricature of the two of them wearing typically "ugly" Christmas sweaters.
Holiday-Time Marketing
Texas-based oil industry equipment leader Nojak promoted its product in a series of direct mail B-to-B postcards, this holiday-time sample being one of them.
More Holiday Marketing
This food services company sent out their holiday greeting card to clients and industry colleagues showing staff members caricatured in a light hearted way to help drive home the dual message of teamwork and good cheer for the season.
Club Member Parties
The Trump National Golf Club in Mooresville, NC, hosts an annual holiday party for their members. "Mom" and "Joey" received their uniquely customized gift at the event.
Senior Centers
Senior living centers, including assisted living and 55-Plus communities, know how to party at holiday-time, as well. "Louise" has a takeaway she can display on her wall in her apartment...or re-gift to a child or grandchild.
Private Holiday Parties
"Grazia," here was already a character at this private holiday event held in a swanky Queens Road apartment before she flashed her winning smile and received her uniquely customized gift of a caricature.

That does it for this issue -- see you again the first Tuesday of next month
for more tinsel on the art pad as we explore other caricature samples via
Not Your Usual Caricature Artist from Caricatures by Joel.
In the meantime, wishing us all good health, peace of mind
and the wisdom and fortitude to, as best as can be expected,
stay above the fray.

Joel Kweskin