For many, many years Joyce Byers has been creating the magical carolers so beloved by millions. 

These whimsical creations were born in her kitchen in Pennsylvania later expanding to the garage of the family home, and ultimately taking America by storm.

At the center of all of this is Joyce Byers herself. Her talent and vision have brought an amazing line of carolers with a 19th century vibe to collectors the world over! 

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As children my sister and I eagerly looked forward to the arrival of our paper Advent Calendars from Germany sent to us courtesy of our German grandparents! 

Opening each glittery door each day was so exciting and our excitement only mounted as we counted down the days until that most magical of holidays, Christmas Day! 

Now Byers Choice, famous for their beautiful hand made carolers, offer an even more spectacular Advent Calendar for children of all ages!

Made of wood, these Advent Calendars offer you the opportunity to fill each and every door with small goodies or little trinkets, with each year bringing new delights! 

A sure fire hit and something that can be used from year to year. Order one for each child and begin this wonderful tradition with your own children and grandchildren.


I don't think any series captures the spirit of Christmas more than this. Charles Dickens' tale is brought to life with our Byers' Choice 'A Christmas Carol' series.

'Scrooge' and the 'Spirit of Christmas Present' join the line in 2009 in addition to current favorites, Mrs. Cratchit, Marley's Ghost and Bob Cratchit & Tiny Tim.

It is positively enchanting to see artfully placed groupings of uniquely clad Carolers surrounded by a nostalgic gas lantern, a Colonial Front Door, a traditional Fireplace and surround, or in this case, surrounded by the family pets. 

Whether dogs or cats, there is a downright too cute for words pet for everyone! 

We personally own at least a hundred carolers collected over a period of just about 30 years and at least half that many pets grace our groupings on sideboards and mantles! 

After all, when our carolers are out spreading Christmas joy in song, they include the family pets in the Christmas fun! Questions? Contact us a and we will assist you!

Comes in pack of 10 cards.

"Christmas in Middleburg"
"Christmas Card"

If you love all things equestrian, all things Middleburg, all things hunt country, then this is the card for you! Nice white stock.

Exclusively available at "The Christmas Sleigh" in Middleburg, Virginia.

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