November 27, 2019

Welcome to another Christmas and Hanukah shopping season with us - this is our 35 th!
Every year, the most popular items we sell as gifts are our own Toy Soldier Company playsets. We offer playsets for conflicts from Ancient Rome through to Vietnam, providing toy soldiers and accessories that represent both sides in a battle. Packed in a reusable playset box, the lucky recipient will spend many hours of play time re-enacting a battle or just setting up ‘the guys.’ Playsets are a great deal, too: each one is heavily discounted and is shipped free to U.S. addresses.
You can view them all in our Playset section: page through all 100+, or filter by Era, such as 'American Civil War.' We've listed some of our most popular below.

Get your orders in and rest easy as there is plenty of stock and plenty of time right now!

We're always glad to help by phone or email if you need assistance selecting a gift - or something for yourself!

Keep checking our What's New page to see the latest additions!

Thank you, as always, for your interest,
Jamie and Jenny Delson
Plastic Toy Soldier Playsets - our top sellers!
Forest Ambush! - French and Indian War Playset #2
(187 pieces - with free domestic shipping)
The British were unable to hold out in their fort before reinforcements could arrive. Offered honorable terms of surrender by the French, they choose to abandon the fort and march back to their territory. read more
WW II Pacific Campaign Playset #1 - Beach Landing
(120 pieces - with free domestic shipping)
In this playset your Marines, landing in a shallow wooden landing craft with a drop-down ramp (called a Higgins Boat) and an armored amphibious tracked vehicle (called an AmTrac) fight their way ashore against dug-in Japanese defenders. read more
Painted Knights and Wooden Castle Playset
(125 painted and unpainted figures and accessories plus a wooden castle - with free shipping)
Great for kids: a hinged castle that opens to reveal a detailed interior, 36 painted knights and Vikings, a battering ram and more. read more
Civil War Playset #1 - Marx Recast Antietam
(372 pieces - with free domestic shipping)
This playset provides young collectors with the soldiers and accessories to refight the Battle of Antietam. The figures and accessories from this set can also be used to restage battles such as First Bull Run (First Manassas), Seven Pines, Seven Days Battles, Second Bull Run, Shiloh, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville read more
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Our updated Playset Flyer - now ready for holiday shopping!
Our 2019-20 Playset Flyer - now ready for viewing

Because we began as a mail order company long before there was an internet, we've always employed print materials to showcase our goods. We now print a short flyer every one or two months. Our latest issue is now available for viewing in pdf...

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