Use this Christmas to get ahead on your taxes!
Christmas is for everyone!
It's not too late to give Christmas!
Brian Thomson & the team are in Africa RIGHT NOW giving children Christmas gifts! It is not too late to brighten a child's face!

We will be accepting monetary gifts until the end of the year.
Child getting Christmas present this year
A global day every year dedicated to giving back after Black Friday weekend.
Please think about Home of Hope while giving back this week.
Present Need:
The low Canadian dollar has caused us major problems (because we wire internationally in US funds) and we are believing for miracles by the end of the year.
Between now and December 31, please consider what you can give to Home of Hope. All gifts are tax deductible. Every dollar helps!

Exciting News:
Almost at 10,000 children helped monthly!
Our goal is to be able to help 10,000 children monthly by the end of the year.
Needed: Help us reach this goal by sponsoring a child or Feeding Program today.
The Dream Centre is now OPEN!
The children have officially moved in!
Needed: operating costs of rescuing 100+ babies.
Support us online: