December 2017

Most of the time we, comfortable in our present set of capabilities and duties, hate to be stretched and pulled from our comfort zones. We tend to push potential new experiences that come our way onto those who we consider to be more experienced because we are afraid of failure. However, God calls us now and then to not overload those who are already overladen with responsibility, step out of our boat onto the sea, and walk on water! This happened to the women of our congregation last month.

It has been about 10 years since we last hosted a women's conference, and it was something that was placed on our hearts to do this year. We invited Katy Shaw (a wonderful pastor's wife/ missionary in Vienna, Austria) to come speak and minister to the women of our congregation. Our women were thus called upon to stand before other women, allow the Lord to use them, speak through them, and pray over others. One of our women received a "baptism in fire" by having to translate from English into Croatian for the first time in her life and discovered that she really has a talent for it! They learned to run the projector and soundboard. It was a time of stretching for sure, but a very encouraging kind of stretching. The turnout was larger than we expected- women from various churches in Zagreb attended the conference as well and we even had a group of women travel in from Split. We enjoyed  a sweet, refreshing presence of the Lord and many were truly ministered to.

As they do annually, Bez kompromisa (our worship band) will be playing on the main square of Zagreb for Advent this Wednesday. This is always a wonderful opportunity to lift up the name of Jesus in our city and share the love of Christ- the true reason for celebrating the holiday season.

We have also made a few other plans to share the love of Christ with the people around us during the holiday season. This Saturday we are hosting a premier of the movie "Case for Christ". On the 23rd we will be hosing a fun Christmas morning cartoon time for children, showing the newly synchronized version of SuperBook and giving each child a small gift before they leave. We will also be holding a Candlelight service for Christmas Eve. Please be in prayer with us that these events would be blessed with the presence of Christ and that God would prepare the hearts of the unbelieving to be soft and ready to receive.

We would like to thank each and every one of you who gave to Pastor Dario Kapin from Bosnia. We were able to raise the funds he needed for the extra beehives and for building the necessary shed for protection. It is such an amazing blessing for that family and their congregation. We hope to have pictures for you soon.

Our family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We invited a Croatian family from our church to share dinner with us this year and enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship and remembrance that there is so much for which we have to be grateful.

Thank you all for your faithfulness in prayer and financial support. We are truly grateful for each and every one of you.  May the Lord bless you and give you a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Mario and Bonnie
 Croatian Evangelistic Outreach
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