December 2017 HR and Safety news & updates
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Holiday Bonuses - 4 tips for Employers
OSHA extends injury reporting deadline until December 15

One week ago, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) extended its deadline until December 15, 2017,  as the date by which certain employers are required to electronically submit data from their 2016 Forms 300A to OSHA.  Construction employers, and companies with more than 250 employees, must report.  Before your company is subject to a Citation and Penalty, read what your company needs to know.  Click here.  Call us if you need help.
Christmas/Holiday party reminders from HR

With Thanksgiving over, businesses are turning attention to the Christmas/holiday party or luncheon. This annual event is just around the corner and you are probably reviewing last year's email reminder to employees that communicate the event details, proper attire and general expectations when the event will occur during non-working hours and an offsite location.. Read these important HR pointers
Fall Protection Most Cited Violation in 2017

Washington DC - Fall protection (general requirements) was OSHA's most frequently cited construction workplace safety violation in 2017, totaling 6,528 (and $30M in fines), according to data published by OSHA. Next was general hazards, ladder violations and and failure to provide required training. Training violations were identified in over 1,600 inspections, resulting in $2.4M in fines. Here are the top 10 standards violated by construction companies.  Use OSHA's online Quick Start Compliance tool to check the OSHA standards affected general industry, construction and health care. 
Best Way to Deal with a Chronic Complainer

Working around a chronic complainer is annoying and exhausting. You know the character-nothing pleases them, and they find fault in management's every utterance, implicitly suggesting the people in charge are operating with a fatal deficiency of intelligence and common sense. Effective managers work quickly to stop these characters before the damage to morale spreads and threatens the team's working environment. Read how to take charge today - click here.
Ask HR: Can employer ask for a doctor's note when an employee misses work?

Yes, but the information should be limited.  An employer may request a doctor's note as part of its sick leave or attendance policy (preferably in writing). The practice must be uniformly applied. The required note should not seek a diagnosis/medical condition; rather, the note should include only that (name of employee) was seen on (date) at (time of appointment) and further may stipulate any period of partial or total incapacity to perform a job.  Maintain any medical related documents in a separate folder, apart from the regular employee personnel file.
The Importance of Job Descriptions

  • To define the skills and duties when hiring & recruiting;
  • For disciplinary action, if an employee is not adequately performing his/her job;
  • To set measurable performance goals using duties list;
  • To show current employee about other career development opportunities and activities;
  • To develop a standardized compensation program with salary minimums and maximums; and 
  • For return to work purposes, if an employee needs light duty or modified work.
No time to develop your job descriptions?  Call us today and we can help you.
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