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Our Neighborhood
Building Resilient Communities Workshop
Register today!
Ward III office for Sunday January 27,  1pm - 4pm 
  Promoting heat-related preparedness through community cohesion
The workshop includes:
1. Learn about managing heat illness.
2. Assess vulnerabilities and needs in heat-related emergencies.
3. Decide on actions for your neighborhood to take to be ready for a heat emergency           without electricity.

More information is available at:
There is no charge for the workshop! It is like a free insurance policy which could help us survive an emergency.   We must have 15 participants to schedule a workshop. If you are interested please email Rosemary Bolza at or call 505-205-2707
A walk in Jefferson Park
2018 donations opportunities for your consideration 
Tax deductible donations to non-profits
FRIENDS OF JEFFERSON PARK, INC-your neighborhood non-profit
"Friends" is the non-profit arm of the Jefferson Park Neighborhood. It has been the mechanism for funding the Historic District nomination, street signs and a variety of neighborhood improvements.  As a qualified 501c3 non-profit, your donations are tax deductible. You will receive a receipt for your records.  
Send checks to:   Friends of Jefferson Park,   P.O. Box 41243, T ucson, AZ  85717
Iskashitaa Refugee Network creates opportunities to integrate UN refugees into the Southern Arizona community while educating the public, strengthening the local food system, reducing local food waste, and increasing food security.   Iskashitaa is located in Jefferson Park and is under the fiscal umbrella of St. Francis in the Foothills UMC, a federal 501c3 organization.  Go to
Whole yards 
and glow

AZ Tax Credit Deductions  
$ for $ tax reduction on your State Taxes if you itemize
Jefferson Park's International School is a qualified Arizona Tax Credit donation. See  to get complete information.  The donation can be made anytime before the end of the year.
Jefferson Park residents receive the services of this non-profit.  Direct donations can be made.  Also, Lend A Hand has become a QCO- Qualified Charitable Organization this year.  That means that you are able to give a donation as an AZ Tax Credit.  Go to:
Animations you may meet 

Help keep your neighborhood strong
...offer to volunteer on neighborhood projects
2019 Nominations to the JPNA Board
The Jefferson Park Assn. nominating committee will create a slate of officers to recommend for 2019.  As always, we encourage nominations from our neighbors to consider.  If you would like to suggest someone or offer your services, please contact a member of the committee:
  • Suzanne Trappman, 740-0757 or e-mail
  • Laurel Heather Milden, 343-0073,
  • Judy Janson,
Also note that the Area Representatives are seeking an "alternate".  Someone to help with door hanger distribution and to attend board meetings when the regular rep cannot.  Not a difficult position, and actually pretty interesting - walking, talking in the neighborhood.  Check out your area and offer to help your representative.  They will be excited to hear from you! 
Find your area and call your representative.
Offer to help out!

Area #1 - Mary Worthen 
Area #2 - Jon Heine
Area #3 - Laurel-Heather Milden
Area #5 - Joanne Osuna
Area #6 -  Lisa Jones
2019 Nominations to the FRIENDS OF JEFFERSON PARK, INC.
If you would consider serving on the neighborhood non-profit board please contact Joan Daniels,  520-300-1980 or e-mail
The dark side of Christmas seems to be an uptick in crime. Trespasser trying doors on Linden (left).

The direct reduction of crime in our neighborhoods is  OUR responsibility, as well as that of the police.
CALL 911:   If it doesn't look right, feel right, sound right, it probably isn't right.  Call 911.
All 911 calls are prioritized.  The details you provide in a 911 call will help the operator determine how to prioritize your call.  The response to your call will be very different if you say, "I saw a suspicious man.  He's Caucasian, and is wearing shorts and a T shirt."  VS  "I saw a man riding a red BMX bike zigzagging slowly back and forth on the street.  He is spending too much time looking at each house and seems to be looking at the front porches.  I belong to my Neighborhood Watch and he does not live on our street.  When he saw me watching him, he took off fast heading north on Marion at Linden.  He is Caucasian and wearing brown baggie pants and has a white T-shirt and a red ball cap."   
MAKE THE CALL, even if you think police will not be able to arrive in time.  The ONE way to 100% ensure police will not arrive in time is to not make the call to 911 in the first place.   1. You don't know if there is already an officer in the area who is able to respond quickly.  2. Your 911 call creates a record that will be added to the system which lets police know that that type of criminal activity is happening in our neighborhood.  Police cannot do anything about a problem if they do not know where the problem exists.   
LOCK UP!!!!  Lock your doors, your windows, your garage, your vehicle, your shed, DOGGIE DOORS, your backyard gates!!!!  Over half of the burglaries and car break ins are crimes of opportunity -- an open window, an unlocked back door or yard gate, keys left in an unlocked vehicle. Grand theft auto is up across the city.  Lock up!
REPORT ALL CRIME-- EVEN THE SMALL STUFF! A pot stolen off the front porch, a hose stolen from the back yard, mail theft, a blow up snowman from your front yard.  Again, police can do nothing unless they know a problem exists.  Even more importantly, Police Incident Reports are one of the factors used by police to determine how much and what type of police coverage an area receives.  It's easy and quick to report crime.  P hone numbers and the link for reporting crime. 
Westside Police Service Center
1310 W. Miracle Mile
Lobby Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
7 days a week (excluding holidays)
 Click link below to file an on-line report

A criminal's worst enemy is a friendly neighbor. Thieves like to operate in neighborhoods where their appearance and actions go unnoticed.  Saying or nodding hello, making eye contact and noticing passersby as you are working in your front yard, walking the dog, sitting on your front porch is one of the most effective and simplest ways you can improve your neighborhood's security.  Criminals search out neighborhoods where they will not be noticed and remembered.
TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR HOME-  When shopping for a house or apartment to target criminals look for neighborhoods where residents come home and shut their doors, taking no pride in their property and no interest in their neighbors.  Streets with signs of neglect and disinterest (litter, weeds, unmaintained buildings, trash, junk vehicles in yards, etc.) are great locations for a criminal to live.  They know those neighborhoods are safe places for them to live and "work".

DON'T ADVERTISE THAT YOU ARE NOT AT HOME - Close your curtains at night, leave lights and a TV or radio on.  Use timers to turn lights on and off.  Ask a neighbor to park their extra car in your driveway.  Have neighbors bring in your mail and paper.
Jefferson Park is not the only neighborhood experiencing crime.  To see the last 80 police reports in Jefferson Park go to: 
(Thank you, Garden District E-news)
Thank you for the
street side
 Christmas Cards
Warm wishes 
Happy Holidays

Free micro-chipping for your dog.
Will Your Pet Find Their Way Home if They are Lost?   If they don't have proper ID, the answer is probably no.
At some point in its life, one in three pets will go missing. If he doesn't have ID there's only a 10 percent chance he'll get home. With a microchip, those rates go up to 52 percent for dogs and 38 percent for cats, according to a study by the American Veterinary Medical Association.
Microchipping is a quick, safe procedure that ensures your pet's ID is always with him. The rice-sized chip is inserted between your pet's shoulders and cannot be removed. It is not a tracking device, but if someone finds your lost pet, a quick scan will help them get back to you. Virtually all shelters and veterinarian's offices have a scanner.
FREE MICROCHIPPING CLINICS:  No Kill Pima County and Pima Animal Care Center are having a free micro-chipping marathon leading up to New Year's Eve. As we all know, New Year's Eve is a frightening time for our pets. Please, do as you would do on July 4th, and take precautions for your fur babies. Be sure they're safe inside with music or the TV to help mask the scary sounds, and be there with them if you can.   
If your pet ever goes missing, a microchip will increase the chances you will see it again! Free microchipping for dogs and cats. No appointment necessary. Must be on leash or in carriers.  There may be long lines, so be prepared. 
Dec. 26, 27, 31: 12-3 pm.  December 28, 29, 30: 10 am-3 pm  
Save a life: microchip your pet. It will cost you only time.
For more info on microchipping and the free microchip clinics at PACC!
City Brush and Bulky Services
Brush & Bulky will continue collecting materials left at the curb and in alleys PLUS provide additional services when collections occur.
  • Contact neighborhood associations within the pick-up area approximately one month ahead of the Brush & Bulky PLUS Collection to identify neighborhood clean-up priorities.
  • Review the collection area to identify any rights-of-way or easements that require clean up.
  • Work with Tucson Police and Fire to identify areas that will minimize safety risks if clean-up is provided.
  • Identify properties that are in violation of the Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance. Contact the property owners/residents by mail to remind them of the property maintenance requirements and that the upcoming Brush & Bulky PLUS collection can provide an opportunity to dispose of yard waste or debris.
Jefferson Park Brush and Bulky pick-ups for 2019:
2/25/2019  and   09/02/2019
Help keep our Neighborhood Historic
Contributing properties information.  Click on the newsletter to read: 
What kind of fence can I have?     Nov 9, 2018  Newsletter
May I replace windows?   October 2018 Newsletter
If you think your home is over 50 years old and might qualify, look at the nomination list of the Jefferson Park contributing properties.    CLICK HERE
Red Tag Reports
Tucson Police Department supplies monthly data on nuisance party and loud music calls made to 911 for our neighborhood.  
November Report for Jefferson Park
Loud music calls - 0
Loud party calls - 3
Red Tags issued  2
Jefferson Park mails letters to any resident who was the subject of calls or red tags. Additionally, owners are notified if the house is a rental.   
How do you report an unruly gathering? 
Encountering Loose Dogs while you are walking
Some advice from Pima Animal Control Center: Stay alert, look ahead and to the sides. Think ahead to what could be around the corner. Don't focus on your phone, instead of your surroundings. Pay attention to the dog lunging at its fence and barking ferociously and be ready in case it does suddenly break through. Pay attention to a dog's body language, not the owner's words if they say their dog is friendly.  A wagging tail does not necessarily mean a friendly dog.   
Are you worried about a possible dog attack?   As to what you can carry for protection, PACC does not recommend Bear Spray, Wasp Spray, Pepper Spray or Mace. They say it is hard to spray any of the sprays at an attacking dog and not have the spray waft back to you and your dog and then you end up incapacitating yourself. They also said that in some temperaments of dogs, spraying them with something like pepper spray only escalates the situation and causes the dog to become more aggressive and turn to attack you. The sprays are perhaps better than nothing, but PACC did not recommend them.
PACC said the citronella spray sold to protect from dog attacks is totally ineffectual.
What PACC did suggest and what their staff carries is something called Pet Corrector. (Available online and at pet stores).   You aim it at the attacking dog and it makes a loud hissing noise and directs a strong burst of air into their face. (According to the website: the sound is genetically programmed in dogs to be associated with danger, such as from the hiss of a snake.) Even the PACC staff who handle the aggressive dogs carry Pet Corrector and find it effective.
You know how you are supposed to get big and loud when encountering a bear or a coyote. PACC says this strategy does not work with all temperaments of dogs. With some dogs, this is perceived as a challenge and only escalates the situation and makes the attacking dog angrier and now its focused on you. It doesn't mean you shouldn't try it and yell "NO" when attacked, but be aware and read the dog's body language as to whether it is working or not.
PACC also said remember those old cartoons from when you were a kid and the Dog Catcher would throw a steak to distract the angry dog. Well, carrying stinky treats in your pocket is a good idea. Sometimes grabbing a handful of treats and throwing them away from you can distract an attacking dog.  
For the safety of a loose dog and for the safety of others, call PACC at 204-7313, ext. 4 about loose dogs whenever you see them. The line has a live dispatcher 24/7. PACC cannot address a problem, unless they know the problem exists.
 Why you should call on a loose dog:
1. The dogs may be lost and your call may help reunite them with their owners or prevent the dogs from being hit by a car or picked up and kept by some who is not the owner.
2. If the dogs are aggressive, you may prevent someone or their dog from being attacked
(Thank you again,  Garden District E-news)
Greening and Cleaning
We need your help, every 3rd Saturday of the month
No RSVP needed, just show up about 8am.   BYOB-bring your own bag...or we supply. 

If you do pick-up during the week, contact Joanne Osuna at  and your time can count.  We report our hours to Tucson Clean and Beautiful as part of the Adopt a Park program ...and our little parklet at Edison and Campbell is quite lovely.
Now is the best time to plant trees!!
TEP customers can purchase up to two trees a year for only $5 each. There are many varieties to choose from. .

Joan Hall: 990-8054 or e-mail for more information about how the Jefferson Park Green Committee can help you plant your trees.
Report a  non-emergency crime:
Report an  emergency crime:     911
See the  latest crimes  in Jefferson Park:
See  code violations  in Jefferson Park:
Report an  issue with Banner:  Emergency 24/7 (520) 268-9575
Report an  issue with the U of A:  24/7 available ( 520) 282-3649
Report an  unruly gathering:  Call 911  CLICK HERE to see Flow Chart 
See historic photos of Jefferson Park:
Important Contact Info
Ward III - Councilperson Paul Durham 
Paul Durham
1510 E Grant
and aide Nick Mahon

Ward III, See Paul's e-news at:
Ward VI, Steve Kozachik newsletter: 

Report Transportation Concerns
Is there a pothole you'd like to see fixed? Is a street sign missing? Is a tree limb hanging too close over a roadway or sidewalk?
You can report these issues to the  Tucson Department of Transportation  (TDOT), (520) 791-3154, or email the exact location to
What is a code violation?
And whom do I call?
Download  an information sheet approved by the City Code Enforcement Division
Banner Construction 
and Info Line
Construction Updates on the University Campus  Banner University Medical Center Tucson Campus  website  for the hospital expansion project. 
Emergency 24/7 phone number for the Banner project construction team: (520) 268-9575
UA Neighborhood Hotline 
Student Related issues can be reported to this number. 
Should not be used for 911 calls which should be directed to the TPD
24/7 available

Stay in Touch
Signing up for the E-News
Go to and click on the e-news sign-up form. Or send them this form!

Get on the List Serve!
To sign up for the neighborhood list serve,  send a blank email to  
or send a request for an invitation to
Come to the JPNA Monthly Meeting

Fourth Wednesday of the Month, 6pm Ward III Office, 1510 E Grant Rd.
Renew your $15 voluntary JPNA membership dues
Renew by mail (print and mail membership form) OR

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